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Here’s a roundup for ya:

It Is About Time We Were Politically Incorrect Part II from All Things Beautiful. Preach it Alexandra. (And don’t miss It Is About Time We Were Politically Incorrect Part I.) Regarding the intolerance of the left for religion (as long as that religion espouses Judeo-Christian principles) in America,

And, as I recall, the Founders wrote a great deal about the fact that if America ever ceased to be a religious society, freedom, and the republican ideal, would fail, because the citizenry would lack the moral virtue to keep it all going.

Yeh, I touched on that comment by John Adams in my guest post over at Bloggin’ Outloud, Teach Your Children Well. Jerry Pournelle referred to the truth of that sentimentrecently as well:

I know of absolutely no argument for assuming human equality other than religious postulates, as Jefferson did in the Declaration. War on religion is a war on the underlying assumptions of American political life. Why the same group that insists on equality of outcomes in all matters also insists on undermining the religous basis of American politics is an interesting question. Hypocrisy or double dyed villainy?

Dafydd ab Hugh notes the temblor in Canadian politics: Canadian Vote a 7.2 On the Political Richter Scale. He closes his post with this piece of black humor:

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Liberals don’t simply dig in their heels and try to prevent any legislation at all from occurring, as the Democrats are doing here. It would be decent to give Harper at least one chance to make good.

Riiiiight… like that’s going to happen in my lifetime: the faux liberals of the 21st century actually acting decently? Not. Going. To. Happen.

Data-Mining, the FISA Court, and Wartime from TMH’s Bacon Bits:

[Michael] Chertoff, formerly a federal judge and head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, explains in fairly clear terms the National Security Agency’s “warrantless eavesdropping” and the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court’s place in all of this…

Read it. And while you’re there, load the main page and read Williewonkaville: Rebuild or Reload? and other great posts by the Bacon Bits crew.

If you missed my pointer to the Carnival of the Recipes #75, head on over to Christine’s Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea so you can add a few things to your grocery list.

“That seismic disturbance is George Westinghouse spinning…” in his grave. (h.t. “Jim” – email posted at Chaos Manor Musings. You can find my own brief comments about Jesse Jackson Jr.’s-call him JCube-proposed “Education Amendment” to the Constitution at the same link… as well as some interesting Dr. Who brews news. 🙂

University students offered B-minus to stay away. Diploma-mill-style, a Canadian lecturer offered a B minus grade to students who would bring him a tuition reciept and then not come to class. While I can think of a couple of classes in my undergrad years where that would have enhanced my educational experience (classes where the droning of a stupid, stupid prof were guaranteed to lower students’ IQs by a couple of points *sigh*), being open about the fact that colleges and universities are becoming little more than certification stops for illiterate high school grads (and full employment for academia nuts) may not be the best way to insure the downgrading of education continues.

At least it was in Canada. This time.

Hit up Keep the Coffee Coming for some Bob Dylan, The Tokens (“…Lion Sleeps…” yeh, the memories) and Billie Holiday. Let kat know you dropped by. drop her a note in comments and just say “Hi” wouldya?

iHillary has a great photoshop spoof to accompany his repost/commentary of a WSJ article in his post, Plantation Madness. A must-see to go along with the WSJ article… (BTW, you’re one mean blogger, dude. Love it.) While you’re there, steal his Alito graphic featuring democrappic attackers with an image of Joe McCarthy in the background…

Winds of Change notes the effect of killing terrorist leaders. (Hint: it’s a good thing.)

Dan Riehl’s mini-fisk of Cindy Sheehan’s “matriotism” is just exactly as much attention as the twit should get. Thanks, Dan. Especially for sparing us by quoting only as much of the twit as necessary to have done with her.

Woody’s own comment on his “Bin Laden’s Real Message” post in reply to a moonbat’s spouting of lying memes about the war on Islamic jihadists really deserves to be brought onto his front page. it closes with,

The fact that Bin Laden talked about a truce is evidence enough of the weakened state of Al Quaeda. How did that happen? UN Envoys? NO… US Cowboys.

Correctamundo, Woody. Read the rest of his comment at the link.

And, from the People’s Cube:

Bin laden’s New tape Narrated from the Astral


Douglas Kern, writing at Tech Central Station, succinctly sums up the feelings I have been unable (or unwilling to let loose and… ) articulate about a recent ruling by a Vermont judge in the case of the serial rape of a child… If you have strong stomach, read, “What the Monster Learned.”

Kidnap “victims” for hire.

And still reading The Founders Constitution. (Navigating the book[s] online is not all that straightforward, but worth your time, IMO.)

Well, I didn’t get 95 theses, and I’m nowhere near Wittenberg, so I’ll just tack this to the door over at Adam’s Blog and Historymike’s Musings

Sorta Beef Stroganoff

Actually, you might call this Quick Quasi Stroganoff.



  • 1 pound ground beef (actually, ground chuck or better, or shredded, leftover roast)
  • 1 medium yellow (scourge) onion, chopped
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic, minced (or use your garlic press)
  • 1 can mushroom soup (yeh, I use the fat free)
  • 8-12oz sour cream (for this, the fat free sour “cream” does fine, too)
  • about ½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg
  • a couple of dashes of Chinese five spice
  • freshly ground black pepper to taste (I like lots)
  • an 8-oz can of sliced mushrooms, drained, or clean and slice about 1/2 to 1 cup of mushrooms of your choice.


If using (lean) ground chuck, start browning the meat*, then add the chopped onion and minced garlic as the meat releases a little fat. Brown the meat on medium high and clarify the ionions and garlic with the meat. It should come out about right: the meat will be cooked through about the time the onions/garlic are done. Tinker with your timing. With good lean ground chuck, you shouldn’t have much grease to drain at all.

Add the grated nutmeg, pepper and a couple of dashes of Chinese five spice just as the meat is cooking thtough, toward the end.

Add the mushroom soup, sour cream and mushrooms (if using “fresh” mushrooms, add them a little earlier as the meat is just about done, as well). Bring to a nice low bubble and then back the heat down to simmer. Cover for about 15 minutes. Remove from heat and serve over rice, egg noodles or… baked potatoes.

A side of fresh or frozen peas (cooked your fav method, of course, silly) and a salad can round this out nicely.

It’s a meal from semi-scratch in under 30 minutes. If I’m using baked potatoes to serve the stuff on, I just nuke ’em; rice—even brown rice—and noodles cook really quickly, so it really does only take 30 minutes to prepare. Easy, and it is at least evocative of real stroganoff.

*You thought I’d forgotten instructions if you use leftover roast beef, didn’t you? Nah, just tacking it on here cos it’s such an easy variation—actually saves time. Sauté the onions and garlic in olive oil over medium heat. Add the meat and everything else and simmer til done. What could be easier?

The New Slave Trade–Guard the Borders

America’s problem with slavery didn’t end in 1865 at Appomattox. After that, wage slavery was still as common-or more-as before, for example. And today, we have a moral problem of gargantuan proportions as we allow the import of illegal labor in order to keep effective wages depressed.

Yep. Our porous border is a dual assault on those at the low end of the earnings curve. Offer what jobs they may have to people who will work-often doubly illegally-for less and keep the wages offered to those who manage to keep their low-paying jobs artificially depressed.

It’s been done before as “an economic tool to keep the wages of labor near subsistence levels.” Ya know, Rome?

Yet another reason to dumb down schools. What the potential serfs/slaves don’t know helps keep them from making waves…

This has been a drive by dope slap as a part of the Guard the Borders blogburst. Stealing a riff from TMH’s Bacon Bits (where The MaryHunter examines security aspects of our porous borders),

“If you’d like to join the blogburst, send an email to kit.jarrell AT gmail.com with your blog’s name and URL. About 40 blogs are currently signed up.”

See my left sidebar for a list of blogs involved.

Running the border at Committees of Correspondence

h.t. for the Rome in Crisis article and slavery tie-in to Charles Brumbelow, commenting at Jerry Pournelle’s place. Thanks for the reminder.

Four &^%*#$ Things… :-)

Well, some time ago Mel tagged me with the pseudo-meme-ish tag game “Four Things”. I promised her I’d get A Round Toit Real Soon Now. I didn’t put as much into it as Diane did (fine job, D!)

Four things about four eleven (or however many; I lost track after “many”) things:

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life

Two different categories shown here, of many: the weird and the “to be avoided at all costs”.

1. First wage-slave job: pocket presser (on an assembly line for jeans). $1.15/hour. (Weird)
2. Taught chess at a “Y”. Not bad $$ for a college kid in t 19*cough-cough*s. Paid per kid, so was better per hour rate than I’d have gotten elsewhere at the time. (Weird)
3. Sold insurance. hated every damned day of going to work. Hated. It. (TBAAAC)
4. Taught *shudder* public school. Band. (TBAAAC)

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over

1. Bean
3. _____
4. _____

(Not a big fan of movies. Where’s the book?)

Four Places You’ve Lived

(these are not in chronological order)

1. El Paso, Tx
2. Phoenix AZ
4. Ardmore, OK

Four TV Shows You Love Can Stand To Watch

1. Smallville—can’t wait to see how the writers are going to screw up the “Superman mythos” each week. And John Glover is perfect as Mephistopheles Lionel Luthor.
2. House—that acerbic bastard just makes me smile.
3. Sherlock Holmes—the Jeremy Brent version. I don’t care if Brent is dead and the show is only shown every now and then in reruns. The BEST Sherlock Holmes depiction, ever, outside the books themselves. OK, this one I do “love.”
4. Dr. Who, the Tom Baker era. Corny, camp, just plain fun old sci-fi. Of course the Doctor is coming to the Sci Fi Channel in March, but it’s the “newest” Dr. Who, I think, so it may have less cheesy production values (part of the Tom Baker-and-earlier era charm), but I may watch it anyway.

Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation

1. Disneyland/SoCal, yadayada.
2. Camping “tour” of kivas/cliff dwellings in CO/NM
3. Bahamas
4. Sulphur, OK “camping” (if you can call it that).

Four Blogs You Visit Daily

(or try to–heh)

1. Diane’s Stuff/The English Guy
2. Cathouse Chat
3. Chaos Manor
4. Big Lizards/All Things Beautiful

(Yeh, I cheated a bit. There are MANY more I try to visit every day… the ones above are very rarely NOT visited daily.)

Four Of Your Favourite Foods

1. Coffee. It is TOO food!
2. Enchiladas, MY way.
3. Ice Cream
4. “Wasabi” peas

Four Places You’d Rather Be

1. Wherever my Wonder Woman is.
2. In the deer woods (lined up on a buck… )
3. Nowhere else
4. Nowhere else

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without

1. Nothing really to give ya here. Too much music listened to/played/sung. S’all in my head, anyway.
2. Ahhh, throw in several Beethoven, Mozart, Sibelius, Handel, albums, etc.
3. Various cuts from several PPM albums, maybe.
4. What? I have to choose between Wynton Marsallis, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington? Not gonna choose.

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned

1. 1953 Chevy Bel-Air Sedan—classic two-toned job. Made the mistake of letting someone else drive it while I was touring one summer…
2. 1965 Rambler American—a cream puff. Died in a head-on. (Doof didn’t know which side of the double lines to drive on.)
3. 1972 Jaguar XJ-12—a luxurious money pit. Only dependable parts were the GM parts. Lucas Electrics? Feh! Stromberg-Carlson carbs (4 of the damned things)? Double Quadruple feh!
4. 1976 Toyota Corolla—my “baby Japanese Mercedes.” 260,000 miles, and I sold it cos I was just tired of it. Kicked myself a few times for that.

All gone, now, of course…

Four People To Be Tagged


1. Romeocat, Cathouse Chat
2. Nancy, Soliloguy
3. Christine, BTW
4. Lyn, Bloggin’ Outloud

“Kill the innocent; save the guilty”

The battle cry of socialists, soi-disant* progressives and democraps might as well be, “Kill the innocent; save the guilty.”


Typically, those who shudder at the thought of wasting 9 months of a woman’s life “unwillingly” carrying a baby to term (whether she was willing to have the sexual congress that led to her pregnancy or not) and cry us a river over the death penalty applied to the latest scum-du-jour multiple murderer, want an innocent girl put to death.

Just read the whole thing, and follow the links.

[Thanks Woody, for highlighting this story.]

Flogged at TMH’s BaconBits’s (don’tcha love alla the apostrophes?) Bacon Break – Blonde Bombshell.

*You have no idea how many years it took me to exorcise an extra “s” I kept adding to this term… *sigh* 😉

Technorati :

Taiwanese Justice

h.t. Hugh, via email:

“I have 3 demands or I’ll kill the boy!”

Click through the entire series of photos.

Justice, indeed. *sigh* Here, I’m sure the American Criminal Lawyers Union would be all a-twitter, along with a sea of Mass Media Podpeople, Democrappic congresscritters (and no doubt their lapdog Republican’t “me-too-ers”), a whole array of academia nuts, and all the other crybaby loony left moonbats.

Oh, Waaah.

Up the revolution! (Open Post)

Nah, it’s not quite time for a revolution-apart from a “revolution” at the ballot box. Visiting with an email bud/frequent commenter recently, he said something about voting for NOTA* in an upcoming election.

Now, wouldn’t that be a thought… what if… OK, what if somehow, someway voters could have NOTA printed underneath every set of candidates? Would NOTA be elected to a majority in Congress? How about State legislatures and governorships?

Ahhh, quit dreaming.


I’ve been reading The Founders Constitution, recently. A good intro to the book might be the Continental Congress, Declaration and Resolves of October, 1774-nearly two years before the Declaration of Independence.

Washington D.C. is looking and acting a lot more like King George, the more the Democrapic Socialists and their Republican’t lap dogs heap their endless intrusive laws on their subjects’ heads…

But don’t listen to me. I’m being ruined by reading the Founders’ thoughts and comparing them to what our feddle gummint has become.

This is an OTA (Open Trackback Alliance) post. CLICK the link on the graphic to find out what that means if you don’t already know. Link to this post and track back. I’ll hit up a few myself later in the day.

Open Trackback Alliance


*NOTA=None of the Above, of course…

Lighting the end of the chain at Diane’s Stuff (but the darned thing just refuses to draw… ).

How can you tell if yogurt is spoiled?/O.P.

Seriously. I found an old container of yogurt that had been shoved to the back of the fridge today. “Sell by” date was September 4, 05. Ate it. Couldn’t taste anything different about it.

That’s the problem with yogurt. It starts out as already spoiled milk, so it’s apparently the same old or new…

At least it’s easier to tell when an anti-war peacenik democrap “war hero” is spoiled. Yeh, right from the start. Apparently John Murtha may have pulled the same phony Purple Heart dodges that Jean Fraud sKerry did.

They oughta take it on a tour. “Looky here! I’m a war hero (as ref my neatly self-censored “records”) and I’m against the war in Iraq!” from John “I’ll release my records Real Soon Now” Kerry and “Looky here! I’m a war hero (as ref my Purple Hearts not even my congressman would try to help me get) and I’m against the war in Iraq!”

Since I’m still waiting to see the records Jean Fraud sKerry said he’d release nearly a year ago (for the very nth time), I’ll not hold my breath waiting on Murtha to back up his claims that appear to be puffed up.

Still Jean Fraud sKerry remains the poster boy for political bullshit for the 21st century (where’s the beef, John Boy?).

No More sKerry BS_button

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Hollerin’ “Uffda!” at Linkfest Haven and NIF.

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