I Hope They Don’t Think They Can Dance…

…but I appreciate the joi de vivre

Best part, IMO, is where the shopper (looks to be in his over-weight, outa condition late 40s second glance, mid-fifties, but all these kids look about the same to me *heh*) joins in and looks better “on the floor” than the store employees. *heh* As I said, I appreciate the spirit, but a little over the top for my own shopping taste.

h.t. to Josh on FB

Note the post where this video originated. A guy who claims to have been “hardcore Mac” for the past five years,

“I was absolutely floored by this experience, Microsoft has made a bold move to capture new market share. I ordered a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate edition…”

Well, I like Windows 7 well enough to have transitioned my own Wonder Woman to it (she’s “hard core’ Windows ;-)) and to have freely recommended it to folks who’ve had their gripes with Vista, but it’s not the bees’ knees. *heh* Still, nice to see some folks enjoying their work.

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