I Usually Get Away With This, But…

…not today. My Wonder Woman’s ethnic heritage is pure Norwegian (20th Century grandparent immigrants on both sides). While I usually get away with it because it sounds–the way I deliberately pronounce it–like “Sweetie”, today when I called her my “Swedey” she didn’t let it slide… *heh*

Oh, well, another lil grinner down. *sigh*


In related fun, while reading an article on PixelQi’s transflective display retrofit kit for netbooks, I ran across this in comments:

…which earned this response:

2 Replies to “I Usually Get Away With This, But…”

  1. I have no inherent dislike of other Scandinavian ethnicities, it’s just that if you are going to bring up my ethnicity I want you to get it right. And, for the record, not letting it slide meant you got “the Look” and a gentle chide. Grin.

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