Is It Wrong of Me. . .

. . . that my fav line from Ghost, by John Ringo is,

“Dead bad guys and naked girls. It’s like an op in a titty bar.”

Yeh, there are tons of great lines/scenes in the book, but somehow, that one gets me every time. (And, yes, since confession is good for the soul, I do re-read the first book of the Paladin of Shadows series every now and then. It’s a quick “palate cleanser” *heh*)

One of My Favorite Things

Every now and then, someone has said to me, either humorously or not, that I’m full of shit. I always smile at the patent falsehood. I can’t be “full of shit,” because I seem to have three or four large bowel movements each day.

Each one is a moving experience.

I’m Far Too Accommodating

I had someone on FarceBook ask for a better pic of me than my profile pic. (I can only wonder why. . . nah, that’s too much work. Don’t care why.) So, before anyone else asks, should there ever be anyone else who wonders what I look like nowadays (again, why?), here ya go (clipped from a Candid Capture). Don’t ask again, Mystery FB-er. *heh* I don’t have any better pics available.


Now and then. . .

. . .our cat goes on a binge of sticking his butt in my face. What’s up with that, anyway? I TELL him, “Hey! I don’t like your a$$ in my face!” but all the glare he gives me seems to say in return is, “Why not? I like it just fine.”

*sigh* Cats. Can’t live with ’em, can’t find a good Chinese recipe.

Staying Current. . . for What It’s Worth

I try to stay current, but sometimes local laws, ordinances, whatever, kinda scoot on by me w/o really making any impact. So, I try to look ’em up from time to time and be “read up” as much as possible.

Discovered today that nudity is prohibited in the county’s churches and schools. Who knew?


Appreciating SPAM Comments

I don’t see many SPAM comments, never have, thanks to Askimet, so such things really stand out when they show up in a comment approval queue. Most recent? A comment complimenting my perspicacity that appeared on a page about THE correct way to load a roll of toilet paper that also contained commentary on efficient and “proper” use of same.

(It’s the voices in my head. Really.)