“O Blessed Holy Caffeine Tree”

On my second third cup now and cruisin’ toward number three four five …uh, six

A little something for those who love the Holy Bean.

Same gif with a midi file here.

This post is a clone of this one.  Just bumped to top with minor edits and the addendum below. After an inquiry about recording an mp3 of “O Blessed Holy Caffeine Tree” I’m now posting this “license” for its use:

1.) Sing it anywhere and any time you darn well please, no performance fees in any venue that’s not for pay.  Ask about licensing for paid venues.  *VBG* 🙂
2.) Any recordings you do not sell, same deal, with these additional provisos:
a.) I get a copy.  Post it somewhere and send me the link
b.) You link back to the manuscript at O Blessed Holy Caffeine Tree
c.) Post your comments on the hymn and if possible trackback to me.
d.) You include my copyright info in any posting of a recording
3.) Any numbers of copies you want to make of the printed music, feel free as long as you
a.) do not sell them and
b.) include my copyright info and
c.) let me know you printed copies

I’ve heard this sung a cappella and it’s the way I “hear” it in my head.  If you want to make an instrumental/vocal arrangement, please feel free, but please adhere to the above when you do.

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  1. hello there David…
    My quartet members are psycho about their coffee- and I stumbled upon this ….oh my god funny!! love it- thanks for sharing!! jeanette

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