The Problem Is Not “Islamists” or “Radical Muslims.” It’s Islam.

Muslims attack a normal American in Michigan and the writer of the linked article utters this stupid remark:

“The thing is simple, these people are not even real Muslims.”

In addition to the comma splice (yeh, I have little respect for people who failed fifth grade English because of lack of attention), the statement simply ignores the fact that Mohammed, Islam’s “perfect man,” was a mass murderer, torturer, slaver, brigand, rapist, and more, and he specifically commanded–over and over and over again–his followers to do as he did. Moreover, it is unalterable Islamic writ that is the same yesterday, today, and as long as there is one follower of The Butcher of Medina.

Real Muslims are liars, thieves, murderers, rapists and more. They HAVE to be in order to emulate their prophet and obey his commandments. Only liars and fools will say otherwise.

Disturbing the Peace a Bit Too Much

Highly unusual event in America’s Third World County™, today. A homicide in a very peaceful area of the county (which makes it very peaceful indeed). Picture of guy sought looks like an in-mover, so he just might not know what he’s let himself in for. . .

Overall, though, this doesn’t change the county’s standing as one of the safest places in the world. It’s an outlier. Our first homicide (not committed by a LEO–avoiding LEOs is just Good Practice, anyway) in a very, very, very long time.