Was Pollyanna Stupid or Evil?

It’s a tough question. If you’re unfamiliar with the reference, take some time out. I’ll wait. Meanwhile, I’ll leave this here for interim consderation:

Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.–Napoleon Bonaparte (ascribed)

There is such a thing as human evil. I’ll allow no argument on that point, because any argument otherwise is simply either stupid* or evil. Period. So, accept as axiomatic that human evil exists. Is it then stupid or evil to look human evil in the face and see good? (I’ll allow a third option: insanity.)

Examples abound:

Idiots who defend Islam as a “religion of peace”. Stupidity or witting enabling of the evil hate cult of Islam?

People who assert that America is an unjust society, because we have people they class as poor? Evil or stupid? Consider this:

Ahhh, I’m tired of this already, and my BP is starting to climb… *sigh*

So, are those who are enablers of the hate cult of the Butcher of Medina evil or stupid (or both–likely, IMO)?

Are those who seem to be actively attempting to destroy our society via such activities as encouraging the kleptocratic “gimme” culture evil or stupid (or both–likely, IMO)?

And when do we stop ascribing destructive behaviors to stupidity alone and start calling it malice?

Yes, I aborted a bunch of stupid/evil material ranging from “pro-choice” (which is really, “Deny ANY choice to the unborn”), “Edumacation”, the Thugs Standing Around program of full employment for goons and petty tyrants, and “feddle gummint” tyrannical meddling in citizens’ lives while actively enabling outlaws to The Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Scare-ism and numerous points in between. One can select any issue dominated by the lies of the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind, politicians *gag-spew* and Academia Nut Fruitcakes and plug it right into the “Stupid or Evil” matrix for consideration.

*I include in my use of “stupid” acts of witting, deliberate avoidance of facts. Witting, deliberate distortion of facts is evil–slander against truth.

Never Forget

I’d like to see an electronic billboard playing this 24x7x365(.25) on a jumbo screen across the street from the site of the proposed Jihadist’s Cordoba House Victory Mosque in NYC:

Heck, I’d like to see it playing, along with an appropriate semi-permanent text message*, beside it on all sides of the proposed Jihadist’s Cordoba House Victory Mosque.

*For example, something like this:

Text could be varied by season. For example, during the Islamic new year, which celebrates Mohamed’s hijra (establishment of his warlord power in Medina), it could read,

“Happy Butcher of Medina Celebration, Pigdog Jihadists” or other epigram appropriate to the season that celebrates Mohamed’s massacre of 900 Banu Qurayzah Jewish men, the plundering of their goods, and the rape and enslavement of their women and children.


“A cult is any group uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain its members. The group forms an elitist totalitarian society. The group founder leader is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable, has charismatic and narcissistic behavior issues. The group believes ‘the end justifies the means’ in order to solicit funds and recruit people. The group wealth does not benefit its members or society. Islam and their Allah is not a religion but no more than a cult political organization used to control their members to achieve worldwide conquest.”–John Tydlaska Jr. via Facebook.

*See TWC’s Corollary to Santayana’s Axiom

Another thought-provoking comment by Joe Sobran

“…the whole history of Western Civilization is rooted in religion. Unless you understand Judaism, Catholicism, and Protestantism, along with the rise of Islam, you don’t understand the events that shaped the modern world. The issues of the Reformation were still alive when the United States was founded, when slavery was debated, when the Civil War tore the country apart, when Prohibition was adopted, when Joe McCarthy assailed “godless Communism,” when John Kennedy became the first Catholic American president.

“The Christian Right is closer to its own historic roots than most Americans, yet the media and the history textbooks treat it as a marginal, virtually un-American movement. This isn’t “multicultural”; it’s anti-cultural. It refuses to take America’s real origins seriously, adopting the Supreme Court’s shallow and ahistorical interpretation of the separation of church and state.”

Indeed. And that’s why my proposed corollary to Santayana’s Axiom is important in today’s cultural and political debates.

Santayana’s Axiom:

“Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

And for those very, very few who cannot locate third world county’s corollary to Santayana’s Axion in the blog header,

“In a democracy (’rule by mob’), those who refuse to learn from history are in the majority and dictate that everyone else suffer for their ignorance.”

I must confess that although I was blessed in my youth with literate parents and grandparents (and aunts and uncles) who were constantly discussing (often times arguing) historical and biblical (extended family gatherings included biblical and theological scholars among its numbers) context of current events at family gatherings, and my early public school years featured much, much more in the way of instruction in history than I’ve seen become the norm in the past 30 years or so, it wasn’t until college that I realized the huge gap in pubschool education that Sobran highlights above. Indeed, it wasn’t until one year in grad school when I was reading (for pleasure reading, not coursework) Jan de Hartog’s novelization of Quaker history, The Peaceable Kingdom, that I began to think seriously about just how large that knowledge gap loomed in public discourse.

But it’s even worse nowadays than I had ever thought in previous decades. Heck, in a time when more Americans can associate Paula Abdul with American Idol than can associate, “…a government of the people, by the people, for the people…” with Lincoln, let along The Gettysburg Address (something we were required to be able to recite from memory when I was a lad), it’s hardly any wonder that almost no one–it seems–is aware of the deep roots our own Constitution has in Christian thought and history.

And no one who is ignorant of The Battle of Tours (also called The Battle of Poitiers, 732), The Battle of Lepanto, The Battle of Vienna and other hugely important turning points in the 1,500-year-long conflict between Western Civilization and Islamic barbarity really has any business opening their mouths concerning today’s war for survival between the tattered remains of Western Civilization and Islam.

Sidebar: Oh, you noticed “Islamic barbarity”? Anyone who’s not read the Koran and familiarized themselves with the history of Islam denuded of Islamic disinformation and self-hating multi-culti lies from surrenderist leftards can feel free to argue with me about that characterization, but expect to be refuted with facts and roundly mocked for cultural and historical illiteracy.

I agree with Perri Nelson that the first task facing us in warding off the collapse of our own country that’s being engendered by leftard traitors and faux “conservative” Dhimmis and dimwits on the putative “Right” is that,

“…we need to be ever vigilant, and do what we can to preserve the ideals that they [The Founders] handed down to us.”

But more–and Perri makes this point many times on his blog–we need to engage everyone we interact with in dialog on the events of the day and we also need to inject historical context into our every interaction concerning current events. To do that, we need to be as fully informed about historical precedents and influences as we can be. With modern barbarians holding power in the White House and Congress, the only means we have left to us to preserve what little remains of the republic bequeathed us by our progenitors is to build up strong walls at the local level and then extend those walls further and further into the public arena.

And that means we need to become ever more aware of the genuine, valuable and significant influence of religious history on our current situation. Absent that awareness, our understanding of where we are will be deeply flawed.

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

but apparently Scott Ott can. *heh*

iTunes Rival iSlam to Offer Muslim-Friendly Fare

…as a counter to the video, Fitna

According to Ott’s “satire” piece, iSlam will counter Fitna with Muslim-friendly fare.

“We have not edited out any of the blood, gore, explosions, beheadings, bodies dragged through streets, execution-style shootings, female genital mutilation, ritual cutting of children and other normal religious scenes,” said one unnamed Dutch Muslim leader. “But we have removed the horrifying cartoon images of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.”


Droll, Scott.

Of course, given the norm of the Koran, the Hadith and the Sirah (the unholy trinity of Muslim “holy” writings), Scott’s piece, while technically satire (solely cos the Muslim-friendly iPod imitator, iSlam, doesn’t really exits… yet) is of course spot on in its painting of Islam’s normative (by the measure of the Koran, the Hadith, the Sirah and Mohammed’s own documented charater as a hate-filled mass murderer, pedophile, rapist, thief, liar and all-around scumbag) religious practices.

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Apple iMac PC? *yawn*

Just checked out a PC Magazine article featuring the Apple iMac PC with the Intel dual core. “Setting the Intel chipset free!” is the silly Mac commercial airing, now.


Let’s see… ~$1,800 for a decently configured INTEL computer running the Mac OS X…


~$1,200 for a similarly configured (or slightly better–and including a 20″ LCD screen as the Apple iMac PC does) regular ole ordinary PC running Windows XP. LESS if one wanted to use Linux.

Sorry, Apple. Macophilic Macultists will get a buzz on. Everyone who understands that the extra $600 is just money wasted on a name (and an OS that is still the most rigid, frigid, controlling lil piece of eye-candy out there) will find better uses for the extra cash. Heck, the pics at the PC Mag article show it shipping with the assinine Apple one-button mouse with two awkward “side buttons”! Only a masochist could love the thing…

But you can count on it: there are plenty of pervs out there who will go ape wasting $$ on an imitation PC.

One inexplicably stupid comment made by the PCMag writer was this paragraph:

Aside from cooler cases, another benefit of running dual-core on Mac OS X over Windows is that in a Windows environment, you must run security software (such as antivirus, antispyware, and a firewall). Though dual-core processing helps speed up general performance even with such software running in the background, you are still diverting processor cycles. With Mac OS X, such security software is not necessary, so you’re getting more processing power dedicated to apps you’re actively using.

Yeh, right. Pull the other one. “…such security software is not necessary…” At the very least every knowledgeable Mac user/guru (you know: the ones who actually know how the OS woks) I know of recommends at the very least having a decent firewall—software and/or hardware. And sales of Mac-only anti-virus software haven’t slacked off all that much despite the claims that all the virus writers are targeting Windows and simply leaving macs alone. What? Just because your neighborhood has never been hit by burglers you decide locking yuour door is unecessary? Let me know where you live. I’d be glad to hock your Mac. (Really funny thing? While checking on Mac security products, I saw a Mac Security site that had been hacked. It’s front page was “owned” by the hacker who had taken it down. *LOL* Saved a screen shot for future laughs.)

Then there’s the “diverting processor cycles” comment above. Silly ass. The price comparison I made above was between the iMac Intel PC clone in the article with a 2.0 Ghz INTEL processor and a brand-name PC using a 2.8 Ghz processor—the only brand-name Wintel computer I could find spec’ed down enough for a comparison. Computing cycles to burn, baby. (And isn’t it interesting that Apple’s starting with a processor that’s about 1.5 Ghz behind the curve for most other current Intel machines? Their code’s not all that svelte.)

Gee. Want the advantages of a more secure, robust OS (but one that’s genuinely flexible) AND really hot hardware, you could buy an off-the-shelf regular old PC (with the latest, not the next-next-next latest, as with the iMac PC clone) hardware, pop a Mandriva CD set in, boot and have a really slick Linux comp. Loads more stable and secure than either a Windows or Apple OS. And have money left to burn, as opposed to the over-priced iMac PC clone.

Yeh, but it has the really cool look, right?

Uh-huh. And NO expansion slots. Wanna add peripheral components? Fine, snake a buncha USB wiring and clutter your desktop with boxes and other junk. with the PC I spec’ced above, lotsa that kinda thing can go inside a slick-looking box, with 5 PCI slots available.

Nah. The iMac in its current reincarnation as a PC clone is the same old, same old Apple ploy: eye candy at excessive prices. Funny that to get a favorable price comparison to the iMac, the writer of the PCMag article had to compare the iMac “pony” to a Sony Vaio “dressage competitive thoroughbred” with a faster processor, full media computer capabilities, a 50% larger hard drive, all-wireless remote keyboard/mouse/remote control, etc. All among the many things the Vaio cited comes with which are lacking in the Apple PC clone.

*feh* That was a review? A puff piece written by someone who expected only subliterates to read it.

[Let me be clear: the Mac OS is fine… for Great Aunt Tilly. After all, since it is the ultimate “training wheels” OS, it does prevent people from easily messing about in its innards and doing wild things to screw it up. Which also means it is inordinately difficult to get anything done any way EXCEPT “the Mac way”. Amusing—and true—story. Was once part of a small office where each of us used our own computers at work. Right. Very small office. I had a coworker—a devoted Macrophile who had run the all-Mac computer lab in college—who was constantly coming to me and asking to borrow the use of my computer to do things he was unable to do with his Mac. Yeh, largely the result of being the only Macuser in the office and needing to manipulate PC files, a task never quite as easy as Apple claims. He also continually complained that my PC was too hard to use because it didn’t do things the way he was used to… on his Mac. Each time, I’d show him how to do things: “See? Just push this little button on the CDROM drive. You don’t have to drag the CD to the trash bin… ” “Your CDROM drive has a button?!?!? Amazing!” etc. *sigh* Inflexible, almost unteachable. Mac user. Needed his “training wheels” OS. Never “got” it that I liked doing some things at a command line (still do). Windows ain’t all that great, but at least it’s not like using a computer while wearing a straightjacket.]

Conspiracy of dunces or…

…a conspiracy to create dunces?

But first, some housekeeping: this is an open post. Link to this post and trackback.

Now, to the topic of this post. Jerry Pournelle is no wild-eyed conspiracy nut, but he does note something interesting about America’s broken system of public education:

Of course if the goal is to see that the children of people rich enough to send their children to private schools, or to have a stay at home parent to home school, will get far ahead of everyone else regardless of intelligence or merit, we may achieve that goal.

So, what are our choices? That all the “smart” people who tell us to just do more of the same that has resulted in sub- and illiterate high school and college graduates over the past 30+ years-just spend lots more doing it-are too stupid to pound rocks and too prideful, greedy and power-hungry to admit their educratic edicts have made a ruin of public education?

Or, is it really a plot by self-designated elites to breed serfs?

Of course, Pournelle also mentions “…Vonnegut’s wonderful story Harrison Bergeron…” (IMO, one of the few really good Vonnegut works). Yep. Harrison Bergeron is definitely where the dark side of “No Child Left behind” seems to point…

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Poor players, strutting and fretting their hours upon the stage…

The Stupid Party needs to get some schooling in Texas Holdem, cos the Demoncraps are taking their shirts:

“Game Theory and Media Bias” by Todd Manzi:

It used to be that the press would report the happenings of politics. Somewhere along the line, the process became perverted, and politicians began playing to the press and engaging in behavior that was motivated solely because of the prospect of media coverage. The tail wagged the dog, and politicians learned they could manipulate the press. Today, the message of politics is delivered through a liberally biased prism. Not only do Reid and the Democrats make moves designed to get media coverage, they take full advantage of the premise that the people reporting the news are predisposed to liberal ideology.

And infusion of testosterone and an ability to call the Dem’s bluffs every now and then might make a difference in how the game is played in Washington…

Windows users: you got this security advisory, right?

Gee. The hits just keep on coming in…


Posted yesterday by Micro$oft:

Microsoft Security Advisory (912840)
Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution.
Published: December 28, 2005

Yep. eWeek says,

Microsoft Corp. has issued a security advisory for what Secunia is deeming an “extremely critical flaw” in Windows Metafile Format (.wmf) that is now being exploited on fully patched systems by malicious attackers.

Websense Security Labs is tracking thousands of sites distributing the exploit code from a site called iFrameCASH BUSINESS. That site and numerous others are distributing spyware and other unwanted software, replacing users’ desktop backgrounds with a message that warns of spyware infection and which prompts the user to enter credit card information to pay for a “spyware cleaning” application to remove the detected spyware…

Fortunately, malware detection companies (AV/Spyware) seem to be reacting to this pretty quickly. Update your AV software NOW. You heard me. If you don’t, then come crying to me only if you bring some of the big green with you. 🙂

Gotta love Micro$oft. Full employment for techies.

Oh, there’s a workaround for folks here, in case you’re ionto the “belt and suspenders” approach to securing your computer.

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WARNING! (Quick hit)

OK, Skippy, if you use MSN Messenger be warned. Don’t be sucked in.

Virus Poses as Leaked MSN Messenger Beta

Internet users are being warned about a new virus that poses as a leaked pre-release version of the MSN Messenger instant messenger program.

Unsuspecting Windows users who install the phony MSN Messenger Version 8 “beta” actually install an IM worm that spreads to their IM contacts, and connects their computer to a remote control “bot” network run by malicious hackers, according to F-Secure Corp., an antivirus firm based in Helsinki.

A Web site, msgr8beta.com, purports to have the leaked version of MSN Messenger. The site touts the advantages of the MSN Messenger 8…

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. By the time you read this, the malicious little worm who came up with this sucker play for naifs will likely have set up a different website offering this sucker bait.

Update your AV software; NEVER open unasked for, unscanned email attachments and watch those phishing links, etc., yadayadayada…