Writers for C- Movies Should Stick to the SyFy Channel…

…not become “New York Times Best-Selling” authors.


All these idiots do is accelerate the pejoration of the English language as a whole, dumb down the reading public even further (actually, quite an accomplishment, when you think about it) and increase the bloated landfill “wannabes” that our public libraries and book stores seem to aspire to being. Commas splices, split infinitives (where none are needed for jargon or idomatic speech and where such abortions of syntax and semantics actually harm clear communication), and inapropriate word usage when compounded by drearily banal plots, laughable and completely inexcusable historical and factual faux pas, and stereotypes in place of characters, just make for poor reading.

But that’s what passes for “New York Times Best-Sellers” in a post-literate age. *sigh* I know, because I just struggled through another one such book in an attempt to find a new author I might enjoy reading. Why did I not close the book and end the torture after the first page? Frankly, I wanted to give it a fair and honest read and the author a chance to redeem himself, but Raymond Koury just would not cooperate, and so–on to the dreadfully predictable end, slogging through some of the crappiest writing I have ever subjected myself to–I persisted. And I regretted it “alright” (one of Koury’s many, many assinine pejorations of the English language appropriated from such subliterate American pop culture “literary giants” as The Who, The Killers, Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez *feh*).

I feel certain that reading Koury’s writing has killed enough brain cells (they suicided as prodigious rates the more I read of Koury’s drek) to lower my IQ by 10 points. Oh, I can afford the loss, though, since I live in a society dominated by stupified dolts who, for one example of many, voted to ensconce The 0! in the White, urm, “Café au Lait” House. The lower ones IQ, the more sense the passing scene makes…

But just a fair warning: if you don’t think you can afford to kill off a lot of brain cells, take a pass on books written by Raymond Koury.

Note 1: It didn’t help Koury much that I had just read a very nice piece of fiction by Lawrence Block. The comparison between Block’s literate style, wry wit, tight plotting and spare but nevertheless vivid charactizations and Koury’s “anything BUT the above” only served to highlight Koury’s faults as a writer.

Note 2: the SciFi channel’s recent name alteration to “SyFy” is just another of the many unutterably stupid word alterations that subliterate idiots in marketing and advertising (and “news” and contemporary “music” etc., etc.) have inflicted on American English. *feh” on them all. Of course, ignoring the SciFi (or SyFy if one wants to be a complete idiot) Channel is no great loss, as a general rule. Has anyone among the readers (assuming more than one *heh*) of this blog yet “succeeded” in watching ANY of the “made for SciFi/SyFy ‘movies'” all the way through? Thought not. Dreck of the lowest order. Labeling them “C- movies” is probably an insult to the makers of C- movies everywhere.

4 Replies to “Writers for C- Movies Should Stick to the SyFy Channel…”

  1. I, too, abhor SciFi’s (I refuse to use the “new” name) decision to change the spelling… Fer goshsakes WHY did they do this?

    I have yet to even be interested in one of their made for TV movies, but I do love Eureka and Warehouse 13. Also Doctor Who (although it’s really BBC)!

    Ghost Hunters, though… *shudder* *vomit*

    1. Kat,

      I like Eureka well enough to catch it every now and then. Sorta-kinda-halfway like Warehouse 13 (horse races and all that :-)). The recent Dr Whos haven’t been to my taste. Tom Baker was the last Dr Who I really liked, and he’s been out of it for probably 24 years. Just call me an old fuddy-duddy, I guess.

      The “reality-based fantasy” crap like Ghost Hunters? *feh* Best used as toxic compost for killing undesired plant life.

    1. Great, Woody. Thanks for the illumination. *sigh* Another “reason” to make up stupid, nonsensical words. By any rule of English pronunciation, now they have a trademark that should be pronounced “sih-fee” evoking Sippy cups for babies (or for morons or people with recent dental work) who can’t drink from a regular cup without spilling everything down their shirt. “SyFy: the channel for the immature or mentally disabled” is a motto the channel’s marketing people need to consider. *feh*

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