Expiration Dates *heh*

Yeh, I really ought to check ’em. Bought some cream, but before I could use it, it’d soured.

Oh, well. Made butter. Yum. Better than lemonade from lemons.

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  1. I have never made butter from soured cream. And I do tend to end up with soured cream unfortunately often. Half containers leftover from a recipe or somesuch, usually. How do you make butter from cream gone bad?

    1. I let it warm on the counter, then placed it in a pint jar (with the lid tightly screwed on, of course!), salted it and then just shook it until it separated into butter and whey. While I could have refrigerated the whey and used it in a stew or soup later, I didn’t; I just discarded it.

      I tasted it and had salted it pretty much to my taste. You may want to salt it after making it (it’ll be pretty soft before refrigeration) by salting, mixing, tasting until you have it to your taste.

      Butter from soured cream is better, IMO, than sweet cream butter. It may be personal taste acquired growing up, as that’s where most of our butter came from. Mother generally bought whole, raw milk and separated out as much cream as she wanted, then set it out on the counter (covered) to sour a tad. The one of us kids would be assigned to make it into butter.

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