Reality Check

I recieved an email from Alan Woody (who used to blog at Woody’s News and Views) that points up much of what is rotten in our society today *sigh*

A Circuit City employee spots some Muslim men behaving suspiciously and notifies the authorities. Turns out the men were terrorist-wannabe’s plotting to attack a US military base and murder military personnel and/or their families. Now the Circuit City employee might be sued [for] “violating constitutional rights or for racial discrimination”! No kidding… the citizen who saved the lives of our troops and their families could be sued for it.

We need to wake up people! The terrorists are using our own system against us and half of us are sitting back and letting them do it while the other half unwittingly (?) helps them. Here’s a reality check that I think everybody should read and pass along:

With Woody, I strongly recommend reading Reality Check: My Two Cents Worth… and passing it on.

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Not a petty annoyance

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Found via The English Guy,

“Create an e-annoyance, go to jail”

Yep. Anonymous, otherwise unaccountable trolls may face federal jail time and fines. But, really, who needs the feds in the middle of this? After all, kicking trolls can be fun (if sometimes boring). And cyberstalking–which the law referenced is aimed at–is more than just being annoying… but the law singles out “annoying” behavior as a federal crime, now, punushable by fines and jail time. To be sure, it also strengthens actual anti-stalking provisions, but even there, is that really a federal issue?

Oh, well. It’s law now. *sigh* Might as well start using it as a club for playing Troll Golf.


Semi-anonymously graffiti-sprayed at Basil’s and The Conservative Cat.

” Alarmism in the service of his own political fortune is just craven.”

Hugh Hewitt has accurately pegged Kerry. Concerning a press exchange with sKerry yesterday, Hewitt says:

“The idea that Iraq is on the verge of becoming Lebanon is just nuts. Really, nuts. Does Kerry have any idea what he’s doing to the democratization process there, or the encouragement he is giving to the terrorists? Alarmism in the service of his own political fortune is just craven.”

Just read the whole thing

John Fraud sKerry: liar and poltroon. Any decent person would cross the street to avoid his shadow.

Addendum: Hugh Hewitt has called for comments on the question, “”What do Kerry’s answers to today’s [Thursday, 10/07/04] press inquiries tell us about Kerry’s worldview and character?”

I think I’ll post on that, next, before I read answers some of his respondants gave.