Annual “Illiterate Boobs” Month

This month I have to once again suffer through a month filled with people who either cannot or refuse to pronounce “February,” preferring the illiterate “Feb-YOU-ary” mispronunciation because, I suppose, they are simply too stupid or too butt lazy–or both–to pronounce the first “r”.

Stupid, butt lazy, illiterate dolts. Gives me a rash, chaps my gizzard and makes me wish for a “Magic Dope Stick” to whack ’em all upside the head with. Unfortunately, it seems all of ’em who deseve a swift whack upside the head have already performed their own self-lobotomies and so even were such a magic stick available, I doubt it would do any good.

*grumble, grumble, gripe, complain*

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3 Replies to “Annual “Illiterate Boobs” Month”

  1. At the very least lazy. The worst are people who are paid to read–actually make a living reading–scripts of whatever kind: newsreaders, announcers, whatever. They get paid money to butcher the English language. *feh* Cretins, thieves (for taking their reading roles and accepting pay for butchering English), lazy asses.

  2. So I am not the only one who gets cranked with the poor performance of those paid to communicate. The number of mispronounced names, places, etc grind me for only one reason. Most of the items they butcher are easily checked. One of my favorites is the use of my home state’s name, Wisconsin. Typically used by media types as if it were spelled Wesconsin. Another good one is al-qaida which I intentionally spell with lower case for obvious reasons. With so many versions of the spelling I am still not sure what is correct. Al Jazeera spells it al-qaeda.

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