Kindle for PC? Notsomuch. But I Do Like the Book Pricing

OK, so Kindle for PC works. Reading The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest now, and the app just works. Barely.

*sigh* I guess I’ve just been spoiled all these years reading all my eBooks in my browser where I can set the text size to whatever I want, but the Kindle for PC app’s inability to change text size is really irksome. Do Not Like!!!

Oh, well. At least the $10 for the book was a good price (for me; and the author doesn’t care, since he’s both Swedish and dead. *heh*)

BTW, the book’s the culmination of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire— both very good reads. If Stieg Larson had lived and written more books, I’d certainly have bought and read ’em. Strong writing. The Sweden he describes isn’t appealing to me at all* (Mace is an “illegal weapon” for example), but I would certainly have enjoyed reading more of his work anyway.

*On further reflection, there is one appealing aspect of the Sweden Larsen describes: his view that a constitutional crisis, brought about by government abuse of one person’s rights, could bring down a (parliamentary style) democratic government. I’d wish the same for our country.

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