Normals Seem to Do This a LOT

Here’s an example of Normals mis-hearing and mis-interpreting spoken terms that is particularly humorous to me: “two-trek road.” An amusing lack of thought went into that mis-interpretation, since a “two-track road” is definitive: the two TRACKS are made by wheels on axeled vehicles wearing a path, in much the same way that game trails are made (though game trails are almost always “one-track” trails, of course). “Two-trek” seems to indicate to me that the person who has written the term in this way has never even seen a two-track road, or if he has, has any understanding of how such a thing is made by the TRACKS of two wheels (and more, repeated by another one or two axles).

Understanding what one hears requires thought much more frequently than most Normals seem to be aware of.

“As Time Goes By. . . “

I realize just what. . . ” normalcy means to me. (And yes, I had a song in my head when I started writing this.)

“Normal” =~= dull, dim, boring, useful only as it presents a “Normal” for experimentation and possible awakening–or even just a minor crack in the wall that bars “Normals” from seeing a perspective on reality that is outside their rut.

Now, while I definitely view “normals” as dim-witted, I admit there are very intelligent, high-functioning “Normals” who can excel in their limited mental worlds. I even admire some high-functioning normals. I also admit that there definitely are some low-functioning “Odds” who also (along with low-functioning “Normals”) probably should not be out and about without a keeper.

But, in general, even high-functioning Normals (see, I’ve dispensed with the quotation marks. You can reason out why) seem. . . dull, interesting mostly as case studies or for hints on how to camouflage oneself as a Normal in order to skate by in their weird (well, weird to me, and as I’ve discovered, to many other Odds), tribal realm.

At times, the shiboleths, totems, superstitions, myths, memes, and taboos of Normals seem other-worldly, almost as if these creatures have been bred from alien stock from some far distant galaxy. How Normals can interbreed with Odds is a genetic mystery for the ages. *heh*

Ah, but they do, and it’s a wonder to behold a family of mixed Normals and Odds.

Nowadays, Odds are generally miscategorized by Normals in one category of the DSM, because we are outside their realm of understanding. They call it a “spectrum” of whatever. Amusing, since the whole of the rest of their p-sych manual of “issues” is devoted to a baffling range of p-sych issues that sweep all of normalcy into one or another p-sychological problem area. They simply can’t seem to come to grasp with the fact that Normalcy itself is their real problem.

72% of the voices in my head approve this post. (Most of the rest just think I should leave the Normals alone in their boxes.)