Rescue Kittehs

Almost two months ago, now, a young female cat showed up here at TWC Central. Thin as a rail, except for the “preggers bulge,” with a rather horrid gash on her face. She seemed to want to be friendly, but was leery of contact. I did manage to get her wound cleaned and dressed, but coming inside was. . . not happening.

So, fed her and continued wound care.

Shortly afterwards, her “preggers bulge” disappeared, so we knew what that more than likely meant.

About six weeks ago, she showed up one day with a couple of her kittens. Over the next week, another showed up. later, I briefly saw one, with a “weepy eye,” that was both VERY skittish and was definitely the runt. Only saw it one time, though. *sigh*

Today, the kittens go to a no-kill shelter, and momma cat stays with us (to be spayed shortly). Tough choice. Still, while she has turned out to be a really sweet girl, she’s not a prime adoption candidate, both from appearance (largely the wound, though it’s healed now, but also general appearance) and because she’s whole. She’ll probably never be a “pretty” cat, but she’s a sweetie.

Only one pic, right now, and that just one of the kittens.