Why “Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind”?

Because they tend to all “report” the same flat-out lies and skewing of truth into lies, I refer to news media as a hivemind and its minions as podpeople. Oh, and the MEdia” thing with a capital “ME”? Because the real “news” is how it’s all about themselves to themselves and their tribe, and the importance, FIRST and FOREMOST, of their lying tongues. . .

I stopped believing that “network” news (and major “news” papers and magazines, etc.) really reported news when I realized that Walter Cronkite was skewing (lying about, really) reports on the Tet Offensive. . . and that the rest of the media was happily following his distortions. So, since then, the Hivemind has been relegated to the “propaganda folder” for me.

Before the growth of the Internet, that mostly left me with conversations with primary sources, where I could get such. Fortunately, I used to have a wide array of primary sources in the military, business, and politics available in those long ago days of yore . . .

Now, when the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind “reports” something “shocking” that someone has said or done, there is often a video of the actual words/deeds that can be relied on to put the Hivemind lies in perspective. Most people still don’t do their own homework, though, so the weight of the Hivemind lies still has a strong effect on society.

If one follows the narrative of hivemind “reporting” on any given topic, and compares it to what one can determine of the real world, one might be left with the impression that American media gets a daily download from an alien mothership orbiting Uranus. . .

Leftists Are Anti-Science

[By “Leftists” I mean, of course, the full spectrum of Dhimmicraps–and their Bureaucrappic minions–and all others to the left of “mainstream” Dhimmicrappic thought, Academia Nut Fruitcakes–almost all of them in the “humanities”–and at least 99.99% of the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind.]

In every aspect of leftist propaganda–from hardcore Marxist theory to anthropogenic climate scare-ism to social “welfare” policies–leftist theories have been tested in the real world and found to be fatally flawed. Whenever I view the real world wreckage of leftist cant, I’m reminded of a Robert Heinlein comment:

“One can judge from experiment, or one can blindly accept authority. To the scientific mind, experimental proof is all important and theory is merely a convenience in description, to be junked when it no longer fits. . . “

By any honest assessment, whether one were to use Heinlein’s metric for science or Popper’s or any other honest scientist, leftist thought is anti-science.

No “News” Here

If we are to believe the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind characterization of the “Restoring Honor Rally” last Saturday in D.C., we’d come away with something like the See B.S. report of a “mere” 87,000, as opposed to some other, grudging, reports of better than 300,000 (reluctantly noted by NBC, with hints of 300,000 KKK hoods just waiting in the wings for all the fat, white crackers to don).

Pictures, though…

A Tea Party face if ever there was one. Little girl from Arlington, VA, holding an American flag while attending the the “Restoring Honor” rally, organized by Glenn Beck, in Washington, on Saturday, Aug. 28, 2010. How many lil white kids did the media find welcome at the Al Sharpton rally? *crickets chirping* Nope, no racism on the Left…

87,000? Well, there’s no B.S. like CBS.

And for a lil black humor *heh* here’s a screencap of CNN’s captioning gaffe, found at Michelle Malkin’s place:

As Malkin points out, three factual errors in one caption. A hat trick. WTG CNN! (Dumbasses)

Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind: Easily Gulled… Because It Wants to Be

Why was the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and the Leftard Blogosphere so quick to rush to judgement (yeh, yeh, I know Noah Webster thought the first “e” superfluous, but I simply do not agree) on the suicide of Bill Sparkman, blaming it–if only by implication–on “right wing extremists” like… Glenn Beck? (That puppy?!? *sheesh!*) Well, of course they all had good reason to suspect foul play from the redneck Appalachian right wing extremists! How much electronic ink will now be given by those same Hivemind members to the now established fact that SParkman faked his own “homicide” and apologies for the Hivemind’s earlier spew of anti-right hate ? Not much, given the kind of waffling excuses now offered by the Hivemind,

Appalachia has long had an image of being wary of and sometimes hostile toward strangers. Incidents such as the September 1967 shooting of Canadian filmmaker Hugh O’Connor, who was gunned down by an enraged landowner while making a documentary on poverty in nearby Letcher County, have done nothing to dispel such notions. [emphasis added]

Wow. An incident 42 years ago, kept alive as a major reason the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind thinks of Appalachia as “hostile toward strangers”. Now, that makes sense. In the cacotopic1 world of Orwell’s 1984. One of the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind’s own was shot for being where he definitely did not belong, was not invited and was not welcome, while being a nosy parker. That sounds more like a righteous shooting to me (especially since the guy had been told to leave the property owner’s property and had put up an argument, had a crew with him, etc.). Hobart Ison’s eventual conviction for manslaughter (his first trial resulted in a hung jury in a locale removed from his true peers–because the “gummint” knew it’d not get a conviction in his home county) resulted in a year’s time served. Far too great a price to pay for the removal of a Mass MEdia Podperson, IMO. After all, I thought removal of vermin and garbage disposal was one of the prime goods of civilization?

BTW, “trespassers will be shot” isn’t an uncommon sign in the Ozarks, either. And rightly so.

1“cacotopia”–a society built on feces. Rather like the sub-society called “Congress”.

A Timely Reminder

The Armed Geek linked to this Whizbang! post, and it’s worth passing along and commenting on, I think:

Who Do They Think They Are?

“There’s a trend emerging in American politics. I don’t think it’s a new one, but it’s growth is disturbing to me. And it’s the amazing hostility to the common people.”

Go read it. Now. I’ll wait for you to come on back. Go.

While a reverence for the “wisdom” of the common man is silly, even more silly–and dangerous–is the self-reverence our political masters engage in and the complete disregard and disdain for the views of those they supposedly represent. It is “They” who are the real problem in these (dys)United States nowadays. And I’ll tell you who they are, plainly.

We all know who the “They” of the Whizbang post THINK they are–those who deem themselves our political masters, our social and intellectual betters. Instead, “They” are themselves the scum of the earth, little minds wearing other peoples’ shopworn and discredited ideas with pseudo-intellectual pride, the self-enstupiated, self-absorbed glitterati whose entire lives are all hat, no cattle; all sizzle, no steak. “They” are the Beltway elites deafened by their own echo chamber, the vacuum-headed Hollyweird script readers and the Mass MEdia Podpeople. “They” all fluff each other in a never-ending circle jerk of self-congratulatory rape of our liberties.1

There is no way to dehumanize this “They” that “They” have not already claimed as their very own by their empty, bobble-headed, vile, venal2 behaviors.

And now that I’ve listed their good qualities…


But still, remember this:

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time… the hand of force may destroy but cannot disjoin them.”–Thomas Jefferson

Or, in Randall Thompson’s presentation of Jefferson’s thoughts on liberty, from “Testament of Freedom”:


Or, for those not using Flash,

The God Who Gave Us Life

The bastards may destroy our lives, but apart from taking our lives, “They” cannot take our liberty… without our cooperation.

Don’t let the bastards wear you down.

Lastly, despite the destruction wrought on our society by the appeal to the lowest common denominator (I typoed, “demoninator” there. Freudian slip?) by the “They” seeking (apparently) to enstupiate the common man with toxic cotton candy (the end result of The Revolt of the Masses *sigh*), this:


And again, for non-Flash users,

Fanfare for the Common Man–excerpt

Despair is a deadly sin. Again: don’t let the bastards wear you down. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light,” as Dylan Thomas put it.

1BTW, the couple of vulgarities–verging on the obscene–I included in my indictment of “They” are just that: vulgarities. In the past, I’ve had some object to vulgarities such as that as “profanity” or some other subliterate appellation (“cursing”? *feh* Save me from burgeoning enstupiation and subliteracy!). I chose the specific vulgar comment consciously, because the very least, most inoffensive behavior of “They” is so far beyond the most offensive vulgarity I can imagine that it was just about the mildest way I had available to describe “They’s” obscene, evil, “…iniquitous, nefarious, sinful, vicious, wicked… ” etc. nature. Blame them, not me.

2“venal” is used here as shorthand for “mercenary; crooked, cutthroat, dishonest, unethical, unprincipled, unscrupulous; corrupt, debased, debauched, degenerate, degraded, demoralized, depraved, dissipated, dissolute, perverse, perverted, warped; bad, evil, immoral, iniquitous, nefarious, sinful, vicious, wicked, etc.”

No More Pork! No More Earmarks!

No, all of these have been eliminated from the omnibus bill by the simple expedient of the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind relabeling these excesses as “parochial projects“.

See? There’s no pork; there are no earmarks; they’re all now magically transmogrified into something more palatable: merely parochial projects.

Now, don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Thanks CBS (A.K.A., See B.S.)

“DWUC”–Driving While Under-Caffeinated

Wandering through a disjointed, rambling discussion with the voices in my head this A.M….

It’s a good thing I was under-caffeinated this morning. Too many “driving while brain dead” people on the road. Had I been properly caffeinated (thus, awake), I’d probably have stroked out at the number of folks who let a little dampness (after a night full of heavy rain) turn them into Aunt Tillies on the road… But enough of that.

Ever think about the differences between stereotypes and archetypes? They have common roots in real world relationships and usefulness. Archetypes as theoretical models actually have less usefulness in our quotidian experiences, IMO. Stereotypes though…

Ever notice that stereotypes get a bum rap in the talk of Academia Nut Fruitcakes, Mass Media Podpeople, et al, and yet Academia Nut Fruitcakes almost universally stereotype stereotypes as “bad” and Mass Media Podpeople cannot utter two sentences in a row without using stereotypes.

Why is that?

Well, on the one hand, Academia Nut Fruitcakes despise anything that simplifies models to the point of actual usefulness, while at the same time unconsiously making sweeping generalizations (oversimplified assumptions) about the unusefulness of simple models, AKA, stereotypes, which they have come to characterize as oversimplifications of some observed or imagined trait of behaviour or appearance.

(Mass Media Podpeople, OTOH, are unable to think in complex terms at all, and so have nothing BUT genuine oversimplifications to offer. In their case, stereotypes really are a bad, bad thing.)

Why do stereotypes exist to begin with? Because humans are generalization machines and Occam’s Razor is one of the most powerful tools (I almost typed “forces”) of reason. Face it: most “jocks” are intellectually stunted boors. Yes, it’s true. Nerds are, by definition, socially inept. Latino men are almost universally dominated by machismo (natural public reaction to their basically matriarchal home life–*heh*), and American society is becoming ever more feminized day by day.

Sidebar: I don’t have to defend any of the statements above, because to any person who has more functioning brain cells than a head of cabbage they are self-evident. Stereotype-driven, because they are generalizations from the real world that are testable hypotheses that can stand against exceptional tests: they work.

Example: the feminization of America. 99%+ of America’s future is brainwashed in our society’s prisons for kids (disingenuously referred to by Academia Nut Fruitcakes, Mass media Podpeople and politicians *spit* as “public schools”). More and more kids are being drugged out of their minds because, being boys, they act like boys, and our prisons for kids are dominated by female teachers for whom boyish behavior is anathema. Take a typical playground event: bully picks on victim. If the victim does the female teacher-acceptable thing and “goes crying to surrogate mommy” all is well in the eye of the prison for kids. If the victim does the right thing and plasters the bully, he gets in trouble. OK, maybe both get in trouble, but the point is that to satisfy a feminine culture, a forceful personal response results in injustice: punishment for self-defense.

And this trait is, of course, permeating our society. Self-defense is equated with aggression at an increasing rate. By all meeans, lets talk with the crazy guy with the atom bomb…

And that is but one of many examples of the feminization of America.

And so it goes with many things slurred as stereotypes: they are reflections of a reality the politically correct simply want to deny, as they embrace instead their reality-based fantasies and tyrannical utopian/dystopian views.

As someone once said (something like :-)), “In much of [their] talk, thinking is half-murdered.”

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Obama Supporters Fans of Terrorist?

Yep. It’s so.

Check out this YouTube video of a report from the Houston Fox affiliate. Look at the banner flag behind the woman sitting at a desk in an Obama campaign office. Recognize the icon of leftist terrorism?

Nothing was said in the bland Fox affiliate report about an Obama campaign office prominently displaying a fan-banner featuring Che, but it’s there and should be noted: Obama supporters–at least in Houston–are fans of leftist terrorism and Obama doesn’t give a damn.

And neither does the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind.

(Yeh, yeh, I know this is all over the place, although I’ve not read the posts at lgf, Captain’s Quarters and all. I stumbled across this at Chaos Manor, generally the most reliable place I know for solid info/discourse.)

Update: See this Newsbusters article for more information on Maria Isabel, the person who is apparently responsible for the Cuban flag with Che’s face superimposed on it displayed in the Obama campaign ofice in Houston. A real piece of work is Maria Isabel. *heh* Don’t miss the YouTube video linked at the site, either. Woo-hoo! We have a live loon here! Yeh, and the Obama camp is still weenie-ing around about this… tepid “Oh my!”s and such like. *pfui* Weenies.

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