“Protect and Defend… “

This video/painting by Jon McNaughton highlights an important issue that most of today’s politicians *spit*, the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind, Academia Nut Fruitcakes and their ilk simply ignore or lie about: the effects of the rampant unconstitutionality pouring out on the country from that cesspool, Washington D.C.

I do have some major problems with the painting though. Lincoln’s apparent dismay at trampling the Constitution? *feh* His entire administration was the most egregious example of unconstitutional behavior of the 19th century, and forms the prime excuse for th hyper-centralization of power that corrupts the Founders’ federalism that we have today.

And Andrew Jackson’s apparent neutrality, as depicted in the painting? *gag* Recall, Jackson’s the guy who pushed for–and got!–the Great Sack and Pillage that resulted in the Trail of Tears, surely one of the darkest times for human rights in American history. Were I able to travel back in time, it’s a tossup which one of these tyrants I’d rather strangle in their cribs.

Fugetaboutit. I’d do both.

Still, the video/painting does raise an important issue for today… and points the finger straight at the most prominent proponent alive today of the complete and utter destruction of The Founders’ Constitution.

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