How Did The 0! Get Elected, Anyway?

Go HERE and take the simple, easy-peasy (seriously!) “Civics Quiz” and see how The 0! got elected. Americans are simply illiterate when it comes to American history and knowledge of our governing documents, etc.


“If there is any presidential speech that has captured a place in popular culture, it is the Gettysburg Address, seemingly recited by school children for decades. The truth is, however, Lincoln’s most memorable words are now remembered by very few.

“Of the 2,508 Americans taking ISI’s civic literacy test, 71% fail. Nationwide, the average score on the test is only 49%. The vast majority cannot recognize the language of Lincoln’s famous speech.

“The test contains 33 questions designed to measure knowledge of America’s founding principles, political history, international relations, and market economy…

“…The results reveal that Americans are alarmingly uninformed about our Constitution, the basic functions of our government, the key texts of our national history, and economic principles.”

Well, maybe for a majority of the proles that is true, but surely our well-educated college grads fare better? Nope.

“College graduates in all age brackets—except Baby Boomers (ages 45 to 64)—typically earn an ‘F’ on the exam. Baby Boomers who ended their formal education with a bachelor’s degree score an average of 61%, or a ‘D-.'”

(Well, that certainly squares with the report that 69% of college graduates couldn’t read directions to find their way out of a paper bag… *feh*)

But wait! There’s more! From the “Civics Quiz” report:

“…multiple-regression analysis indicated that a person’s test score drops in proportion to the time he or she spends using certain types of passive electronic media. Talking on the phone, watching owned or rented movies, and even monitoring TV news broadcasts and documentaries diminishes a respondent’s civic literacy.

“Actively seeking knowledge through print media and high-quality conversations has the opposite effect. Reading about history and current events in books, magazines, and newspapers—and talking about these subjects with family and friends—increases a respondent’s civic literacy.”


“Twenty-four-hour cable news channels are not a boon to civic knowledge. Respondents lose 0.08% on their test score for each hour they spend each week watching TV news programs and documentaries.”

Well, duh. Paying ANY attention whatsoever to the attempts of the MAss MEdia Podpeople Hivemind as it attempts to assimilate one into the Hivemind dulls ones intellect and wipes out knowledge of hisotry, etc. It’s why I’ve avoided the Ken Burns documentary crap about Mr Lincoln’s War and sought information as close to source documents as possible concerning that great conflict to subvert the Constitution. (Hint: an examination of the facts indicates that Mr. Lincoln was successful in subverting the Constitution and in dealing a mortal blow to a major safeguard against overweening Federal power. Oh! The irony of his “honest Abe” cognomen!)

But, as an infamous infomercial line goes, there’s more! Surely those patriotic, conservative Americans who claim attachment to the Constitution and to “traditional values” score better? Maybe not:


But all of that is just toxic icing on the (feces) cake. ANYONE (and I do mean anyone) who passes the quiz is “civics smarter” than the typical politician. Period. Chances are, if you know ANYONE who is active in civics or politics, that person is historically and civically illiterate.

No wonder our supposed democratic republic bit on the cyanide pill that is The 0!

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  1. I got 84% and two of the questions they said I missed looked more like opinion than fact. I guess being old counts more than being educated in today’s public schools and colleges.

    1. As I said in my post, TF, the quiz really is “easy-peasy” isn’t it? And yet, of those who took the survey who admitted they had held elective office, the average score was barely more than HALF your score. (The simple fact that I’m a “good test taker” is probably what allowed me to discern the “right” answer on the questions I, too, felt were probably keyed “wrong”. *heh* But then, when I had a man who was later a US Senator for a US History prof, I used to hand in my tests with an accurate, “Here’s your key.” Arrogant lil snot, but accurate. ;-))

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