Photo Finish

Let’s put a really good finish on the election with some prime photos. I’m not looking for fairness or good taste in these photos. No, send me photos of Kerry in poses that show the inner hippy, the greedy gigolo, the satanic slanderer. Pictures of Grimma Wormtongue accepted in lieu of actual Kerry photos…

try sending photos to mnmus at yahoo dot com (yeh, a slight attempt to thwart spambots). Maybe I’ll have Hello Bloggerbot working later so readers can send photos that way.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Old Hippy pic of Father John Fraud Kerry blessing (out) a crowd…

Supress the vote!

Well, Thomas Sowell doesn’t encourage supressing any particular block of voters, nor does he actually suggest that folks ought to actively create roadblocks to voting. But he does have an observation about responsible voting that is less curmudgeonly than mine…

A more fundamental problem, however, is that voting is not just a
matter of individual self-expression. It is choosing the people in whose hands the destiny of this nation will be placed… Choosing leaders in a time like this as a matter of self-expression may be the biggest, and perhaps last, self-indulgence in a self-indulgent age… In this context, the emphasis on a duty to vote is a very misplaced emphasis. When the right choice is so critical, the emphasis needs to be on making an informed decision, not a knee-jerk response to images and talk.

Read the whole thing

“Where always is heard / A curmudgeonly word… “

As I get the hang of it, I may comment less and post links more. (Yeh, right. Those who know me know I came by my honorary Ph.D.B.S. honestly 🙂 Might work out to be managable and still satisfy my desire to encourage involvement in the Global War to Preserve Civilization.

BTW, the “home front” in the Global War to Preserve Civilization involves as part of the effort spiking every lie from post modernist deconstructuralist commie wacko leftists that it’s possible to spike… concerning everything from social “welfare” to education to the so-called “GWOT”…

…And encouraging those who have the ability to vote intelligently to be informed and to vote while gently discouraging those who are too stupid to find their way home from the grovery store without wreaking havoc driving slow in the fast lane from attempting to express their worthless opinions in the polling booth…

(I still think Neil Bootz’ idea of three qualifying questions before being allowed to vote is a good idea. Those who cannot name the Vice President, their Congressman and Senators would get shunted to non-working voting machines. Works for me.)


We does what we cans…

Tora Bora!

I had been meaning to address the “We had him surrounded in Tora Bora and Bush let Osama bin Laden escape” lie, and indeed, I had written a couple of private e-s answering part of the issue to individual queries, but Jim Geraghty at Kerryspot has a pretty thorough outline of the facts. Not complete, but it’s a complex issue. Of course, complex guys like the Kedwards Kids with their highly nuanced thoughts know all this, but they just choose to lie about it.


Also, see this article on the geography of Tora Bora for a little background illuminating the utter stupidity of the “We had him surrounded… ” myth.

Frum Fun–Ouch! That’ll leave a mark!

I’m not a big fan of David Frum’s smug neo-con line, but he does turn a phrase, and when that turn of phrase takes aim at (and repeatedly runs over, backs up and runs over again) the Kedwards Kids, I have to just sit back and grin:

“What can one say about John Edwards’s performance? He certainly did not make Al Gore’s error in 1996: With his repeated and worshipful descriptions of John Kerry–not to mention Edwards’s moist good looks–you have to say that he would fill the role of First Lady much better than Teresa Heinz is likely to do. It would all have been very impressive–if Cheney’s scalpel had not so swiftly and mercilessly sliced Edwards’s living liver out of his body, impaled it quivering on a stick, and paraded it before Edwards’ soulful eyes before the poor man expired.”

The Heart Patient vs. The Ambulance Chaser

Folks from my email lists (yeh, I’ve been “email logging” or “elogging”) will recognize a fav “laser pundit” in this:

Here’s what the vigilant viewer of Tuesday night’s debate would have learned: You should vote for the Kerry-Edwards ticket because John Edwards’ old man used to learn math off of the TV. Dear Diary: Went to a vice presidential debate Tuesday night and an “Oprah” show broke out.

Too bad Mr. Edwards didn’t teach his son John that $119 billion
(money actually spent on the Iraq war so far) does not equal $200 billion (money John Edwards claims has been spent on Iraq war so far), or that 700 Iraqi military deaths (actual number of Iraqi deaths in war to remove Saddam Hussein) is greater than zero (number of Iraqi deaths acknowledged by Edwards).

Yeh, that’s Ann Coulter, again. This time with “Heart Patient Outruns Ambulance Chaser” It’s a must-read for anyone who feels the lying jackasses running for the highest office(s) in the land need a spanking.

Barbarians Find an Ally in MMP

Ahh! I just discovered why I wasn’t able to easily insert links! requires Internet Exploder for wysiwg, Rich Text, etc., editing. Can’t use a standards-compliant browser, but must inst3ead use the least secure, clunkiest thing available.

Oh. Well. It’s free. Ya get what ya pay for, eh? At least it’s a lil faster than wrangling with inserting the html into the template. It’s pretty much like using Outlook Express to edit Rich Text email. (Another “get what ya pay for… “)

On the Civilization War front…

Barbarians Find an Ally in MMP

The under-reporting of successes in Iraq, the over-reporting of conflict, giving Kedwards a pass on sliming our Iraqi and other coalition allies by Mass Media Podpeople are all evidence that the barbarians we are fighting in the Civilization War have firm allies in American Mass Media Podpeople.

Yeh, yeh, I know good news is no news at all and bad news sells. Well, that’s baloney. Bad news sells because Mass Media Podpeople hawk bad news day and night. When all the school cafeteria has is baloney sandwiches, that’s what the kids’ll buy… until they start bringing their own lunches.

Fortunately, Civilization has a set of media allies, by no means as strong yet as the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army but still growing: the blogosphere, email warriors and a few, very few, acting almost as a fifth column within the ranks of the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army.

Is it a Reactionary Revolution or a Revolutionary Reaction in response to the blatant dishonesty of Mass Media Podpeople, as recently evidenced by CBS’ Dan Blather? I dunno, but it’s a good thing that no few people are “mad as hell” and “not going to take it any more”

I had a dream…

I had a dream…
Man, was I disappointed this morning to wake and discover it had just been a dream…

There Kerry was in debate with Bush… doped up on some super “truth serum” and admitting all his lies (it was a long dream :-), then saying, “But none of my lies matter. You’ll all vote for me anyway, because I’m not Bush!

A dream…

Lies, damned lies and CBS-quality “reporting”

By now you’ve probably heard the cannard that Cheney said Iraq was responsible for 9/11. The MSM (main stream media, or, as I prefer, mass media podpeople) have been going ape over this lie, based on a Meet the Press interview with Tim Russert on September 14. In fact, many of them have been showing a clip they say has Cheney saying that very thing.

Not so. You can look it up yourself (the transcript is online here), but here’s the part from the September 14, 2003 Meet the Press quote that the MSM, and their partners-in-crime in the Democrat party, disingenuously clip to create their lie…

VICE PRES. CHENEY: Tim, we can do what we have to do to prevail in this conflict. Failure’s not an option. And go back again and think about what’s involved here. This is not just about Iraq or just about the difficulties we might encounter in any one part of the country in terms of restoring security and stability. This is about a continuing operation on the war on terror. And it’s very, very important we get it right. If we’re successful in Iraq, if we can stand up a good representative government in Iraq, that secures the region so that it never again becomes a threat to its neighbors or to the United States, so it’s not pursuing weapons of mass destruction, so that it’s not a safe haven for terrorists, now we will have struck a major blow right at the heart of the base, if you will, the geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault now for many years, but most especially on 9/11. They understand what’s at stake here. That’s one of the reasons they’re putting up as much of a struggle as they have, is because they know if we succeed here, that that’s going to strike a major blow at their capabilities.

MR. RUSSERT: So the resistance in Iraq is coming from those who were responsible for 9/11?

VICE PRES. CHENEY: No, I was careful not to say that. With respect to 9/11, 9/11, as I said at the beginning of the show, changed everything. And one of the things it changed is we recognized that time was not on our side, that in this part of the world, in particular, given the problems we’ve encountered in Afghanistan, which forced us to go in and take action there, as well as in Iraq, that we, in fact, had to move on it. The relevance for 9/11 is that what 9/11 marked was the beginning of a struggle in which the terrorists come at us and strike us here on our home territory. And it’s a global operation. It doesn’t know national boundaries or national borders.
Thx to Polpundit for checking the facts.