A Nice Idea, But…

…some of the talking points are Greenie Gobbledegook.

What am I talking about? This:

The talking points about “zero emissions” and “cleaner air” are hogwash, though. “Zero emissions”? Not at all. Where does electricity in the U.S. come from? Over 70% is from fossil fuels. Acceptable “greeniee weenie” methods of producing electricity are way, way down the line, about 13% of what is produced by another minor player (nuclear power generation). So “zero emissions” from an electric car is just a flat out lie.

“Cleaner air”? Well, perhaps. That would depend on where you got your electricity. Live near a nuclear power plant or a hydroelectric (still just 29% of nuclear) power plant and perhaps driving a Tesla would result in “cleaner air”.

Selling the thing using Greenie Gobbledegook is just silly, if anyone were to look at the facts.

Still, if I had an extra $50K sitting around, I’d find the idea of ordering one attractive, even though I found the early prototype of the Tesla sports car more attractive for its “infinite range” option–a towable electric generator that would kick in when the charge got low on the battery pack.

Still, the “S” car seems nice.

Deliveries start in 2012.

5 Replies to “A Nice Idea, But…”

  1. That’s actually a good looking car. Especially compared to the other electric models on the market currently. (“Currently”… ahhahaha…. I slay me.)

    But yeah. Marketing using this green b.s. is silly and misleading. All it does is perpetuate the myths about “green” energy.

    1. I wouldn’t mind owning one of these, provided I could install a trailer hitch and tow a diesel-powered generator… 😉 Finding a 480V outlet to do the ballyhooed “45-minute charge during dinner” while on a road trip would be a PITA.

  2. Well if you do find yourself with an extra 50G just lying around and happen to actually consider buying one, you’d better have more than 50G… can you imagine the repair costs on that thing?

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