On the ObUmascare Bill, Shakedowns and Deficits

While Jerry Pournelle eschews such loaded terms as “Obumascare” his observation in today’s Chaos Manor View certainly gives one pause:

If it cost $300 million to get Landrieu to vote to allow the bill to be debated, what in the world will it cost to get her to vote for the bill itself? And now that she has shown how effective shakedown tactics can be, what will others charge? We may not begin to have seen the deficit spending that the health care bill will cost.

Urm. Let’s see, $300 million here, $300 million there, and pretty soon we’d be talking about real money. Hey! Maybe I can sell my vote for enough to retire on… until Crap n Trade, Feddle Gummint-run healthscare and all the other “great ideas nobody has to pay for” eat up everything I have and I have to go on the dole with everyone else (except for political fat cats and their handlers).

Just shoot me, first.

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