The Heart Patient vs. The Ambulance Chaser

Folks from my email lists (yeh, I’ve been “email logging” or “elogging”) will recognize a fav “laser pundit” in this:

Here’s what the vigilant viewer of Tuesday night’s debate would have learned: You should vote for the Kerry-Edwards ticket because John Edwards’ old man used to learn math off of the TV. Dear Diary: Went to a vice presidential debate Tuesday night and an “Oprah” show broke out.

Too bad Mr. Edwards didn’t teach his son John that $119 billion
(money actually spent on the Iraq war so far) does not equal $200 billion (money John Edwards claims has been spent on Iraq war so far), or that 700 Iraqi military deaths (actual number of Iraqi deaths in war to remove Saddam Hussein) is greater than zero (number of Iraqi deaths acknowledged by Edwards).

Yeh, that’s Ann Coulter, again. This time with “Heart Patient Outruns Ambulance Chaser” It’s a must-read for anyone who feels the lying jackasses running for the highest office(s) in the land need a spanking.

Barbarians Find an Ally in MMP

Ahh! I just discovered why I wasn’t able to easily insert links! requires Internet Exploder for wysiwg, Rich Text, etc., editing. Can’t use a standards-compliant browser, but must inst3ead use the least secure, clunkiest thing available.

Oh. Well. It’s free. Ya get what ya pay for, eh? At least it’s a lil faster than wrangling with inserting the html into the template. It’s pretty much like using Outlook Express to edit Rich Text email. (Another “get what ya pay for… “)

On the Civilization War front…

Barbarians Find an Ally in MMP

The under-reporting of successes in Iraq, the over-reporting of conflict, giving Kedwards a pass on sliming our Iraqi and other coalition allies by Mass Media Podpeople are all evidence that the barbarians we are fighting in the Civilization War have firm allies in American Mass Media Podpeople.

Yeh, yeh, I know good news is no news at all and bad news sells. Well, that’s baloney. Bad news sells because Mass Media Podpeople hawk bad news day and night. When all the school cafeteria has is baloney sandwiches, that’s what the kids’ll buy… until they start bringing their own lunches.

Fortunately, Civilization has a set of media allies, by no means as strong yet as the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army but still growing: the blogosphere, email warriors and a few, very few, acting almost as a fifth column within the ranks of the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army.

Is it a Reactionary Revolution or a Revolutionary Reaction in response to the blatant dishonesty of Mass Media Podpeople, as recently evidenced by CBS’ Dan Blather? I dunno, but it’s a good thing that no few people are “mad as hell” and “not going to take it any more”

I had a dream…

I had a dream…
Man, was I disappointed this morning to wake and discover it had just been a dream…

There Kerry was in debate with Bush… doped up on some super “truth serum” and admitting all his lies (it was a long dream :-), then saying, “But none of my lies matter. You’ll all vote for me anyway, because I’m not Bush!

A dream…