What’s the Problem with Gay Marriage, Anyway?

I really don’t get it. Last night my Wonder Woman and I were having a really gay time watching some Red Skelton material. I think our society needs more gaiety in marriages.

Homosexual “marriage”–now that’s another matter entirely different to gay marriage. I do wish folks would learn the difference… but then most of the folks who make the mistake of referring to homosexuals as “gay” probably also make the mistake of speaking about making war on an emotional reaction (terror) to horrific acts (terrorism).

Note: I do not rail against words in general changing meaning as time goes by, but when a perfectly good word such as “gay” is used to denote a class of people who a.) generally embody the antithesis of the prior meaning and b.) do NOT have a monopoly on feelings of being “happy, carefree” then I get a bit chapped.

And when idiots talk about making war on an emotional response (terror) to horrific acts of terrorISM, I get more than a little chapped. Such speech is beyond stupid all the way to moronic.

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