Still Waiting for This to Get a Fair Hearing

So far, the Hivemind has reacted to The FairTax only with disingenuous arguments or by echoing flat-out lies about the proposal. I have yet to see a real argument against it, only arguments against things it does not propose or misrepresentations of what it proposes. Check out the facts by reading the bill, exploring the work that’s been done to design the thing and looking at the rebuttals of all the lies and distortions by special interests who do not want to see fundamental tax reform.

Individual Mandate Picking On Individuals to Tax: UPDATED


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It seems to me that “individual mandates” as delineated by Justice Roberts’ majority opinion in National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius [pdf file] (the “Obamacare” decision) have long been with us. The “feddle gummint’s” taxation power, exercised through the IRS, has long treated different people differently, taxing some more than others, excluding some from taxation because of behaviors the “feddle gummint” wants to encourage, while taxing those “others” more because they don’t do something the “feddle gummint” wants them to.

It seems to me that the two Very Good Lessons we can draw from this decision are

1. ALL the Dhimmicraps (The Zero and his co-conspirators and the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and all the Academia Nut Fruitcakes, et al) who promoted Obamacare deliberately, maliciously and wittingly LIED THPOUGH THEIR TEETH to get the thing passed.
2. Justice Roberts very wisely (Niccolò Machiavelli would’ve handed him a gold star) didn’t leave it at obliquely pointing out what liars the Obamacare supporters are but placed the responsibility for fixing the mess where it belongs when he said of the Court:

It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.


My exegesis? If you abhor this law as much as you should, then get up off your fat lazy asses and WORK to elect representatives who will overturn it, and in the future pay more attention to electing representatives who genuinely have the republic’s interests at heart.

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Correcting Lies

I do rather wish that toward the end Herman Cain had used “disingenuity” rather than the clumsier, though still correct (and sadly, IMO, now more common), “disingenuousness” but that’s just a quibble. 😉

Upcoming: Celebrate “Freedom from British Royalty by Celebrating Freedom from American ‘Royalty'”

From the site:

The FairTax TV Show

On the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from British royalty we can celebrate the very idea that can give American taxpayers independence from the corrupted tax system that so benefits American royalty. Make plans now to help advance the FairTax campaign using this special 30 minute national broadcast.

At 1:30 PM on July 4th your FairTax National Victory Campaign will sponsor the first ever FairTax nationwide television program!

The full length 30 minute show will air on the Fox Business Channel across the nation.

Those featured include Neal Boortz, Newt Gingrich, Michael Reagan, Mike Huckabee, yours truly and many average Americans who have come to know and appreciate the FairTax and what it can and will do for our nation.

It is rare, almost unheard of, for a citizen financed organization to sponsor a national television program! You have every right to be proud, very proud of your achievement!

As Neal Boortz says:

“The FairTax is the biggest, most massive transfer of power from the Government to the people in the history of this country since the Declaration of Independence freed us from the King of England.”

And what better way than Independence Day for the very first FairTax nationwide television program?

We need to promote the show across the United States, to let people know about it and urge them to celebrate July 4th by learning about the FairTax—the New Declaration of Independence for these United States!

Spread the Word

There are a few ways that you can help promote the first ever national FairTax TV show:

Have an Independence Day FairTax BBQ at your house. Invite your friends, families and neighbors over for ribs, corn on the cob, watermelon and the FairTax! What could be more “apple pie” American than a celebration of our Declaration of Independence from both the British crown and the IRS! Make this the “FairTax Fourth of July”.
Post the FairTax TV show ad on your favorite websites. Click here to get the ad.
Send the link to the FairTax TV show to your friends. Click here for a one-minute promotional video about our show.
Tell the media—call your favorite talk host with the news or write a letter to your local newspaper “Letters to the Editor” page.
Suggest the TV show to your favorite local organization. Tea Party? Coffee Party? Local union? Republican and Democratic Clubs? Senior citizen organizations? Local FairTax groups?

Here is an entertaining and educational advocacy piece for the FairTax.

I’m assuming, for now, that is 1:30 Eastern time, so adjust your viewing accordingly.

VAT? Just Say “No Thank You”

Or, say something less polite to get the attention of the anarcho-tyrannical statists. Vats are for boiling oil and such like to pour on the invading barbarian hordes…


As opposed to the very open and transparent FairTax plan, a VAT is a stealth tax that hides its burden at various levels of production and delivery of goods and services, just as the current taxation model does. As George Will says in a recent article, strangely in (a semi, half-hearted, limp) defense of a VAT,

Corporations do not pay taxes, they collect them, passing the burden to consumers as a cost of production. And corporate taxation is a feast of rent-seeking — a cornucopia of credits, exemptions and other subsidies conferred by the political class on favored, and grateful, corporations.

While this is a simplistic model, it’s good enough for the purposes of defending axing the 16th Amendment and the whole array of IRS levied taxes it supports, as Will suggests. It is not a good reason to advance a VAT, though, since VATs tend to hide the costs to the economy (not just the end consumer) just as the current tax model does. The FairTax model keeps the tax right up front where the purchaser of whatever (NEW) good or service can see it and be reminded of just what his “feddle gummint” is costing. And that’s a central reason why many politicians *spit* do not like it. The more obscure and hidden from direct view the costs of government are, the easier it is for them to play nearly brain-dead sheeple.

The FairTax: Is It Fair?

And would it work?

I’m not going to state my opinion in this post (although I’ve stated it elsewhere, earlier); rather, I’m going to put up two links for your review and come back to this topic later.

First is the 2005 President’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform documents. It occasionally lapses into typically obscurantist bureaucratese from time to time, but I especially commend to your attention to page 14 (actual page of the pdf document) and following, wherein the panel reveals its bias up front, pages 55 (as numbered by the report) and following–a discussion of flat tax proposals, including the panel’s own model of a flat consumption tax (not the FairTax bill’s model). Following on through the report (it is in three pdf files for the report and another for the appendices), make sure to take note of the characteristics of the panel’s models, and do refer to the appendices for clarification of the panel’s sources.

Then, go here and read. The differences between the model of a consumption tax put forth by the 2005 President’s Advisory Panel on Tax Reform and the FairTax I leave for the discerning reader to see for himself.

(Yeh, I could have used the awkward and linguistically useless “himself/herself” but I don’t bend that way. If non-PC language offends you, tough. :-))

We’ll continue after homework’s done. (Or not, if the task isn’t one that appeals to anyone. C’est la vie.)

*sigh* TF points out in comments that, among other things, one of the resources I link to is quite lengthy, and just reading the first few pages got his blood boiling (my characterization of his comments–and I have to admit the document tended to boil my blood a bit, too). Trrue, it’s over 270 pages of material that is highly-laden with political bushwah, spiced with bureaucratese, but perhaps I can ameliorate the burden by pointing to this 36-page summary of the FairTax, at least. (Warning: pdf file) I don’t feel the bill’s actual language is really much of a barrier, but it is much longer and the summary is, in my estimate, a fair summary of the bill itself. There. Lightened the reading load, class, and all the other materials are there for your perusal if you wish as well.

My good deed for the day is done. 😉

Your “Feddle Gummint” at Work: IRS Raids Car Wash for 4¢

There ya go. Yet another reason for The FairTax from the IRS.

The kicker? Interest and penalties on the 4¢ amounted to $202.31.

BTW, if you’ve gotten all your information on the FairTax–what little there is available in mass media–from the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind, politicians *spit* and Academia Nut Fruitcakes, you owe it to yourself, your children, your grandchildren and our society as a whole to follow the link to and there to practice some genuine autodidacticism (no, despite what the NEA may say, autodidacts are NOT perverts) on the subject.

Watching My Figures

Yeh, I am losing weight to get into a decent suit for Lovely Daughter’s wedding (in 2 weeks), but that’s not what this post’s about. It’s about figuring things closer so the IRS has less of our $$ to screw around with over the course of the year.

Better with the IRS this year. Owed ’em about $100. Notsogood with the state. Refund about twice what we owed the feds. Have to work on that. Want it to come out at the end of the year at zero-zero. Getting closer, but still not there yet.

Better yet would be the FairTax. Then I’d not have to pull my hair out by the roots once a year when it came time to sit down with tax software… And that’s just one of many, many benefits the system would bring. (See my left sidebar.)

T-13; 2.X-repeat: 13 Things to Hate about the IRS


This is an easy one, except for the part about limiting it to thirteen things…

1. The taxpayer is always guilty until proven innocent.

2. Withholding. See #1 and add in, “Where’s the interest on the money stolen before it’s really due on April 15?”

3. The forms, the forms… *arrrrrggghhhh!*

4. About #3… I’m sure the IRS can make the print smaller and the paper of crappier rag, but I’m unsure whether they chose the ink for its ability to cause an allergic reaction leading to total mental breakdown or if that’s just a psycosomatic reaction…

5. “Advice” from the IRS. First, can ya think “Conflict of interest”? Then, go ahead: ask the same question of three (or four) folks with the IRS. You’ll probably recieve four (or five) contradictory answers, most of them designed to cause you to get a nastly letter down the pike from someone else (or sometimes the same dumbasses) saying you are in error for following their counsel. Catch 10648 (that’s Catch 22 cubed).

6. Following on 5, if the IRS makes a mistake, IT IS YOUR FAULT. Remember that one: IT IS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT. It’s a simple corrollary of number 1.

7. Paying the borg for the priviledge of being financially and mentally raped. Thank you, Mr. Revenooer… We pay the IRS’s wages, exhorbitant operating expenses (and screwups associated with “updating” the RS’s antiquated computer systems, etc.). So, naturally, as with other feddle gummint bureaucracies, those who pay the costs are the slaves of the servant. Figures. (See the Kipling cited in “Read more here” below *sigh*).

8. The lies I. The taxes you pay to the IRS on or before the April 15 deadline every year reflects your effective tax rate to the feddle gummint, right? Nope. That’s a baldfaced lie. You also pay ALL the taxes on ALL the goods and services (added up all down the supply chain to the end user/consumer) of ALL the businesses producing goods and services you purchase (on those goods and services you purchase). Your effective tax rate is really more like at least double what you see on April 15 every year.

9. The Lies II: Pictures like this at the smarmy IRS website:


Instead of the more honest:


10. The very thought of IRS drones feeding at the public trough. Just think: if even half of them worked at productive jobs instead (while the other half went on the public dole), we’d be far, far better off.

11. Tax courts. See #1 again.

12. Damned snoops! (And I think I may well be using the term with theological accuracy–*heh*) Even friends of tax collectors get their own place in Dante’s Inferno, IIRC…

13. The ultimate indignity: being forced, by a monstrous tax code, to pay one shark (or more!–tax lawyer, accountant, TurboTax *spit*, whomever) to snatch a small portion of one’s carcass from the jaws of a bigger shark.

I could rail all day, but then I’d probably be singled out (may well be already) for harrassment by the IRS.

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