Even the Brightest and Best Sometimes Find an Acorn. . . Eventually

So, Jerome Kagan, one of the brightest luminaries of p-sych in the 21st Century says ADHD is largely (not entirely, of course) a fraud.

Kinda nice to have what I have observed and stated for over 40 years repeated by someone of such note. (I can recall being lambasted by the professor and my peers in a counseling practicum session for stating exactly the view Kagan espouses. *shrugs* I DGARA whether folks disagree with me now and didn’t then. Of course.)

Of course, one could say that of most of the “disorders” noted in the DSM–some are entirely bogus, and most are fraudulently “diagnosed,” probably in order to have a billable label for a p-sych, and a handy drug to give lazy, immature, whiny babies.

NOTE WELL: Genuine psychological problems do exist, and for folks plagued by real problems with a biological basis in fact, such problems can be hellacious.

Amazon’s Prime Shipping Was a Nice Idea

But it’s bullshit, now.

Example: a “Prime” order placed Monday, August 7 and acknowledged in email that day by Amazon is “expected” to ship today. . . August 10, and arrived on Monday, August 14.

That’s been pretty typical for “Prime” orders recently, and yet Amazon still says,

Of course, generating a shipping label three days after the order was received and acknowledged and “expecting” it to ship. . . soon, gives Amazon the disingenuous escape of falsely claiming it’s fulfilling its 2-day shipping claim, because it’ll only count Friday and the following Monday, while the package is expected to arrive one full week after it was placed and acknowledged.

Oh, well. It’s free shipping. I guess one can only expect what one pays for, eh? (Although, I thought that was the point of paying for a “Prime membership.”)

Not a Pet Peeve, but. . .

. . . it definitely encourages me toward peevishness. *heh*

People who say “jewry” for “jewelry” are even more irritating than people who say “jewlery.”


Note well: if ya wanna say “jewry” you’d darned well better capitalize it (I know, hard to do with speech, right? 😉 ) AND be referring to Jews as a people, mmmK?