“Burning a Koran is a waste of toilet paper”

But not to fear, as it’s not good toilet paper.

But do notice something (even those doctrinally illiterate Muslims who may stumble across this):

What’s shown in the picture is NOT a Koran. It’s a translation, which, according to the word of the founder of the hate cult, means IT IS NOT A KORAN. One could wipe with or burn or flush (or, somehow, all three :-)) such translations all day long, 365 days of the year and never once wipe with or burn or flush a Koran.

So, the next time you hear an al taqiyya -practicing Muslim or some Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind frothing at the mouth about some infidel “desecrating” Mohamed’s Textbook for Terrorists, ask yourself (or them, if they’re within shoutin’ distance) if it’s a real Koran or just a translation they’re frothing at the mouth about.

Whatever you do, I highly recommend reading a translation of the Koran. The old adage about knowing one’s enemy applies. Here’s an online version to read. You may feel a need to scrub your brain after doing so, perhaps an almost irresistible urge to poke your eyes out… but it’s still useful to discover just what an evil piece of work Mohamed was and the powerful, powerful influence he still exerts today, since Islam teaches that Mohamed’s words are ultimate truth and to be followed, his life emulated in all areas of Muslim life.

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  1. nice to see you’re still ranting!…We survived yet another Sept 11th despite the horror of the Ground Zero mosque being hanged over our heads David. God bless you my friend>:)

    1. Did I see your [deleted] post? I made the FB comment on several posts over the last week or so, in various “flavors,” just selected (in my head, not really making much difference, really) the most recent example of what I was replying to.

      Minds don’t necessarily have to be great to think alike, but it helps… πŸ™‚

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