“Needs garlic”

Oftentimes, folks take good intentions and run with them without enough forethought, resulting in more unintended consequences than if they’d stopped to think things through first.

Case in point: my keyboard drawer. Now, my desk is a cobbled-together bunch of bits and pieces from here and there (the legs, for example, are mere pieces of ice-felled sycamore branches that vary from about 7″-10″ in diameter), and I just sort of assembled the thing like Topsy grew. As a result, my keyboard drawer–1″ thick a piece of MDF with plastic laminate on all six sides that’s 24″ wide and 18″ deep; a piece of scrap I pulled from someone’s discard pile–has nothing to keep me from shoving things off the back side. And, given its size, I do tend to collect things on it…. to be shoved off the back whenever the pack gets too populated. Hence, at least once a week, I have to crawl under my desk–usually behind the safe I use as a foot rest–and retrieve something I’ve shoved off the back.

All this could have been avoided with a little more careful planning (heck, any planning at all! *heh*)

Something like this is behind the recent “stimulus” package, I fear. Nearly 1,500 pages of unread pork passed without any review by adults whatsoever. “Do something–now!” without any sober reflection or consideration of unintended consequences (let alone revelation and consideration of the intended consequences). Good will not come of this, contrary to the spin and lies put forth by politicians, Mass Media Podpeople and the (other) folks set to benefit from all that pork.

All that pork. Needs garlic.

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    1. Yep. Hippocratic Oath: Out. Gone. Dead. Defunct. A big zero with the rim kicked off. Now, politicians (some on black robes) have made sure doctors must take the Hypocritic Oath…

  1. Hippocratic oath? I thought that’s a diet, the one where you pledge to eat and eat and eat until you bloat out like a hippo. Not very nice of me to bring that up now was it?

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