More Typically Stupid Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind “Reporting”

No comment on the facts of the Texas church shooting from me, but a comment on bad “reporting” from a Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind organ? Yeh. NY Post called the Ruger AR-556 the monstrous coward used an “assault rifle.” Wrong. The Ruger AR-556 is a semi-automatic. Assault rifles, by common definition from the time of the German WWII StG 44 (abbreviation of Sturmgewehr 44, “assault rifle 44”) has been a rifle that allows select fire between semi-automatic (ONE round fired per trigger engagement) and automatic (multiple rounds fired per trigger engagement).

Note that the NYPost writer did not quote any military source in the sentence below. Nope. Paraphrased a “source” and used a blatantly wrong term to refer to the weapon used:

“Texas church killer [killer’s name redacted; I will never speak or write that name] never should have been able to buy his assault rifle, military brass admitted Monday — acknowledging that the Air Force failed to tell the FBI he had been court-martialed for domestic violence.”


Calling the Ruger AR-556 an “assault rifle” is simply stupid. Or disingenuous. Or stupidly disingenuous.

Oh, and the weenie writer also referred to four guns as “a small arsenal.” *feh*

Why “Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind”?

Because they tend to all “report” the same flat-out lies and skewing of truth into lies, I refer to news media as a hivemind and its minions as podpeople. Oh, and the MEdia” thing with a capital “ME”? Because the real “news” is how it’s all about themselves to themselves and their tribe, and the importance, FIRST and FOREMOST, of their lying tongues. . .

I stopped believing that “network” news (and major “news” papers and magazines, etc.) really reported news when I realized that Walter Cronkite was skewing (lying about, really) reports on the Tet Offensive. . . and that the rest of the media was happily following his distortions. So, since then, the Hivemind has been relegated to the “propaganda folder” for me.

Before the growth of the Internet, that mostly left me with conversations with primary sources, where I could get such. Fortunately, I used to have a wide array of primary sources in the military, business, and politics available in those long ago days of yore . . .

Now, when the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind “reports” something “shocking” that someone has said or done, there is often a video of the actual words/deeds that can be relied on to put the Hivemind lies in perspective. Most people still don’t do their own homework, though, so the weight of the Hivemind lies still has a strong effect on society.

If one follows the narrative of hivemind “reporting” on any given topic, and compares it to what one can determine of the real world, one might be left with the impression that American media gets a daily download from an alien mothership orbiting Uranus. . .

Will the Last One Out. . .

. . .please turn out the lights?

I got a call from a client this A.M. They’ve sold their house/acreage and businesses and are moving to Panama ~September 15. Giving up on the U.S. and just need a lil “exit work” on their tech. Doomsday Preppers? No, just worn down by “gummint bureaucrappy” created and encouraged by Left AND Right (neither of which is either “progressive/liberal” or “conservative”) and fearing more “quantitative easing” and other “feddle gummint meddlin'” in the economy will wipe out their retirement years.

They are not alone in their fears.

One of the most obvious symptoms: A president is–or has been–mostly just emblematic of the direction of the country, but King Putz’s unconstitutional diktats (and recent diktats spewing from the agencies he rules) have certainly demonstrated a complete lack of respect for the rule of law and expanded–thanks to a supine Congress–the powers of the presidency far, far beyond any level seen before (save, perhaps, for the Lincoln Years). Reversal of the Obama Blight will take decades, and many, MANY down-ticket elections of honorable people (though where those can be found, I can’t say), to reverse. . . if it is possible at all, especially given the propaganda machines of the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and Academia Nut Fruitcake Bakeries.

For the 2016 presidential race, I could hope for a clear choice between an openly blatant socialist and a genuine conservative, but I’m unsure where we could get one of the latter on the ticket, nowadays. . . Heck, just FINDING one would be a task for Diogenes.

The Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind is Largely Illiterate

I’ll cite just one example I saw today–there are others today and many, many more every day, but one will do for now–of evidence that the Hivemind is made up of ignorant doofuses. In a USA Today article, reproduced from The Des Moines Register, Hivemind member Jennifer Jacobs wrote,

The Trail of Tears was the name given to the route the Cherokee people walked in the late 1890s when the U.S. government forcefully removed them from their homelands in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee to live in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.

OK, I’ll admit this one is more than a year old, and yes, I just saw it today. That’s more of an indication of how much I avoid USA Today than anything else, but not really germane to my point.

No one–not Jennifer Jacobs, not her editor(s) at the Des Moines Register and certainly not any editorial staff at USA Today–saw anything wrong with that statement. But. *sigh* The Trail of Tears stretched between 1831 and 1838, NOT “the late 1890s,” and the Cherokee were the last of the Five Civilized Tribes to be dispossessed and “relocated” via that “Trail of Tears.” The experiences of the Choctaw, the Seminole, the Creek and the Chickasaw all preceded the Cherokee “relocation” in 1838, and it was a Choctaw leader who, in 1831, first referred to a “trail of tears and death.” (BTW, Alexis de Tocqueville is a primary source witness to the removal of the Choctaw during his stay in Memphis Tennessee in 1831.)

That NO ONE at either Hivemind organ (nor in any of the comments by similarly illiterate readers of USA Today) noticed the egregious error last year or in the year since (well, until my own comment made today) is reason enough to avoid these crap journalism organs, especially since this sort of illiterate content (and illiterate editing) seems to be more and more par for the course in Hivemind organs all around.

Just sayin’.

Oh, yeh, the article’s about a Dhimmicrappic Congresscritter tweeting that the results of a basketball game evoke #trailoftears. *gagamaggot* Yeh, Congresscritter Braley is an ass and a jackwagon, but he’s not a patch on THE prototypical Democrat who is tied in my mind with for the title of worst president of the country’s first 200 years and was a major force bringing about the Trail of Tears: Andrew Jackson, bigot supreme, THE force behind the foundation of the Democratic Party.

BTW, lest someone doubt my quote of the illiterate Jennifer Jacobs, here:


Teaser Over-promised, Under-delivered

Yesterday, James O’Keefe twitted *heh* about “hidden camera” video of Piers Morgan on gun control. *meh* Yeh, yeh, a few non-committal seconds of Morgan and loads of other nobodies (from the Hivemind left, apparently, though) on the topic.

(*heh* You did catch that, right? “…and loads of other nobodies” :-))

I Blame the Hivemind

For at least a couple of decades now, anyone who has watched the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind so-called “news” shows has been programmed to eliminate the ability to discern clear distinctions as to many things, but the most egregious–and most consistent–destruction of reason has been the twisting of time. How many times have you heard *cough* “news” *cough* readers refer to events that occurred some time in the past as happening contemporaneously with the reader’s babbling?

Past tense for past events, idiots. But no, in *cough* “news” *cough* readerland present tense is fairly consistently used to refer to past events. And so an essential anchor of reason is eroded daily and common folk attempting to be writers begin to write such drivel as,

The sun rose rose over San Antonia [sic] de Bexar as a Blood [sic] red omen of what the day will [sic] bring to the men of the Alamo.

Good Sharkey, Colonel god! Past tense, properly used, mixed with future tense speaking of a (long) past event! Oh, why not. *sigh* If the past is present, then surely the past is future as well. Time means nothing.

OTOH, any literate person who’s not been lobotomized by watching *cough* “news” *cough* shows would have written,

“The sun rose rose over San Antonio de Bexar as a blood red omen of what the day would bring to the men of the Alamo.”

It’s still a bit overwrought for me, but at least the conditional is dealt with properly. It’s not just aspiring web “journalists” committing such gagamaggot faux pas with English, no. Such superbly dumbass writing abounds in traditionally published works, from newspapers to books from traditional publishing houses (which at one time employed literate proof readers and editors) and in the speech of *cough* “news” *cough* readers inhabiting the Hivemind, the political and entertainment classes and even Academia Nut Fruitcake Bakeries.

Is it any wonder these dumbasses who consider themselves an elite that’s fit to rule the hoi polloi are making a mess of everything they touch? They cannot consistently deal with speaking clearly and rationally on simple subjects.

And the sheeple eat it all up with a spork (because they cannot be trusted with a real fork).

And a World Filled with Stupid People is Shocked! Shocked I Say! *yawn*

The headline from the subliterate British idiot (well,he’s either subliterate or deliberately deceptive, although I wouldn’t rule out both at once, yet), Nick Squires, tries to sensationalize a yawner:

Jesus was born years earlier than thought, claims Pope

Seriously, is there any literate person anywhere in the world who didn’t already know this? No, really. The error in a sixth century monk’s calculations has absolutely no impact whatsoever on the NT record of Jesus’ birth. None. Zilch. A big zero with the rim kicked off. It’s nothing more or less than a moderately interesting piece of trivia about one small aspect of one of the relatively early stages in the development of the most common Western calendar.

The article makes clear that the “years earlier” in the headline (leading people astray right there) is around two to maybe as many as seven years’ difference between Dennis the Small’s erroneous calculation and Jesus’ probable birth (most scholarship settles around four years). Oh, but do notice the idiocy in the lede:

The ‘mistake’ was made by a sixth century monk known as Dionysius Exiguus or in English Dennis the Small, the 85-year-old pontiff claims in the book ‘Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives’, published on Wednesday.

WTF? Why is “mistake” in sneer quotes? And why “claims”? And why–citing the sub-title of the article, “The entire Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation… “–try to cast doubts about the “entire Christian calendar”?

It’s all about the Hivemind’s anti-Christian narrative, folks. File the information somewhere for a trivia game and move along. Nothing to see here (unless you are a history buff).

BTW, again: “Little Monk Dennis'” placement of the birth year of Jesus is an anomaly. Very, very few authorities, from the early church Fathers on, before and after Lil Denny, agreed with his placement, and by far the majority have come down on a placement anywhere from 4-6 B.C., by Lil Denny reckoning. So, for darned near a couple of millenia, any literate person knew what is being trumpeted in the article as “news”. Only incurious subliterates will find this to be news.