Frum Fun–Ouch! That’ll leave a mark!

I’m not a big fan of David Frum’s smug neo-con line, but he does turn a phrase, and when that turn of phrase takes aim at (and repeatedly runs over, backs up and runs over again) the Kedwards Kids, I have to just sit back and grin:

“What can one say about John Edwards’s performance? He certainly did not make Al Gore’s error in 1996: With his repeated and worshipful descriptions of John Kerry–not to mention Edwards’s moist good looks–you have to say that he would fill the role of First Lady much better than Teresa Heinz is likely to do. It would all have been very impressive–if Cheney’s scalpel had not so swiftly and mercilessly sliced Edwards’s living liver out of his body, impaled it quivering on a stick, and paraded it before Edwards’ soulful eyes before the poor man expired.”

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