Signs Spur Twaddle

I saw this over at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller and went searching for a larger version of the featured sign on the web:

Of course, this commonsense statement of the obvious about The Zero resulted in the Usual Suspects uttering the typical banal racist twaddle (a local CBS station’s site, of course):

And then, there’s [sic*] people traveling through on the Interstate like Greyson Johnston, from Dallas.

He saw the billboard shortly after he saw the Bruceville-Eddy city limits sign.

“I’m not real political, at all, but I mean, he is the first black president, ever, and you know,” Johnston says, “You’re gonna have people that hate him, you’re gonna have people that like him.”

Dumbass racist. Oh, the “[sic*]”? “People” is plural. The dumbass Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind “reporter” wrote, “And then, there’s [“there IS”] people… ” instead of “there ARE”–indicating that the writer, typical of Hiveminders, can’t count past one.

There is apparently a superabundance of dumbasses in the Hivemind and its lobotomized sycophants, as the above is typical of “news reportage” on the sign.

Of course, that sign (which has apparently been up since August, though this is the first I’ve seen it) hasn’t drawn nearly the fire that this one did:

Narurally, the Hivemind and assorted leftards, idiots and liars (but I repeat myself) made a lot of hay out of this one by citing it as an example of the lowest of ad hominem attacks, the so-called “Hitler fallacy”. What all that hand-waving and finger-pointing and name-calling was in aid of, obviously, was obscuring the simple fact that if one were to simply state many the social and political policies of Hitler,Mao and Obama in plain English, one would be hard pressed to tell them apart. Indeed, their ideologies and rhetoric (and behavior,come to think of it) all have much, much more in common than they show differences.

But arguing facts is never in the interest of the Hivemind and its fellow travelers.

3 Replies to “Signs Spur Twaddle”

  1. Hey, if you use logic, back up your arguments with facts, and think ahead — you are by definition racist. At least that was the essence of the definition of racism that was once taught in Seattle public schools. It’s no surprise to me that the hivemind has the same way of looking at it.

    Racism — a convenient excuse to avoid looking at the truth. Or a way to discredit those that do look at the truth when feeding your pablum to the sheeple. I really can’t stand much of the propaganda that passes for “news” these days.

    1. What “news” Perri? *heh*

      Nowadays, if one wants to keep up on current events, one needs to really dig. Reports of what politicians say (or even watching a political windup doll reading a teleprompter “live” or in a recording) should be closely checked by parsing a transcript of the actual statements, for example. In fact, I have, more and more, just looked for and read the transcripts in preference to listening to another blowhard bloviate. It’s particularly advantageous to my BP meds manufacturer for me to read another of The Zero’s “as I have said” remarks and compare it to a transcript of his previous remarks that says exactly the opposite. *sigh*

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