I’ve recently become intrigued by this:

Unlike the iPhad, this holds some attraction for me. Check the basic specs to see some of the appeal:

Not too shabby. The features that appeal to me are obvious: the ports and connectivity, the screen and the enhanced functionality of a dual core nVidia processor. Taking the last first, full multitasking and 1080p video processing? Very cool. The ports? 2USB and one mini-USB, an HDMI port (how about that? a real media portal!), and 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth and 3G built in (just add your own sim card). And the screen. Wow. A transflective screen that can do full color (with, as I said full 1080p video) AND automatically adapt to lighting conditions or be switched to an epaper mode for ebooks or full sun display that still can do 64fps video even in epaper mode. (And yes, there does appear to be a compatible Kindle app for Android. :-))

Oh, and the first production run has already sold out at about $350 U.S.

Yep. A real feature-full product that’s also a price-beater. By feature comparison, the iPhad is looking more and more like a typical, over-hyped and under-featured Apple fanboi honeypot.

Adam: Very, very nice. Tempting. (Singing a verse or two of “Yield not to temptation” *heh*)

Check it out for yourself.

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  1. When it comes to computers, gadgets, et al., I am a GEEK! I love this. ADAM ROCKS! I have to have one – seriously!

    Thanks for the link, which I have bookmarked. This is totally doable and perfect.

    Yes, the ipad/iphad was a huge disappointment. I sold mine. It was slow-for all that darn money no webcam? Come on…and the processor was VERY slow. UGH! Apple can keep it.

    I am in love with ADAM! My husband is going to freak if I bring another gadget into this house but I am sure if I promise to share it with him he will get hooked too!

    Talk about rocking……. whooo whooo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Keep in mind, Layla, that NotionInk SOLD OUT of its first run in the first few HOURS. And the company’ philosophy is NOT to rack up a quick buck with a huge initial offering financed by loads and loads of debt but to self-finance as much as possible through sales–bootstrapping. So, even though the week after CES the FCC approval finally came through, actually buying one may be a problem for a tad…

  2. Just an odd observation on the stat page, it showed metric on height, depth and width but it showed weight in pounds; must be one confused world we live in. Hope you enjoy your new toy, eventually.

    1. Still resisting the temptation to order one, TF. Maybe when the second generation comes out or when I find out I simply “cannot” live without the “mystery feature”, then I’ll buy. But so far, resisting temptation. *heh*

      And yeh, I thought that a tad odd about the differential use of standards in measurements. Maybe it just looked better than 725 grams, eh?

      BTW, those other dimensions? About 7.5″ X 10.6″ X 0.55″ Nice, convenient size for reading, carrying, and at just about 1.6#, I could easily use one as an ebook reader, since most hardbacks I read are right in that realm, anyway. Reading a nearly 1,000-page Tom Clancy right now that weighs more, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (BTW#2: Clancy’s a fairly decent craftsman. I’ve grown a bit tired of the recycled text in this book, though, and his characterizations remain a tad weak; still, he is readable and a tolerable storyteller.)

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