Two More Unrelated Things

*heh* Well, unrelated except in the most passing, glancing relationship…

First, yes I did have 38 tabs open in Opera in the session shown in the screenshot below. So? Wanna make something of it? *heh*

Second, what went wrong? I mean, after the start I had under the first (and arguably, at least one of the very best, as another former student of his while he was at Florida State attested to me 30 years later) director of the band noted in the screenshot below, how in the world have I ended up with a “houseful” (well less-than-full in recent years) of musical instruments… that I no longer play?

Oh, well.

*hmph* We only toured a few hundred miles into the interior of Mexico “back in [my] day”. Still “won” everything in sight in competitions, though, during the first four years the high school was. A high school, that is.

(OK, one of the 38 tabs noted in the screenshot above contains the question someone asked me that spurred me to look up the info noted. That’s the second-order relationship between the 38 tabs and the content of the screenshot. A more distant, ethereal connection exists, though. :-))

And more… (Sounds/looks like a Capshaw designed and rehearsed this program; don’t ask how. Not so sure about the treatment of Holst).

Sadly (or perhaps not? ;-)), none of the old black and white film from the performances 45(?!?) years ago has made it onto YouTube. *heh*

More unrelated (except in the twisted back alleys of my mind)? OK. Linux Turns 20.

Even if you don’t run Linux on your desktop or notebook, you probably use devices that depend on it, and you absolutely certainly *heh* use it daily as you access material on the web that depends on Linux servers and devices with embedded Linux systems.

Like third world county.

To whom it may concern (a small population indeed) the tradition the music group above is continuing from the days of yore when I was a (small) part of forming its tradition of excellence is one of more than a few reasons I nod my head and smile politely (almost always in pity or condescension) when instrumental music teachers I’ve associated with over the years brag on their groups. I know I’ve certainly never directed a group with this one’s tradition of excellence, although every group I ever prepared for took to competitions outperformed their putative peers at area schools (as Walter Brennan playing “Will Sonnett”* used to say, “No brag; just fact.” *heh*). Still, the formative group from which this one emerged did contribute more than a few of the key musical experiences of my teen years, and was a benchmark for many later instrumental music experiences (many of which did call for much greater musicality, but still).

Ah, memories: it’s what Olde Phartes are made of. My thanks to the person (you know who you are) in that “other tab” who spurred me to think of these things.

*Yeh, I never did understand how they could feed the stock and then leave the next day on a series-long quest. That and the multiple anachronisms (technology, settings, etc.), incredible social settings and stock stereotypical characters from central casting kind of bothered me.

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