Did Edward Snowden Break the Law in Revealing the Depth and Breadth of the NSA’s Surveillance of Citizens?

For those excoriating Edward Snowden for “breaking the law” I’ll say this: I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t know, because I haven’t–and probably won’t–research the relevant laws, because I do not care whether he broke any in revealing the NSA’s surveillance of ordinary citizens.

Here’s why that is: ANY time a citizen shed’s light on government mistreatment of its citizens’ rights it is a Good Thing, no matter what his motivation, no matter what laws he breaks to do so. Any laws that even ALLOW the government to cover abuses are anathema to me, and should be to every citizen who lives; they are nothing short of being bad faith with the social contract the Founders recognized which establishes that government exists to protect our rights, not abuse or deny to us the free exercise of them. ANY law or regulation that provides cover for government abuse of citizens’ rights is illegitimate and has no moral force whatsoever, no excuse for existence save for the vile, reprehensible, utterly abhorrent excuse of defending that abuse of power, and that’s a raison d’être that in itself gives adequate cause to sneer at and openly flout disobedience to any such law or regulation.

Apparatchiks in the same party that gave us the death toll of Fast and Furious and Benghazi, the trampling of the First and Fourth Amendments in the AP scandal and the blatant IRS abuses of power have talked with relative comfort about disappearing Snowden. Yeh, what’s a little banana republic terrorist tactic between friends, eh? In the toxic atmosphere of an overweening, anarcho-tyrannist “feddle gummint bureaucrappy” that views everything with an US (the “gummint”) vs Them (former citizens, now subjects) it becomes obvious to anyone who’s not dumber than a sack of Shiite that the “feddle gummint” is cast adrift from a constitutionally-informed social contract designed to protect the rights of citizens and not the turf of politicians *gag-spew* and “bureaucraps” *gagamaggot*.

In such an environment, as I said, ANYONE who for ANY REASON brings government abuses of power into the light of day has done right, no matter what their motivation, no matter what any CYA laws or regulations say.

Doing the right thing, even for wrong reasons, is doing the right thing, no matter what.

One last thing: Edward Snowden may be weird. He may be distasteful in his personal habits, lifestyle or morality. I don’t know and I don’t care. I have seen hints about such things written by people condemning him, though hints only, as I skip over and simply note another ad hominem attack designed to discredit him in the eyes of stupid people. I don’t know Edward Snowden, and I do not particularly care to; not only that, I do not have to know ANYTHING about him apart from the fact that the information he revealed has so far checked out and that it reveals massive abuse of power by the federal government. THAT is ALL that matters in this brouhaha. Period.

Swamp Their Inboxes

Overwhelm your congresscritters’ and state reps’ inboxes with calls to completely shut down the IRS and salt the legislative and bureaucrappic ground it rests on.

When you’re finished with that, besiege their inboxes with calls for special prosecutors for Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the NSA. Add links wherever possible. Here’s one for NSA crimes against humanity (and make no mistake: NSA’s “Boundless Informant” is just that):



Focusing public attention on emerging privacy and civil liberties issues

I Am. . .


(BTW, I am also pro-choice on abortion. I believe that once a woman has made a choice to have intercourse and conception occurs, the next choice is rightly the baby’s. Let it become at least 18 before asking it to choose whether it wants to be killed.)

A Reasonable Analogy


Both the so-called “War on Drugs” and our borders themselves are frauds of monstrous size, each in its own ways. Neither the “feddle gummint” policies on drugs nor its almost complete lack of border enforcement make any sense. . . except when viewed as anarcho-tyranny encouragement of real criminals and criminalizing the personal liberties of citizens.

    1. The fedgov needed a constitutional amendment in order to be able to pass the Volstead Act which prohibited the manufacture, import, distribution or sale of ONE drug, alcohol. The Eighteenth Amendment has since been repealed and the Volstead Act is null and void. Where then does the fedgov get any LEGITIMATE authority for its so-called “War on Drugs”?

    2. The fedgov’s de facto “cheesecloth” border policy (effective policy: open borders) is even more nonsensical, because the effective policy is both contrary to black letter law on the books and defines a country that has already been conquered by anyone who wishes to do so. No borders=no nation.

These two areas pretty well describe the idiocy that is now our national government. It’s completely without legitimate authority in almost all areas in which it exerts power and in areas where it does have legitimate authority it’s either unconcerned with effective enforcement or incompetent.

What we need at this point is for all civilian bureaucraps, all fedgov politicians and the normal inhabitants of the Pentagon, etc., to hold a plenary session in some huge venue–I’d even go with “built for the occasion”–in DC and for God to send a massive flood to wipe ’em all out. The nation could then hold a memorial service honoring the one or two honest and decent politicians or bureaucrats caught up in the flood and a new Independence Day celebrating our freedom from the illegitimate harassment by unconstitutional exercises of power and incompetent (or willful disregard for) enforcement of legitimate areas of authority.

Well, I’d be willing to settle for enough blackmail on enough congresscritters to get another amendment submitted to the states to remove Eighth Amendment protections against “cruel and unusual punishments” for fedgov politicians and bureaucraps (and enough blackmail on enough State legislators to get it so we could then get it ratified) and a follow up law allowing tarring and feathering (hot tar and feathers, at night, flaming torches encouraged *heh*) of fedgov politicians and bureaucraps who abuse their powers to harass citizens.

I’d bring the popcorn to every “torch party” I could attend.

A Critical Element of So-called “Gun Control”

It’s not “the essence” of gun control, as The Puppy Blender labels it–the essence is self-anointed elites controlling those they feel are their inferiors, alluded to but not specifically stated below–but it is a critical element:

“. . .the essence of gun control: ‘Again, it’s an expression of contempt for Middle America. They don’t like you and yours and don’t think you should be in charge of the capacity to take care of yourself. They know they can’t do this for you, but they’ve hired these nice people to draw chalk outlines of your kids, and that’s supposed to make you feel better.'”

And do note, these self-anointed elites not only “know they can’t do this [take care of you/protect you from predators, etc.] for you” but they are counting on it; they WANT those they view as their inferiors to be incapable of resisting predation, because they are the prime predators. Their true subtext to the rest of us is, “Welcome to serfdom; just lay back and enjoy the rape. It’s for our own good”

Where to Go From Here

Romney’s message was fine. It was not as conservative or hard-hitting as I might have liked, but it was good, strong and put forth ideas that would have been seriously beneficial as first steps to restoring some sort of sensibility in the federal machine.

It was widely and loudly misrepresented by Barry Soetoro’s unofficial campaign (the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind), which is where most people–especially those who don’t really do their own homework but rely on the media to do their thinking for them–got their view of his message.

Romney was “out-messaged” almost 10-to-1 by the steady drumbeat from “Bylines for Barry”–the so-called “legacy media” which served Barry by unrelentingly lying, obfuscating and distracting from anything of substance, anything true and just and worthy and praiseworthy in those opposed to Barry’s policies and actions and by incessant lies and obfuscations about Barry’s policies and actions.

And then there’s the “Stupid Factor”. Face it: America is NOT Lake Wobegone. The electorate is NOT “all above average”. In fact, if multi-year, well-designed surveys run by ISI have any validity at all (and the actual data in the NALS from the fedgov Dept of Ed are useful for anything) and multiple other metrics, surveys and even just common observation by well-informed and literate individuals, Americans, on average, are virtually illiterate as to civics, economics and current events–let alone simply NOT understanding the printed word.

Add to that the massive, pervasive voter fraud and blatantly illegal activity almost entirely engaged in by Dhimmicraps alone, and it’s almost miraculous that Romney/Ryan came within a hair of winning, let alone that Republicans held the House.

The only way to win against such massive odds against is to seriously improve the ground game, turn out a vote that is so large it doesn’t matter that they cheat and (metaphorically) BURN DOWN THE HIVEMIND’S HOUSE.

All that said, I am going to be much, much more gracious in defeat than the Dhimmicraps were in 2000 and 2004. In other words, I will unceasingly hammer every single damn*d lie issuing from leftists’ organs, NEVER shut up about Benghazi, Fast & Furious, et al, encourage everyone I know to hammer at these through their congresscritters, etc. And… encourage LOCAL involvement to begin NOW to get the ground game going for 2014 and exert as much influence on local, state and national nomination procedures for ALL elective offices.

The People CAN take back their government, but with the deck stacked against them, it’ll take a lot more work than it might have 60 years ago when Robert Heinlein wrote the book on how to do it (“Take Back Your Government!” bundled here in ebook formats with the Sharon Cooper and Chuck Asay book, “Taxpayers’ Tea Party: A Manual for Reclaiming Our Government”. Highly recommended.)

N.B. Edited out some typos. You’re welcome.

“Just too much to bare”


Apart from all the books I read (back up to a little less than half the number per week of my peak of a 23/week average of some years ago), I read, well, just about everything I can get my hands on, physical or virtual. While I don’t read as many blog posts every day as I once did, I read a lot of those too. More and more it seem the trend in all sorts of blogs is toward less and less literate expression. Two small examples from a blog at a site for health professionals:

” …the humor of the ______ was too much to bare.”

“By this point all of the racket had also waken up ______________.”

No, Mr. 20-Something IT Pro for a health institution: “too much to bear”. And “waken up” isn’t correct here either. “Had… awakened” or “had… woken” or even the poorer “had… wakened up”.

It’s as though more and more people have never read anything written by a literate person, and more and more people have never heard a literate person speak English. Well, of course. Most are products of public schools. Perhaps as many as 1/3 (perhaps) of students ENTERING high school are proficient readers of English, according to Scholastic.com (pdf here). Perhaps. Of those who go on to graduate college (self-selected to–maybe–be more literate, whatever that means, than their peers), almost 31% are literate enough to read their way out of a paper bag, actually a decline in reading proficiency from their entry into high school.

Is it any wonder that our (once, formerly) representative republic with all too many democratic elements is in trouble? Do the right thing: read more. Read material that’s written well and researched well and presented as honestly as possible. As much as possible, encourage others to do the same.

Your grandchildren will thank you.

*sigh* The first blog post I read today (on a political “analysis” site) offered more evidence of the trend noted above (I swear it I read this kind of crap a.] so you don’t have to *heh* and b.] ALL the time–unfortunately–while trying to gain info that fleshes out background the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind obscures or otherwise lies about… not that the Hivemind is any better at literate expression).


No, a.) the plural of “phenomenon” is “phenomena” and b.) trying to form a plural by using an apostrophe is nothing short of stupid.

“over looked”

It’s one word, not two.

ly’s (“The problem ly’s…”)

*ack-thbbt!-spew* LIES, dumbass! Dual stupidities here. “Ly’s” isn’t even a word and the use of the apostrophe is so monumentally stupid as to be almost a landmark stupidity. This guy’s parents and teachers should be shot, and he should be dragged over hot coals on the way to being tarred, feathered and burned at the stake. Hopefully before he reproduces.

“the support is cult like”

The preferred formation is “cult-like”.

“ITS not an anti gay amendment…. its pro morality amendment”

Of course, NOW when apostrophes are REQUIRED the dumbass subliterate moron doesn’t use them! Of course.

But this sort of thing is rampant, and not just in “citizen journalism” so-called.

“Something Barack Hussein Obama seems to know nothing about.”

Want more? Surely not! Well, one simply cannot go to ANY Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind outlet and not receive an assault on literacy. Consider a current (May 11, 2012) headline:

“First Male Masseuse Who Sued Travolta Admits He Has WRONG DATE…”

WTF?!? A masseuse is a woman who gives massage. A male who does so is a masseur. How these people who write such things can live with themselves I don’t know.

Pure Genius. Not.

I forget where I came across this, but it does speak volumes. Add this to the mom jeans, “57 States,”* “corpse man,” “the Austrian language,” the “girly pitch” and other “coolness” from The Zero: pure stupidity.

It’s sad, really. One always wants to give appropriate credit where it’s due, but with “affirmative discrimination against qualified applicants in favor of favored ‘minorities’ who may OR MAY NOT be qualified” it’s kind of hard, especially when others in his position–*cough* Bush *cough*– have freely shared their academic exploits and foibles but the Imperial Dumbo refuses to. So, just being fair here: it’s pics like this that demonstrate that the actual intellectual prowess of The Zero is consonant with his demonstrated ignorance (“corpse man,” the Austrian language, Maldives for Malvinas, 57 states–number visited at that time, leaving three unvisited, according to the rest of his statement–etc.) that is ignored by a complicit Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind, really needs to be discussed. Can we really afford an ignorant, dull Marxist Indonesian who’s nevertheless well-schooled in the Cloward-Pivens, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky tactics of subversion as anyone to hold the influence and power this klutz does?

*Just to be clear: in context, the “I’ve visited 57 States so far” indicates he thought there to be MORE States in the US. So his “57 States” comment, combined with so very many other comments indicating historical, geographical and cultural illiteracy do make me wonder: just how dumb is Barry Hussein Odumbo-Soetoro (the first Indonesian president of the US, as far as I can tell from whatever documentation’s available)?