How to Lie to Stupid People

How can one lie to stupid people, specifically people made stupid by their own choice of laziness resulting in ignorance and an inability to reason?

Here’s an example of one way, of many. Watched a video which I refuse to link) about erradicating humanity with nuclear war. It began with an estimation of deaths in a major metropolitan area of the US from a posited nuclear strike, as:

Note: “267,000 Casualties” (A “casualty” is injury or death, as properly used in this context.)

This morphed rather quickly (a couple of frames later) into

The dialog stated, along with this strong graphic, “Almost 300,000 deaths.”


Suckers most of the public) will buy that second graphic and never see the differences between “267,000 casualties” and “300,000 deaths.”

And, of course, all the slanted scaremongering that follows will also be convincing to the self-enstupiated.

“Ass”-tlan Flag

I was going to just mock celebrants of “Cinco de mayo: but no. Here’s an “all due respect” version of a Mexican flag for those Aztlan folks who celebrate the fake Cinco de Mayo with burnings of American flags and waving of the Mexican flag while calling for “taking back” huge tracts of the US for their phony “Aztlan.”