Tip of the Iceberg

The following ad, from NumbersUSA and the Coalition for the Future American Worker, only touches on the LEGAL immigrants our government brought in to take your neighbors’ jobs; illegal aliens depressing the low-end job market aren’t addressed in the ad, so remember: it’s just the tip of the iceberg… or the tip of the spear aimed at the heart of the American economy by worthless politicians *spit*.

Jerry Pournelle has said, “We are already in the beginning phases of a Dark Age. We can still get back, but we have to want to do that.” Listen to him, because if we blindly, placidly, passively welcome the coming of the dark, we may deserve what we get, but surely our grandchildren do not.

Mexico in Turmoil?

Newsmax is a sensationalist purveyor of new slanted to appeal to pseudo conservatives, but ya know, even a blind pig and all that…

U.S. Military: Mexico Could Collapse Under Drug Violence

The article’s one of Newsmax’s more balanced screeds, and if its news content is reliable (and it appears to be–moreso than usual), my response is twofold:

Well, it’s about time!


How the U.S. should respond.

It’s about time that the kleptocratic kakistocracy that’s ruled Mexico for years reaps the whirlwind it’s sown. (Of course, I could say the same of our own “feddle gummint” *sigh*). Mexico has long been (rightly) said to be a pauper sitting on a gold mine, oppressed by thieves. It’s about time the thieves’ chickens come home to roost.

And how should the U.S. respond?

*Build the damned fence, already!

*Station sniper posts and machine gun nests along our southern border with ROE allowing “shoot to obliterate” any incursions not at legal entry points.

*Rigidly, harshly, enforce laws penalizing employers who hire illegal aliens. Place the burden of prrof that all employees are legal residents of the U.S. squarely on emploers’ shoulders and then a boot on the necks of those who fail to comply. Force illegals out of jobs.

*Kill ALL social services (save for legitimate medical emergecies) to illegal aliens.

Bye-bye Juan y Maria (if you be illegal).

*Streamline the process for LEGAL entry into this country, so that those who seek to obey our laws and respect our customs have a MUCH easier time finding LEGAL entry into our society.

The last cannot be stressed too much. Without providing a legitimate entry point, we cannot honorably close our borders to those who seek to abuse our hospitality. As it stands now, the process for legal entry actually favors terrorists* while placing roadblocks in the way of folks who’d be a net benefit to our society.

OK, will the U.S. do these sensible things? twc’s prediction: when pigs fly, hell freezes over and voters execise some common sense–none of which I expect to see in my lifetime.

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*Am I saying that easing requirements for visas for Saudis favors terrorists? Damn skippy I am! Iran and Saudi Arabia: the two biggest funders of international terrorism. Until the governments of those places SHUT DOWN the funding avenues for terrorism, they are both terrorist governments, AFAIAC. And I do NOT accept the Saudis’ disingenuous protestations of compliance. *feh* As long as the Saudis allow the proclamation of violent jihad and citizens who actively engage in funding terrorists aren’t put to death there, I throw the bullshit flag on them all. The Saudis should have been the FIRST to experience the “shock and awe” of the full force of American military might. Period.

Proposed Agenda for a McCain/Palin Administration

There are many issues facing the U.S., but two can be dealt with effectively and decisively, if we were to have some leadership with real intestinal fortitude that had our nation’s interests at heart.

Face it: prospects for both the American economy and the rest of the world pretty much suck right now… primarily because of government interference in marketplaces here and around the world. Real jobs for the middle of the Bell Curve are still fleeing our shores, in large part because of anti-business government practices that encourage manufacturing companies to take their businesses elsewhere to remain competitive.

Our security situation–despite great gains in Iraq in both anihilating huge segments of al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and manufacturing a feagile stability in the region–is largely security theater, what with joke security at airports and porous borders that serve as no protection whatsoever against a massive invasion (primarily from the south) let alone terrorists intent on carrying out attacks on civilians. Keeping ’em busy in Iraq has probably been the only thing–or at least the main thing–preventing another 9/11 type attack.

The economy: quit throwing taxpayer money at the problem. As Arthur Laffer wrote recently,

“Financial panics, if left alone, rarely cause much damage to the real economy, output, employment or production. Asset values fall sharply and wipe out those who borrowed and lent too much, thereby redistributing wealth from the foolish to the prudent. …”

Indeed. McCain’s recent pledge to actually freeze spending is a good first step. NO MORE GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD! We need to hold him to that freeze pledge. Veto, veto, veto. If a Dhimmicrappic Congress overrides him, then we’d have a record of who poohed the scrooch.

Then, PASS THE FAIRTAX! Push for it, and keep on pushing for it, Advocate it far and wide and long un til ALL the lies about its provisions and effects are refuted over and over and over again and the meme is well established that those who oppose it are liars, thieves and poltroons. Seriously. We the People must learn what it is and can do for us and pressure, pressure, pressure a McCain/Palin administration to Do the Right Thing. Go. Learn. All by itself, The FairTax can ameliorate a plethora of government and economy ills.

Still on the economy, think: energy. With enough affordable, reliable energy, America can shrug off any number of woes. Drill, baby drill, for sure, but we need not limit ourselves to drilling and producing enough oil. Even if Thomas Gold’s hypotheses are correct (and the Russians among others have effectively opened new, otherwise unexpected oil fields following his theories) and the end of oil is many centuries away–if ever–we ought to press forward with the readily available energy technologies we already possess. Nuclear power. TDP plants making our own oil. New solar technologies (solar energy-collecting paint anyone?). These and others are all valid avenues to pursure in achieving energy independence with affordable energy for an expanding economy.

And affordable energy and The FairTax could easily mean many more manufacturing–and other–jobs for the middle of the Bell Curve, creating an expanding “middle class”–a much to be desired circumstance for a democratic republic, as opposed to a communist-socialist welfare state where class warfare is an essential precondition for its existence.

Keeping federal hands off market regulation, sensible tax policies, new energy for America: these by themselves would create better national security and grow the economy.

Then there are more obvious national security measures that Juan Mexicain has been averse to in the past. Build the damn fence, Juan! INSIST that current immigration law be STRICTLY and RIGOROUSLY enforced. When we’ve eliminated 20 million or so illegals (by eliminating their jobs and cutting off their government-funded benefits and services), THEN streamline legal immigration.

Kill the TSA. It’s little more than a jobs program for stupid bullies. It’s security theater that does little for real security. The moneies wasted on TSA bullies would be better spent on real security than on making sheeple who were once citizens into subjects of the government.

Visit real terror upon governments and organizations that promote or support terrorism. If President Bush had been serious about his declaration of war on governments that support or defend terrorists, the Saudi regime would be dust by now (and the current lifting cost of the Saudi’s oil–standing at about $5/barrel–would have been passed down the line to the American economy in patial reparation for past Saudi support of jihadis) along with Syria and the Palestinian thugs. Get serious about terrorism.

Whenever and wherever a government makes statements of enmity toward the U.S. and takes steps to implement that enmity (*cough* Venesuala *cough* Chávez *cough*), visit them with the Wrath of God. Seriously. Don’t just carry a big stick, use it! Sure, we don’t want to occupy a septic tank like Venezuela, but a huge, stinking hole where Chávez and his cronies (including any American Marxists sitting in his lap) once were would be an instructive warning to others, don’t you think?

So, in order to be truly successful, I’m simply suggesting that a McCain/Palin administration needs to give up the typical Repugnican’t policy of talking tough and rolling over and actually take Congress’ mouth off the public teat, bash some terrorist heads and wage war on eco-freaks with big, bold pen strokes through assinine regulations that prevent drilling and make nuclear power plants forbiddingly expensive. Become real advocates for The People as opposed to the typical Repugnican’t policy of being suckups to congresscritters and other terrorists.

(BTW, the hope embedded in that last sentence is why I’m voting for “McWhatsisname” and PALIN. She seems to have a bigger set than he does when it comes to facing down legislative terrorists.)

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Barack Hussein Obama: the Affirmative Action Presidential Candidate

Affirmative action is that process of conferring racial preference for a job candidate without regard to their ability to actually perform the job well. It’s a fundamentally condescending, paternalistic, racist assuaging of false white guilt as normally applied in giving preference to unqualified job candidates who are “people of color” or members of otherwise officially-designated so-called “minority” groups.

And that pretty well describes The Obamassiah’s candidacy. By any measure, he’s the least-qualified person in the race, based on experience and accomplishment alone. His record of past behavior and alliances (NOT “associations” but full-fledged, intimately working together alliances) with open racists, communists and felons would be automatic disqualifiers in any other candidate, while his lack of accomplishment in any field other than running for office (counting his first couple of races where his most notable accomplishments were getting other candidates thrown off the ballot) are nil.

Heck, in the last century, even Dhimmi Kahtah was more qualified to serve as president.

The Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind’s treatment of The Obamassiah’s candidacy reads like a CYA human resources glowing report of an affirmative action job candidate, filled with code words that all say nothing but “HE’S BLACK; WE HAVE TO HIRE HIM!”

Thomas Sowell takes a slighly different tack to my assessment in a recent column, “Believers in Barack,” wherein he focuses on folks who close their eyes to facts, planning instead to vote with blind feeling as their motivation. But either assessment depends upon overlooking his disqualifiers and inflating his accomplishments past any reason.

And then there are those who support him precisely because he is a Marxist and crypto-Islamist “Mansourian Candidate“.

The Obamassiah: the candidate for racists, Holocaust-lovers and unthinking loons.

He’s not the first presidential candidate to be a racist. He’s not the first presidential candidate to be a Jew-hater. He’s not even the first presidential candidate to be a Marxist. But as far as I can tell, he’s the first presidential candidate to be all three AND be presented by a major political party.

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Trout in the Milk?

Of course, circumstantial evidence isn’t equivalent with being caught red-handed, but if there’s a trout in the milk, one may be safe in assuming the milk’s been adulterated, eh?

I’ve noted before that The Obamassiah’s long alliances (not mere association) with communists, terrorists and folks who express open hated of America are obvious disqualifiers for any public office, let alone the presidency, but that’s all in the past, as he might say: some guy he knew when he was a youth (whom he has described as greatly influential on his own belief/value system); another guy he saw around in his neighborhood (who got him his first big-time job out of law school and to whom he funneled millions of dollars for his radical “education” initiatives); some preacher (who was The One’s pastor for 20+ years and whom The One described as his spiritual mentor), some “community group” he’s had dealings with in the past (ACORN–the bigtime vote fraud group, a subsidiary of which the Obama campaign has paid $800,000 for “get out the vote” efforts).

All in the past. Nothing to do with now or future plans, right?

But there’s a trout in the milk, folks. Every single solitary proposal that is a constant amid the forest of Obama hand-waving is right out of the Frank Marshall Davis/Jeremiah Wright/William Ayers playbook. If all these people who were identified as Obama himself as influencing his values, with whom he worked for years are not still influencing his policies and procedures, then why does everything he proposes sound like and agree with their viewpoints?

Just wondering if we can catch and fry up that trout…

Hammer away on the theme articulated by Dick Morris:

“Rezko was his financial adviser, Wright was his spiritual adviser, and the guy who gave him his first job used to blow up government buildings.”

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That’s one-hundredth of one percent. For the innumerate among our increasingly illterate and innumerate society, that’s one part in ten thousand. A tiny, itsy-bitsy, teen-einsty speck, for those who can’t understand that.

That’s how much of ANWR is any part at all of what’s even being considered for drilling in.

And it’s an environmental zero of a mud flat. The equivalent of a couple of shopping malls… after prime real estate has already been turned into the wasteland that is a shopping mall.

Not even polar bears want to live there. *heh*

Drill, baby, drill.

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How Do You Spell “Relief”? P-a-l-i-n

I took a break from “the world” yesterday. Things to do, sleep to glom onto, etc. *heh* Back in the world again today and…

I discover the 24X7 Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind attack on Sarah Palin continues apace. *yawn* Not news. The Obamassiah (or The Dali ‘Bama, as some have dubbed him) selects the lame old hack Biden, and the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind fakes an orgasm. Juan Mexicain selects middle America hockey mom, card carrying NRA member, dynamic first term reform governor of the state that provides up to 20% of the nation’s petro-energy needs and the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind emerges from a stunned epileptic fit to initiate attack mode.

No bias there, eh?

But, as Thomas Lifson notes, while

The announcement of Palin’s selection by Senator McCain last Saturday reportedly triggered outright laughter in newsrooms across the land, a nearly unanimous opinion that she would be a disaster for McCain. To the sort of people who believe themselves sophisticated citizens of the world and feel a sense of pride at saving the planet by purchasing carbon offsets, a woman who has borne five children is incomprehensible. Add in moose-hunting, a champion snowmobiler husband and a pregnant 17 year old daughter, and the phrases “white trash” and “trailer trash” are deployed…

The cheese-eating surrender monkeys of the Left just don’t get it:

She has the rarest of qualities: authenticity. Media and Beltway types can’t fathom what that is. It goes right over their heads. Not even on the radar screen. Her multiple facets — beauty queen, moose hunter, mother, member of an Assembly of God Church, and ferocious reformer of corrupt politics may baffle sophisticates, but ordinary Americans see all the pieces fitting together, and they recognize a type of person they know and love.

Heck, Palin may be one of the very few authentic Americans in politics, nowadays, at least beyond the local school board or city councilman level in small town America.

And she still has more executive experience than The Obamassiah, Joe Plagiarism, Juan Mexicain or that Abraham Lincoln, for that matter, had before his presidency. (Oops. Maybe I ought not mention the latter, given the mess he made of his administration.)

While I regularly eschew watching politicians *spit* speak, preferring to read the content of their (usually) blather to, urm, see if it has any content apart from polished vowels and consonants, I do plan on listening (carefully, for real content) to Gov. Palin’s upcoming convention speech. I’ve seen the one interview I referred to a couple of days ago, and I’ve read other speeches, “debates” (as much–or as little–as a media run “debate” for a political office like governor is a debate) and comments made by Palin, and so far, she’s the only one worth listening to in the presidential field. If her speech and behavior continues to match up with her record so far, it looks like I can cast a relieved vote for Palin in November.

Oh, yeh, and whatsisname too, I suppose.

*heh* Update II:

Oh, and, from the official campaign website, an excerpt from an article in the St Petersburg Times,

…Palin’s years of elected executive experience beat out the rest of both tickets, even her own running mate.

Seems I’m not the only one who thinks that. 😉

Annnd… from a lifelong “progressive cos it’s cool” commenter (“Fallon”) at PajamasMedia,

…I have been struggling with this decision, too, but I will be voting for Governor Sarah Palin via Senator McCain because I feel she is a strong and accomplished leader who I respect. I cherish the thought that she will be a mere heatbeat away from the presidency. I will never agree with any candidate 100%, never have, but I now believe that character and personal integrity trumps image, and security trumps domestic issues.

Now that I have made my decision, I feel at peace for the first time since the campaigns began.

Amen, sister. 🙂

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Issues and Answers 2.01

Energy policy. No matter how much we work to reform tax policy to get the “feddle gummint” out of savings/investment policy and level the international trade playing field a bit, with the energy lashup that passes for “feddle gummint” policy we now have in place, our economy is hamstrung, our billions are being sent OUT of this country, largely to third world thugs, and we face a future of spiraling inflation.

The answer is complex but can start with one simple thing: learn some commonsense steps we can take NOW… and take them.

See American Solutions for more.

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It’s Not THE Answer…

…but it’s a step in the right direction.

Then, of course, nuclear power (I like PBRs), space-based solar, TDP plants and more–all very nearly “off-the-shelf” technologies–to round out an approach to energy independence from Middle Eastern (and other foreign) thugs (yeh, Saudis, I’m talking mainly about YOU).

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