Added to My Wish List

Newly added to my “Redneck Geek’s I just GOTTA get me one-a these gizmos!” list:

Mosquito Raygun

A redneck geek’s dream toy…

(Hint, dudes: DDT is easier, cheaper and as safe. Yes, safe, despite Rachel Carson’s lies, as entomologist (that’s “bug scientist”) and mountaineer J. Gordon Edwards demonstrated by eating a teaspoon full–a truly massive amount for one “animal” of human size to ingest at one time–of the stuff weekly for about 30 years with no apparent ill effects. Yeh, he’s dead. Died at age 84… while mountain climbing. You should die so healthy.)

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If I were (notice the subjunctive mood) a superstitious kind of guy, this might bother me a tad…



What’s the Problem with Gay Marriage, Anyway?

I really don’t get it. Last night my Wonder Woman and I were having a really gay time watching some Red Skelton material. I think our society needs more gaiety in marriages.

Homosexual “marriage”–now that’s another matter entirely different to gay marriage. I do wish folks would learn the difference… but then most of the folks who make the mistake of referring to homosexuals as “gay” probably also make the mistake of speaking about making war on an emotional reaction (terror) to horrific acts (terrorism).

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Gun Control

I guess I ought to watch Boston Legal…

This brings a smile to my face EVERY time I watch it! Over and over and over…

h.t. Chaos Manor View

As long as I’m making folks spew their coffee at their keyboards/screens,

The man who would’ve SMASHED The Obamassiah at the polls. FLAT. OUT. SMASHED.

Sadly, YouTube has removed this gem of a public service spot… Oh, sigh. Did I download it while it was available? Too lazy to search for it right now, “I got inertia, oh yeah, it’s so easy… I got inertia…” (from an obscure 70s song).

BUT! Here’s the video, currently available, although with Spanish “over-titling”–

“I do these silly things…

…so you don’t have to.” That may be Jerry Pournelle’s well-known comment from his days writing for Byte, but I’ve kinda adopted it here at twc.

Recent “silly things” @ twc central.

1. Lesson learned: attempting to install a peripheral/software combo intended for a Win98 environment in compatibility mode on a Win7 machine is… not recommended. That Win7 install is now well and truly FUBAR. Unbootable. Unrepairable. Dead. Toast. On the last train to its final reward. Gone. Kaput.

*heh* (“I love it when a plan comes together”)

Oh. Well. I’ll reinstall the OS later, but right now I need to screw things up on this Ubuntu intall. Now, how can I manage that….. Oh! I know!

2. Running alphas (alphas!?!) of Opera 10 on my “mission critical” Ubuntu install. Two of them. One is the Opera 10a build 4166 for Linux, and the other is Opera 10a build 1285 for Windows. Each of the builds is the latest for its OS. So, any “issues”?

Ya think?

On the Windows build, not such a biggie so far on this, my third Opera 10 alpha for Windows, build. Fired up quickly and… “*huh*?!? Can’t read the toolbars or menus! Need a microscope to see the teeny tiny print. OK, Tools>Preferences>Advanced>Fonts and change the font and font sizes. Now it’s readable. So far, that’s the only issue on this build of the Windows alpha (running under WINE). Why this “upgrade” of the previous alpha decided to change the fonts/sizes is beyond me. I’ll have to check the Desktop Team site later and see if others experienced this. Could be a regression that now has a fix.

On the Linux version. *sigh* I can reliably crash the thing by simply CLICKing in the compose field to write a post in WordPress. Every. Single. Time. That’s a non starter.

Oh, well. “I do these silly things… ” etc.

OTOH, doing something as silly as running Ubuntu 9.04 in a VM hosted on Ubuntu 8.10 hasn’t wreaked havoc on my machine. Yet. *heh* Still kinda silly, but no negative impact yet.

On the gripping hand, finally a FIrefox upgrade that didin’t force me to reinstall/reconfigure VMWare Server! Yipee! My need to join The Hairclub for Men is averted (just barely)! At least this time I’m not tearing my hair out by the roots over another Firefox/VMWare tiff. Now, if only installing VMWare’s VM Tools in an Ubuntu client would go as smoothly, but no. The open-vm-tools alternative is almost as good, but just not quite.

Oh, well. It’s a silly thing to do anyway–Ubuntu client hosted on Ubuntu. At least it’s not a Wubi install of Ubuntu on a Win2K or XP client hosted on Ubuntu… *heh* Now that was really silly.

Non-compgeeky silly: got some whole, raw milk at a Mennonite dairy near America’s Third World County (over the state line in America’s Third World State. No, not that one. The other one. ;-)) and had to freeze the stuff to get the cream to separate out. *sigh* Why separate the cream out? Silly. Want to make cottage cheese from the almost-skim that resulted. For my amusement. (And enjoyment–I like cottage cheese). Then, see how much ricotta I can make from the whey. Then make bread using what whey is left from that. (I really just wanted to hear “what whey” in my mind’s ear.) Shouldn’t take too much time away from brewing another batch of beer. I hope.

Meanwhile, enjoying real cream in my coffee. Not going to waste the stuff making butter, although I do have fond childhood memories of “churning” the butter. (Didn’t use a churn. We made such small batches, my task, when I was assigned to the butter-making chore, was simply to shake the cream in a jar until I had some butter. Mom would salt it to her taste and we’d all enjoy.)

On second thought, maybe I will make some butter.

Notice no curmudgeonly griping about politics or society in this post? That’s cos I’m weighing whether to move to Norstrilia when the U.S. sinks under a load of political B.S. Sure, Norstrilia is a fictional place, but at least it makes some sort of sense.

One to See

I rarely come across a movie I’m willing to go see in a theater. This one might make the cut, though.

From the trailer, it appears to be a reality-based fantasy about a world that ought to be. *heh*

Pitchin’ a concept…


For all the folks missing their “Harry Potter” fix cos Rowling’s not doing that gig any more, hows about someone comes up with a series about a Canine Witch… with a crab family for her “familiar”.

Yep, a Canine Witch with crabs. Hey! I can see the first movie already! Bitchin’! (As Sherry M. wrote in my first high school yearbook, many, many, many decades of moons ago… Hey! I earned that by letting her copy my tests in biology. *heh*.)

Be hard to come up with a catchy name for the central character, though, since NOW has a lock on all the really good ones.

fo’ shizzle…

Seen at American Digest:

You saw it here (probably last *heh*)

Check out more “news” that beats the socks off the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind faux news for accuracy… even though it’s deliberately fictional humor at The Onion. One of the few “news” (that’s not news) outlets worth paying any attention to, IMO.

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