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Was DiCaprio so good as Arnie Grape because he was type cast? *heh*

(I only ask because his stupid pronouncements about Globull Warmening are so deeply at odds with his lifestyle, that only someone with severe mental retardation could rationalize the two.)

The Tree of Liberty

Everyone is familiar (by “everyone” I mean, of course, everyone except the historically and culturally illiterate 80% of our current society *sigh*) with the Jefferson comment,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

May we now add the tears of soi-dissant “liberals” to the nurture of liberty? Oh, and how about the tears of CACAs (members of the Cult of Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism), as well?

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Here’s Why Anthropogenic Global Warming May Be One of The Zero’s “Shiny Object” Distractors Sometime During the Next Few Months

[Don’tcha just love loooooong blogpost titles? YW. :-)]

We’ve already seen how The Zero and his minions like to hand-wave and point at shiny objects to distract the stupid from his record and even from his contemporary acts. And we’ve already seen how well that works out for him with the non-terminally stupid among the electorate in his ever sinking poll numbers.

So, of course, that’s why at some point he and his minions will try to pointy at something they’ve been polishing up to “prove” that The Romney Android 2.X is hell-bent on murdering Gaia. After all, in a recent online (unscientific, but indicative and in general agreement with more serious) poll The Toronto Sun, a paper in a very libtardic-dominated area, offered an interesting take:

Given that

“The Romney Android 2.X wants to murder Gaia!” is a sure winner with the Loony Left Moonbat Moron Brigade and

A sure *yawn* or even *giggle* with anyone who has more active brain cells than a cracked crock of kimchi and thus a guaranteed LOSER tactic,

It’s almost a certainty that we’ll see this bright shiny object (of worship by members of the Cult of Anthropogenic Global Climate Scatre-ism and of derision by anyone else) waved at some point.

Don’t get cocky folks, but do enjoy the farce.

BTW, folks, here’s one of the things The Zero and his minions (which pretty much includes MSNBC, et al) will be waving shiny objects to distract morons’ attention from:

OK, So Do I Get a Choice?

Lunch time. Hey, here’s an idea, kiddies! While munchy-lunchy and all that jazz, let’s check the weather!

Well, all right! Te temp seems reasonable, doesn’t it boys n girls? But… what’s that with that “Hi: 70 °F” thingy there in the upper right-hand corner? Hmmm, seems a bit anomalous, eh?

Let’s look at the forecast, mmm-K?

*huh* Seems the forecasters are having a tiff. Must be some Anthropogenic Global Warmistas projecting fantasy or something, eh? On the “current conditions page” temps at noon-thirty-ish are ~78% of the projected high for the day, as noted on this page (current temps as reported at the local high school weather station, on a hill 1/4 mile away from another weather station–local electric utility company–which always, consistently, regularly reports temps 2-3 degrees cooler). Well, maybe things’ll warm up 15-16 degrees by day’s end.

…Or maybe not, as, according to the same weather site’s 7-day forecast page for this locale, the forecast high for today is… 48 °F.


Yep, one page says 70 °F and another–same site and supposedly same forecasters using same data–says 48 °F high… just 68% of the other forecast number from the same people and 12% less than the actual, current reported temp.

Once again, if meteorologists who rely on massive data sets, compared to the time frame, etc., from the best available sources can’t even agree with themselves on a forecast one day in advance, or get within 10% of the actual temp with even one of two forecast temps, how is it that the Cult of Anthropogenic Global Warmistas can confidently predict temperatures to tenths of a degree 5 or ten years down the pike, especially when they have such a minuscule data set compared to the problem they’ve set themselves?

Well, they can’t, especially when they deliberately, obdurately, stupidly ignore, lie about and discard data they find inconvenient to their fantastical claims.

Dogs and Bones

I recommend this post highly. Its subject matter is extremely important in almost every area that impacts our lives today, but since it seems to lie outside the issues that are most loudly trumpeted as urgent, critical issues, the fact that the “half-educated” it refers to (or less, actually) are mostly creating the problems that face us mostly disappears in the noise.

The author of the linked post applies the problem of people who think they know more than they do to the influence such people have exerted to bring about the current economic woes we face, but that only touches the very tip-top 1/4 inch of the iceberg, leaving the rest (including that which is submerged*) to bedevil us.

Always remember the importance of a well-informed (as opposed to ignorant or misinformed or DISinformed) electorate in a representative republic, especially one with far too many democratic elements.

“In a democracy (‘rule by mob’), those who refuse to learn from history are in the majority and dictate that everyone else suffer for their ignorance.”

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Nood Gews!

Today, while the weatherman seems to have once again missed the forecast high by nine degrees (about average, it seems) the forecast high is just about backasswards to the recorded high, in the direction of having been forecast too high this time, instead of the other way around.

No, it’s not a sign of an impending ice age. It’s just weather.