Nothing Says “Sinko duh Mayo” Like “I Won’t Listen If You Don’t Speak English”

Welcome to the alternative Sinko duh Mayo celebration at third world county. As long as the government of Mexico is actively encouraging its struggling and mostly subliterate poor to disregard our border and our laws and enter this country illegally, obtain false IDs via identity theft rings, steal jobs Americans WILL do, steal services they are not entitled to and avoid border checks for infectious diseases, well, as long as the Mexican government is going to actively encourage their citizens to do such things I’ll continue to mock Mexico’s big stinkin’ deal holiday. *feh* Celebrates what? The handing of rule from one kleptocratic oligarchy off to another (largely peopled by the same kleptocrats)?

Yep. That’s what Mexico’s answer to our Fourth of July celebration is really all about, folks.

No, I’m not going to link every factual statement above to support my opinion that Mexico is a prime example of the stinky, unwashed, corrupt armpit of Latin America. Frankly, I’m hoping some latino racists drop by and submits some more subliterate, idiotic rants calling ME a racist so I can have fun mocking the “mex-boyz” (and goilz) idiotic comments.

N.B. BTW, I have no problem with any LEGAL immigrant, you know, someone who’s played by the rules, waited their place in line and entered the country legally, no matter what their ethnic background. But since I abhor the filthy cretins who are invading this country in complete and absolute disrespect for our laws, I’m sure I’ll garner a few accusations of racism, as I have in the past. At least, I hope so. I like thumping on empty heads with a verbal ax handle. *heh*

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  1. *feh* No latino racist trolls yet. Oh, well. Probably has something to do with my efforts to “kill off” (metaphor there, Napolitano, metaphor) idiot traffic…

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