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  1. I remember them well.

    Just last night I saw a commercial for the Carpenter’s Union. The “customer” was thanking his contractor for a job well done, on time, and under budget. The contractor attributed it to the union with a smile.

    As If!

    Unions provide high wages and a sinecure for the lazy while the employer has to pass the costs on to his customers or endure strikes.

    Give me a free and independent labor force.

    1. Perri, I’d be happy to give you such a thing were it in my power to do so. The little I can do is to watch for union-made goods and avoid them (as well as avoiding union-provided “services”).

      The one association anyone in my family has that has been called (improperly) a “union” is the teacher’s association my wife’s a member of. Unlike the NEA or AFT or others of their ilk, her teachers’ association is legally and structurally and functionally NOT a “union”. For example, it does no “collective bargaining” blackmail with local districts and engages in something very different to lobbying with our state reps: it collects information, keeps members informed and encourages THEM to speak their own views directly with their reps. As a result of this aspect, my wife’s developed some long-term relationships with different legislators and has been able to develop her own “back channel” information and personal influence relationships over the years, as have other teachers.

      Empowering individuals by keeping them informed about political specifics that can affect their job (including info about wages/benefits AND performance–some of the mickey mouse things politicians come up with to cripple teaching are beyond absurd), providing counsel (though not legal representation) and information in disputes with administrators *spit* and offering gatherings for the exchange of ideas on the local, regional and state levels all seem to be legitimate association practices that are far more healthful than typical union behaviors, IMO.

  2. err, at least one, and maybe two “exceptions” to the rule-Carhart “work” clothing- “bullit” pruff(or at least sawbrier proof) and same goes to Dickies stuff, too. Or at least in my experiance.(sp)

    1. Why, Stephen? Are they non-union?

      Perhaps I should expand my response. I don’t care how good a company’s products are, Stephen. If the products are built by a union shop, I don’t want to buy their products. Screw ’em.

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