Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind: Easily Gulled… Because It Wants to Be

Why was the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind and the Leftard Blogosphere so quick to rush to judgement (yeh, yeh, I know Noah Webster thought the first “e” superfluous, but I simply do not agree) on the suicide of Bill Sparkman, blaming it–if only by implication–on “right wing extremists” like… Glenn Beck? (That puppy?!? *sheesh!*) Well, of course they all had good reason to suspect foul play from the redneck Appalachian right wing extremists! How much electronic ink will now be given by those same Hivemind members to the now established fact that SParkman faked his own “homicide” and apologies for the Hivemind’s earlier spew of anti-right hate ? Not much, given the kind of waffling excuses now offered by the Hivemind,

Appalachia has long had an image of being wary of and sometimes hostile toward strangers. Incidents such as the September 1967 shooting of Canadian filmmaker Hugh O’Connor, who was gunned down by an enraged landowner while making a documentary on poverty in nearby Letcher County, have done nothing to dispel such notions. [emphasis added]

Wow. An incident 42 years ago, kept alive as a major reason the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind thinks of Appalachia as “hostile toward strangers”. Now, that makes sense. In the cacotopic1 world of Orwell’s 1984. One of the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind’s own was shot for being where he definitely did not belong, was not invited and was not welcome, while being a nosy parker. That sounds more like a righteous shooting to me (especially since the guy had been told to leave the property owner’s property and had put up an argument, had a crew with him, etc.). Hobart Ison’s eventual conviction for manslaughter (his first trial resulted in a hung jury in a locale removed from his true peers–because the “gummint” knew it’d not get a conviction in his home county) resulted in a year’s time served. Far too great a price to pay for the removal of a Mass MEdia Podperson, IMO. After all, I thought removal of vermin and garbage disposal was one of the prime goods of civilization?

BTW, “trespassers will be shot” isn’t an uncommon sign in the Ozarks, either. And rightly so.

1“cacotopia”–a society built on feces. Rather like the sub-society called “Congress”.

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