I Missed This, Thanksgiving 1978

Let’s see… why was it I missed seeing this when it aired in 1978? Oh, yeh. I was sick as a dog. My family was filling my lil house (everyone was there–three sisters, a brother and Mom n Dad), and… I got married that day. Didn’t have a Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day that year (but my aunt and uncle who also lived in KCMO hosted the rehearsal dinner at my grad school’s “President’s Mansion”–cos that was his everyday job, and for the wedding, well, his “$150 prayer” blessing our union during the service was just the ticket *heh* BTW, “$150 prayer” meant “short n sweet” :-)).

Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet

Well, now I’ve seen the thing. 😉

But, to my Wonder Woman: I’m glad I had other things to do on Thanksgiving in 1978. I’ve been feasting off that day for 31 years, now.

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    1. Well, it wasn’t so much the dinner (we did, after all, have a scrumptious, hyper hoity-toity rehearsal dinner catered by my aunt and hosted by her and my uncle), but this WONDERFUL Bugs Bunny special… *heh*

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