A Primer on Global Warming

[N.B., now that the dire predictions of global warmists are proving to be less than accurate, the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming now uses “climate change” in place of their long-trumpeted “global warming” but it’s all just sleight of hand.]

Freeman Dyson is smarter than you or I. Heck, he’s probably smarter than you and I put together. So, when he speaks on the subject of global warming/climate change, even in something so brief as a review of a couple of books, he’s worth listening to, at the very least. For example, writing about A Question of Balance: Weighing the Options on Global Warming Policies, by William Nordhaus:

For the benefit of those who are mathematically illiterate or uninterested in numerical details, Nordhaus has put a nonmathematical chapter at the beginning with the title “Summary for the Concerned Citizen.” This first chapter contains an admirably clear summary of his results and their practical consequences, digested so as to be read by busy politicians and ordinary people who may vote the politicians into office. He believes that the most important concern of any policy that aims to address climate change should be how to set the most efficient “carbon price,” which he defines as “the market price or penalty that would be paid by those who use fossil fuels and thereby generate CO2 emissions.” He writes:

Whether someone is serious about tackling the global-warming problem can be readily gauged by listening to what he or she says about the carbon price. Suppose you hear a public figure who speaks eloquently of the perils of global warming and proposes that the nation should move urgently to slow climate change. Suppose that person proposes regulating the fuel efficiency of cars, or requiring high-efficiency lightbulbs, or subsidizing ethanol, or providing research support for solar power—but nowhere does the proposal raise the price of carbon. You should conclude that the proposal is not really serious and does not recognize the central economic message about how to slow climate change. To a first approximation, raising the price of carbon is a necessary and sufficient step for tackling global warming. The rest is at best rhetoric and may actually be harmful in inducing economic inefficiencies.

If this chapter were widely read, the public understanding of global warming and possible responses to it would be greatly improved.

Indeed. Of course, the several assumptions (apparent assumptions; I have not yet got my hands on a copy) of the Nordhaus comment above are large assumptions indeed, but the public’s understanding of the costs of dealing with carbon dioxide–whether such a thing needs to be done or not–would indeed be a great step forward in opening the dialog on “climate change” to other than True Believers in AGW (more rationally known as Reality-Based Fantasists, IMO).

But it is the assumption Dyson makes that is truly frightening. He’s a really, really smart man, but it looks like he misses the critical factor in his approach to the material above. To repeat:

For the benefit of those who are mathematically illiterate or uninterested in numerical details, Nordhaus has put a nonmathematical chapter at the beginning with the title “Summary for the Concerned Citizen.” This first chapter contains an admirably clear summary of his results and their practical consequences, digested so as to be read by busy politicians and ordinary people who may vote the politicians into office.

The “busy politicians” and the “ordinary people who vote them into office” are both likely to be not only mathematically illiterate but functionally illiterate as well. Heck, neither of those facts matter, because neither class would read it anyway, even if they could read or understand the book–or even Dyson’s review of it. And there lies the crux of the problem: politicians only listen to their flappers (review your Swift for the reference) and “ordinary people” are brain-sludged (not brainwashed) by the Mass Media Podpeople’s Hivemind and self-lobotomized to the point that they’d never even pick the book up.

Or any other book that might challenge them beyond the level of People Magazine or Sports Illustrated.

The second book reviewed in the Dyson article is, Global Warming: Looking Beyond Kyoto, Ernesto Zedillo, ed. Although it, too, suffers from the same “It’s not People Magazine or Sports Illustrated” lack of appeal to ordinary citizens, it nevertheless sounds rather interesting to me. *heh* (Yeh, you’ve picked up on the fact that I don’t read People Magazine or Sports Illustrated, right?) For example, as Dyson notes,

Zedillo in his introduction summarizes the arguments of each contributor in turn. He maintains the neutrality appropriate to a conference chairman, and gives equal space to Lindzen and to Rahmstorf. He betrays his own opinion only in a single sentence with a short parenthesis: “Climate change may not be the world’s most pressing problem (as I am convinced it is not), but it could still prove to be the most complex challenge the world has ever faced.”

Later in the article, Dyson gets to the meat of the review,

All the books that I have seen about the science and economics of global warming, including the two books under review, miss the main point. The main point is religious rather than scientific. There is a worldwide secular religion which we may call environmentalism, holding that we are stewards of the earth, that despoiling the planet with waste products of our luxurious living is a sin, and that the path of righteousness is to live as frugally as possible. The ethics of environmentalism are being taught to children in kindergartens, schools, and colleges all over the world.

Should we be environmentally responsible? Yes, of course we should, for any number of reasons. But the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming, in attempting, with great success, to shut down all dialog, all debate on its dogma is performing a serious disservice to everyone. Heck, the pagan religion they practice is not even well-qualified as religions go: “redemtion” in the Church of AGW means essentially killing off most of mankind. In that, AGWers are hardly better than Islamics.

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THE Cure for “Global Warming” Supposedly Caused by Human CO2 Emissions

It’s simple, really. If it is really the problem believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming insist it is, and IF they are sincere in their alarm, then they can easily reduce CO2 greenhouse emissions by one simple step: stop exhaling.

That ought to cut off a lot of hot air.

This solution to a vexing world problem has been brought to you by the world class research group (me, myself and I) of third world county central.

Donations to support our think tank gratefully accepted.

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On Liberty

Back in the day when there were liberals on The Left, liberty was a concept that was much-valued by those who called themselves liberals. When I was but a lad, as the expression used to go, I exposed myself to John Stuart Mill’s essay On Liberty, which dealt not so much with liberty of conscience or of will but liberty as exercised by individuals within the civil realm, in the social order. Of course liberty of conscience and social liberty are closely related, but Mill made clear that freedom to express oneself in the marketplace of ideas was a different thing to liberty of conscience.

Those who call themselves liberals nowadays seem to have forgotten any kind of liberty in their pursuit of extirpating all discourse that challenges their dogma in the areas of

homosexual behavior/priviledges

pseudo-scientific dogma in everything from Darwinism to anthropogenic global warming

economic suppositions

statist control of private matters

property rights



and just about all other areas that touch our lives.

Of several things that Mill said in his famous essay that influenced much of my behavior during my formative years, two stand out: his comment that truth need not fear debate and that we must always be wary of the tyranny of prevailing opinion stifling debate.

A simple example to demonstrate that the typical soi-disant “liberal” of today is no such critter is Algore’s response to those who would challenge his AGW position with… facts.

“There’s no more debate. We face a planetary emergency. . . . There is no more scientific debate among serious people who’ve looked at the evidence.”

Funny thing, that “no more debate” meme he seems intent, along with other AGW dogmatists, on making fact: real scientists (as opposed to AGW dogmatists) are debating it, examining the facts and the hypotheses. You can find links to quite a few real scientists (AGW dogmatists simply dismiss real scientists as “deniers”) who have some inconvenient facts to discuss with Mr. Gore here, although anyone who can type “google” can find many, many more references (including this one–pdf, and do note the creds the interviewee has that Algore lacks).

Cutting off (or shouting down) debate on an issue to avoid having to deal with facts is the mark of a weak argument, which says a lot about most fake liberals’ arguments.

I do encourage you to track down (there, that wasn’t so hard, was it?) and read a copy of Mill’s essay, On Liberty. I have my copy, first read as a wee lad *heh*, within reach of my right hand, as I have had for many years. You might find it useful to purchase a hardcopy for marking and note-taking (it’s interesting to me to go back and read my “arguments” with Mill and see how they have changed over the years).

BTW, Mill’s arguments concerning liberty bear very closely on an upcoming post on authority, one I keep deferring but need to write soon.

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T-13, 2.03: 13 Things Off the Top of My Head

13 Things Off the Top of My Head… some from the dregs of my soul. *sigh*

1. My hat. Only on my head when I’m outdoors.

2. Why is it that when I clean things up–my desk for example–within 15 minutes, whatever I’ve cleaned is messier than it was before cleaning? Is it some universal law of the universe… or just my lil pocket of it?

3. I may as well write this day off as eaten by locusts. From the gitgo, “Whatever can go wrong [has gone] wrong.” Looking for silver linings. Any help here? 😉 Comments from Murphy not allowed.

4. The thing about growing older is that I don’t feel as old as I am. Until I wake up. Still tired, as usual.

5. Ever notice that some things proliferate beyond all reason? Ragweed, politicians *spit*, bureaucraps. All part of the Curse of Adam, I suppose…

A short string (could easily have become a T-13 of its own, but I’m in full ADHD mode today and short on coffee. Blame Murphy) of related items:

6. IF (and despite the Chicken Littles the jury is out, hung only by the paltry few scientists who owe more to politics than to science) AGW were a fact, we’d have more to be thankful for than to bemoan. After all, the earth is overdue for an ice age…

7. So, despite the fact that it appears that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a crock (it appears global climate change is largely due to solar influence, mediated or exacerbated by orbital mechanics and a few other factors beyond man’s ability to influence), and we nevertheless seem to be in a very minor uptick in global temperatures, who’s unhappy with slightly warmer winters besides ski resort operators? Who’s sorry to see slightly longer growing seasons and slightly larger growing areas? Oh, right. Socialist tinkerers and nannystaters who want to use “global warming” to restrict capitalism and your freedoms…

8. Another benefit: maybe–just maybe–the sheeple who’ve been gulled by the lies of AGW Chicken Littles will wake up and smell the coffee when the doom and gloom doomsday scenarios do not come to pass. Maybe. But I don’t hold out much hope. After all, if they weren’t self-lobotomized dummies, they wouldn’t be sheeple to begin with, now would they?

9. On a cheerier note (and leaving AGW behind for now), the cold snap that’s been around for a few days here in America’s Third World County™ seems to be on its way out, and warmer weather is in the offing for this weekend. Nice. Gotta love that global warming… (Oops. Slipped there.)

10. What is it with trifocals? Some days, I feel like one of those bobbleheads.

11. If Mass Media Podpeople and politicians *spit* could all be dosed with an effective truth serum… they’d be out of work the next day. Heck, they’d likely all (or as darned close as to make almost no difference whatsoever) find engraved invitations to necktie parties hosted by Dr. Tarr and Mr. Fether in their hands.

12. Well, with Fred Thompson out of it, there’s no longer anyone worth voting for in the presidential election. The offerings all come down to, “How fast do you want to drive the country off a cliff?” *sigh* (“American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward to perdition.” Preach it, brother… *profound sigh*)

13. I truly believe that, since States control what actually goes on their ballots in elections–or should–we as a country need grassroots movements in every state of the (dis)Union to get state constitutional amendments enacted to place “None of the Above” as an option for every elective office, such amendments to provide that if “None of the Above” recieves a plurality of the vote then ALL listed candidates should be disqualified from running for that office and a new election with a completely new slate of candidates offered to the electorate. Ditto for the federal Constitution, just to cover the bases. For presidential races, keep the electoral college, but allow it the same option.

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After Christmas Sale!

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Later today, Guard the Borders. Just a foretaste from Vdare.com

“Over the past decade, in many cases from a criminal justice standpoint [officials] have stepped back and said, ‘Hey, we’re just not going to look at this.'” (Immigrant crime, that is.) “It’s a sign of the times; the feeling, you know, that everybody makes mistakes [like crossing the border illegally?], and there’s an unwillingness to apply more law enforcement.” In a further reflection of current thinking, Ward added, “‘Let’s not cause any problems for our neighbors (and trading partners)–particularly Mexico.'”

Read the rest there.

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” Alarmism in the service of his own political fortune is just craven.”

Hugh Hewitt has accurately pegged Kerry. Concerning a press exchange with sKerry yesterday, Hewitt says:

“The idea that Iraq is on the verge of becoming Lebanon is just nuts. Really, nuts. Does Kerry have any idea what he’s doing to the democratization process there, or the encouragement he is giving to the terrorists? Alarmism in the service of his own political fortune is just craven.”

Just read the whole thing

John Fraud sKerry: liar and poltroon. Any decent person would cross the street to avoid his shadow.

Addendum: Hugh Hewitt has called for comments on the question, “”What do Kerry’s answers to today’s [Thursday, 10/07/04] press inquiries tell us about Kerry’s worldview and character?”

I think I’ll post on that, next, before I read answers some of his respondants gave.