100 Days of Blood and Toil and Sweat and Tears

…just none of it The 0!’s blood and toil and sweat and tears, of course.

List of accomplishments for The 0!’s administration in its first 100 days:

Enslaved our grandchildren with more debt than has been amassed by all previous administrations combined.

Thrown dirt in the faces of American allies, kissed up to sworn enemies of the US and made obeisance to Islamic thugs.

Made great strides in allowing more potential carriers of swine flu into the US.

Nominated more known crooks to his first cabinet than any president in history.

Oh, why bother with any of the rest? This highly intelligent dumbass has already managed to challenge Dhimmi Kahtah’s title as the worst American president in living memory.

So much for hopenchange.

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12 Replies to “100 Days of Blood and Toil and Sweat and Tears”

  1. Real hopenchange comes in 2012 with a harbinger in 2010 methinks. Obama didn’t get rated on the most divisive president, but I bet he would win that one hands down.

    1. We can probably last until 2010 as a nation with the “hopenchange” illiterate, self-enstupiated, greedy, racist sheeple and innumerate, self-enstupiated, greedy, racist politicians *spit* have dealt us. 2012 is a bit of a stretch if folks don’t wake up by 2010.

    1. If I can make my mouse click and my eyes move quickly enough today, I’ll check that out, Woody. (Need. More. COFFEE!) As to my own “First 100 Days of hopenchange” post… *sigh* Those with ears to hear will already have known the much more I implied; those with ears made of popcorn, cauliflower and cabbage (to match the enstupiated vegetable mush between their vegetable ears) would not have heard any more anyway… *sigh* Had I wanted to be more specific, I’d have linked to 100 Days, 100 Mistakes. *heh* I guess I just did…

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