Important Essay at Eternity Road

Just go. Read.

A very, very brief snippet:

Culture is more than superficial differences in cuisine, music, dress, or even language, though that hits closer to the mark. It is the unknown, unexamined, unquestioned principles embedded so deeply into our souls that we do not know that they are there, guiding our behavior and our thoughts without us even knowing. America’s cultural roots are deep and ancient, far older than her silly little government and far and away more powerful.

I would submit to you that not only is this true, but it explains why the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind, the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade, politicians *spit* of nearly every stripe and Academia Nut Fruitcakes seek to, at best, subvert that culture and, optimally from their view, ultimately destroy it.

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  1. Thanks for bring this article up to the light of day, a wonderful perspective of cultures.

    I’m so grateful for having the Gospel, the knowledge gained from an eternal view of our purpose for mortality. Without that knowledge I might be speaking Chin……

  2. Amen, and absolutely right when it comes to the reasons hiveminds oppose it. Our “culture,” in this sense, tracks back to Natural Law (as seen and referenced in Psalm 19, not the post-modern “red in tooth and claw” version) – and the post-modern worldview must reject the truthful elements of such a culture in order to survive and thrive.

    The world of Romans 1 has a hard time coexisting with the worldview expressed in Psalm 19, and to the extent our culture is (rightfully) founded on the latter, it will continue to suffer attack until the “great and terrible day” of Malachi 4.

    1. “[S]uch a mood”? Truth is truth, no matter how one feels about it, RY.

      Edit (to reply to your first comment): “survive and thrive” is a bit much to expect of a nihilistic outlook that sneers at meaning, isn’t it? One would think that “survive to kill the Good” (as much as possible) would be the most to expect from such, eh?

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