Dangerous to Whom?

The Puffington Host touts the bill referenced in the linked article as “The Most Dangerous Bill You’ve Never Heard Of.” Dangerous to whom? Certainly not to citizens who are concerned about the tsunami of “feddle gummint” encroachment on their rights. Hmmm, must be dangerous to statists and other anacho-tyrannists. . .

This bill is barely a start on reversing the illegitimate encroachment on God-given rights that darned near the whole apparatus of the “feddle gummint bureaucrappy” has become.

The Tree of Liberty

Everyone is familiar (by “everyone” I mean, of course, everyone except the historically and culturally illiterate 80% of our current society *sigh*) with the Jefferson comment,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

May we now add the tears of soi-dissant “liberals” to the nurture of liberty? Oh, and how about the tears of CACAs (members of the Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism), as well?

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Power and Corruption

A small war of words between Lord Acton and Frank Herbert:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” ~Sir John Dalberg-Acton

“All governments suffer a recurring problem: it is not that power corrupts, but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.” ~ Frank Herbert, Dune.

My own take, in brief:

Actually, it is both. Most folks can be corrupted by the ability to exercise power over others. For some, it is after the fact: they seek power because they are corrupt; for others it is a very small step; for still others it is a process that proceeds at snail’s pace, so that the longer they exercise power–even intending that exercise to be for the good of their charges–the more corrupt they become.

A minor example of this is parenthood. A parent exercises just power in raising their children within sensible boundaries so that they can lead (generally) happy, productive, and safe lives (within whatever areas are under their control). That authority/power should phase out as the children achieve maturity. It is when children either eschew the responsibilities of maturity and continue to rely on their parents for support or when parents continue to exert controlling “influence” over their grown children that the process–and the individuals involved–either become corrupt or reveal their corrupt nature.

And so with government: exercising controlling power over a supposedly free people is corrupt and illegitimate. Those who want to be a part of that control are corrupt to begin with. Those who become a part of that process with the goal of ameliorating the effects of such illegitimate power inevitably either become corrupt themselves or are purged by the system.

(Long version: The Revolt of the Masses (Ortega) and Suicide of the West (Burnham), et al)

The IRS is Run by Incompetent Liars

That the IRS is run by incompetent liars is now a well-established fact, but it matters not, because most Americans just DGARA.

The “dog ate my email” flap? “Once [a “Lois Lerner *cough* crash *cough*] _may_ be happenstance. Twice [destruction of backup data on ONE of THREE required servers] _may_ be coincidence. Three times [destruction of data on the SECOND of THREE required backups] _is_ enemy action.” Four times (the last required backup) is spiking the ball in the end zone, and doing the same thing for SIX MORE employees under investigation is nothing less than the IRS thumbing its nose at the American people. Watch as IRS Commissioner John Koskinen blows a raspberry at the American people:


And what, if anything, will the People do about it? Nada. Zip. Zilch. A big zero with the rim kicked off. Whine and bitch and moan on social media. Ditto to their congresscritter, if said People are really serious, active and engaged.


IOW, Nada. Zip. Zilch. A big zero with the rim kicked off.

Anyone focused on bringing pressure on their STATE legislators to compel a national convention to redress the wrongs heaped upon citizens by the “feddle gummint”? Such a convention MUST be carefully monitored by concerned, literate patriots, though, or it WILL be hijacked by asinine leftist-statist traitors to liberty.

My suggestions for such a convention?

  1. Abolish the IRS. Extirpate it root and branch. Completely eliminate the 17th Amendment and substitute the FairTax mechanisms, with the specifics of what is taxed, how the tax is levied and collected and THE SPECIFIC RATE embedded in the Constitutional amendment, untouchable by acts of Congress or Executive fiat.
  2. Specify executive orders to effect laws NOT AS SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS to be acts of treason.
  3. Require that each act of Congress deal with ONE specific subject, be without more than TWO specific references to previous laws, be no more than TWO pages in length and be published abroad for comment by the People for a period of six months before being sent to the President to sign.
  4. Sunset all federal laws that are more than 10 years old. Create a separate branch of the federal government to review all laws coming up for sunsetting to approve for referral to Congress to re-authorize or to disapprove and simply ashcan. Members of such branch of the federal government shall be appointed by the States, according to whatever process each State shall determined (direct appointment, whether by governor or legislature or both acting together, direct election by The People, whatever). Each person holding such office may serve only one, one-year term in any ten-year period. (Yeh, yeh, needs work. Jerry Pournelle’s done some thinking along these lines.)
  5. Strengthen the Bill of Rights for every citizen NOT employed by the “feddle gummint” and exclude “feddle gummint” employees from ALL protections afforded therein whenever they act with the force of the federal government. ESPECIALLY, make federal government employees PERSONALLY responsible for any actions that violate any citizen’s rights and make them subject to both criminal and civil action even if they were “following orders”. No more Nuremberg defenses for feds. Period.
  6. ESPECIALLY strengthen the First, Second and Fourth amendments to reflect that the Founders actually said about those amendments! (Ex: “keep and bear arms” to mean, as the Founders clearly and unambiguously understood MILITARY arms).
  7. NO government employee–at any level or in any position (including legislative or executive branch) to make one dime more in total FAMILY income than the average family in the area where they work or that they represent. Period. After leaving office, or position of federal employment, any FAMILY income in excess of the incomes “earned” during their federal tenure shall be taxed at a 90% rate directly from income (the only remaining “income tax” on the books) for a period of ten years.
  8. Peculation by government employees, whether directly or as bribes from crony capitalists, shall be a capital offense.
  9. Clarify the “interstate commerce” clause to be as the Founders’ discussions of the clause intended: to FACILITATE interstate commerce, not act as a thin pretext for the federal government to encroach on free trade between individuals and states.
  10. Get then “feddle gummint” out of the charity business entirely. (The “general welfare clause” abuses have gone on far, far too long).

There are others, but this would be a good place to start.

Did Edward Snowden Break the Law in Revealing the Depth and Breadth of the NSA’s Surveillance of Citizens?

For those excoriating Edward Snowden for “breaking the law” I’ll say this: I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t know, because I haven’t–and probably won’t–research the relevant laws, because I do not care whether he broke any in revealing the NSA’s surveillance of ordinary citizens.

Here’s why that is: ANY time a citizen shed’s light on government mistreatment of its citizens’ rights it is a Good Thing, no matter what his motivation, no matter what laws he breaks to do so. Any laws that even ALLOW the government to cover abuses are anathema to me, and should be to every citizen who lives; they are nothing short of being bad faith with the social contract the Founders recognized which establishes that government exists to protect our rights, not abuse or deny to us the free exercise of them. ANY law or regulation that provides cover for government abuse of citizens’ rights is illegitimate and has no moral force whatsoever, no excuse for existence save for the vile, reprehensible, utterly abhorrent excuse of defending that abuse of power, and that’s a raison d’être that in itself gives adequate cause to sneer at and openly flout disobedience to any such law or regulation.

Apparatchiks in the same party that gave us the death toll of Fast and Furious and Benghazi, the trampling of the First and Fourth Amendments in the AP scandal and the blatant IRS abuses of power have talked with relative comfort about disappearing Snowden. Yeh, what’s a little banana republic terrorist tactic between friends, eh? In the toxic atmosphere of an overweening, anarcho-tyrannist “feddle gummint bureaucrappy” that views everything with an US (the “gummint”) vs Them (former citizens, now subjects) it becomes obvious to anyone who’s not dumber than a sack of Shiite that the “feddle gummint” is cast adrift from a constitutionally-informed social contract designed to protect the rights of citizens and not the turf of politicians *gag-spew* and “bureaucraps” *gagamaggot*.

In such an environment, as I said, ANYONE who for ANY REASON brings government abuses of power into the light of day has done right, no matter what their motivation, no matter what any CYA laws or regulations say.

Doing the right thing, even for wrong reasons, is doing the right thing, no matter what.

One last thing: Edward Snowden may be weird. He may be distasteful in his personal habits, lifestyle or morality. I don’t know and I don’t care. I have seen hints about such things written by people condemning him, though hints only, as I skip over and simply note another ad hominem attack designed to discredit him in the eyes of stupid people. I don’t know Edward Snowden, and I do not particularly care to; not only that, I do not have to know ANYTHING about him apart from the fact that the information he revealed has so far checked out and that it reveals massive abuse of power by the federal government. THAT is ALL that matters in this brouhaha. Period.

Root and Branch: Extirpate the IRS

Conservative group’s lawsuit targets IRS employees personally

Look, folks, let’s just say it openly and without reservation: The IRS is simply evil. Period. I’ll accept no qualifications about “good people” working in the IRS. No, if they were truly good people, they’d find a job not working for an evil organization. Period. End of story. No excuses.

The fish rots from the head and from its inception, the IRS has rotted and is nothing but a poisonous evil whose sole function is to do evil and enable further evil to be done. Any lame justifications that it collects revenue for legitimate purposes fall, because most “feddle gummint” functions nowadays are constitutionally illegitimate (hence, based on lies, evil). Nope. The IRS has to go. Now, how to get there. . .

Pressure–and never, never, never stop pressuring–congresscritters to abolish the IRS and the oppressive, tyrannical, capricious income tax system it administers. Get involved in local politics in order to gain influence on political parties’ selection of candidates, at ever higher levels of government. Join with other “outsiders” to invade and take over the political apparatus of whatever party or parties you may have a chance to “subvert” to bring them back in line with constitutional principles.

And never, never, NEVER stop pushing back–twice as hard, and harder. If you are attacked, as the person and her organization in the linked article above have been, push back as that organization has. Make it as personal as the bureaucraps themselves make it. Hold them PERSONALLY responsible.

Keep it in bounds–not their bounds, the law’s bounds–but make sure they know it IS personal, because that’s the central meaning of The Founders’ Constitution”–personal, individual liberty and responsibility is THE central reason the Constitution was written to SET BOUNDARIES BEYOND WHICH GOVERNMENT MUST NOT GO!

The “feddle gummint” needs to be told to sit down, shut up and LISTEN to the PEOPLE. . . and then sit down and shut up–PERIOD!–wherever the Constitution says they have no business going.