Tech Lust Drool

Update: While I’m not exactly holding my breath in anticipation of the presser this A.M. (just 5 or so hours away at this time), I do eagerly anticipate getting some hard news on this device. Of course I’ll at least wait until the first revision hits sales (by some reports already semi-halfway scheduled for Q1 2012), V.1 of almost any new hardware is a silly purchase, IMO. And again, maybe this is not the tablet I have (not) been looking for… *heh*

Amazon has been holding its cards pretty close to its vest, as these things go, but Amazon isn’t exactly Secret Squirrel, now it it?

This could be just the thing to get me to change some priorities (including sadly consigning my lust for the Notion Ink Adam’s transflective screen to the back burner *sigh*).

The Kindle Tablet will sell for $250, much cheaper than competing tablets. It will come with an Amazon Prime membership which provides free shipping on some Amazon purchases, a $79 value. Amazon will likely tie other purchase incentives to the Tablet, and will likely integrate Amazon’s Kindle library book service.

*feh* That’s just $60 more than the 3G Kindle. Of course, the Kindle Tablet is Wi-Fi only making a comparison to the $140 Kindle more proper, but still… It also has no eInk capabilities, but still…

*heh* The feature list and description here does make the ole tech lust saliva run.

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