President George W. “Call Me Fifi” Bush Weewees on Ramos and Compean

Yes, I wrote that post title. And I chose the wussy, prissy “weewees” for a good reason, too.

So, he FINALLY took some sort of action, but instead of the pardon (and abject apology) they richly deserve, George “Fifi” Bush–prissy little lapdog to successive Mexican presidents– merely commuted their sentences.

What a pussy (hey, I can mix my own metaphors if I want to).

On the issue of enforcing the law, instead of enfArcing it as he has done, President Bush gets a big red “F” from me. Instead of avidly prosecuting businesses that throw American jobs at illegals, his administration gave us a few “show” raids and… little else. Instead of actively and vigorously defending our borders, his administration has effected the evisceration of border enforcement. With his record on guarding our borders, he didn’t even need to lie to the American people in an attempt to get HIS desired amnesty bill passed, because a de facto amnesty situation exists already, but being a lapdog to successive Mexican presidents, he went ahead and lied about it anyway.

And he caps it off with his last act of “clemency” as a president by a limp-wristed slap in the face of two men who were doing the job of law enforcement President “Fifi” Bush did not want done:

Bush didn’t pardon the men for their crimes, but decided instead to commute their prison sentences because he believed they were excessive and that they had already suffered the loss of their jobs, freedom and reputations…

Right. Convicted because they “covered up” the shooting (the actual record shows they did not), they have “suffered the loss of their jobs, freedom and reputations” for simply doing their duty, a duty President Bush also pledged himself to perform, but failed utterly to do. Hmmm, another “Martha Stewart” case with the cherry on top of persecuting honorable law enforcement officials for actually attempting to enforce the law.

Thankyouverymuch, President Fifi Bush, for advancing the cause of anarcho-tyranny so well. *spit* Let’s just hope a REAL, honorable patriot or three steps in to mend Ramos and Compean’s lives with decent employment and a restoration of at least some small measure of what was wrongly wrested from them and their families by “feddle gummint” persecution under the administration of a Mexican lapdog.

(And here’s looking forward to a place in hell for Johnnie Sutton, absent a heartfelt repentance of his scurrilous behavior.)

Let this be the true epitaph of the Bush II presidency: George “Fifi” Bush almost does the right thing… but wimps out of office without doing so. Well, face it, to do the right thing on the matter of Ramos and Compean, he’d have to face his years of sucking up to illegals and to the ricos in Mexico who want to export their economic and social mismanagement of their own country.

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8 Replies to “President George W. “Call Me Fifi” Bush Weewees on Ramos and Compean”

  1. Exactly, TF. In fact, I believe his failure to do his duty in upholding Federal law as regards border enforcement is one place where, if we had an honorable Congress, he would have been justly vulnerable to impeachment and conviction… for failure to uphold his oath of office to “faithfully execute the office of the president”.

    Instead, in this area, he “executed” those who sought to perform their duty–a duty he eschewed performing.

    For some reason, whenever I think of “Fifi” Bush and his lil lapdog approach to border enforcement, an old line from a Cheech and Chong bit comes to mind, “Bailiff, whack his ___-___” *heh*

  2. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    “Faithfully execute the office of President of the United States” includes this duty… from Article I section 3…

    he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed

    That should include the laws regarding illegal immigration, which Ramos and Compean were enforcing when they were railroaded by a prosecutor that took the word of an admitted illegal immigrant, drug smuggler and fugitive over their word as officers of the United States Border Patrol.

    Congress won’t impeach him over that. Too many of our Congressmen are dependent upon house servants with questionable immigration status. Heck, employing people with questionable immigration status looks to be one of the new job requirements to sit on the new President’s cabinet.

    Enforcing the law? An afterthought for American executives. Only congress does that now, when they go after illegal steroid use in baseball.

  3. Thanks for filling in the blanks for folks who’ve not read the Constitution recently (if ever), Perri. *heh* It’s why I’d probably have voted for impeachment for every president since Hoover save for Eisenhower and Reagan (and I might even have been persuaded there, save for the fact that they tried to uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws).

    Nowadays, “execute the office/laws” seems to be interpreted “kill the rule of law”… *sigh*

    “Enforcing the law? An afterthought for American executives. Only congress does that now, when they go after illegal steroid use in baseball.”

    Another hallmark of anarcho-tyranny: rigorous enforcement of laws that just don’t matter while leaving real miscreants free to plunder or while twisting the law to “get” someone for turf-bulding purposes or to suck up to Mass Media Podpeople.

  4. David;

    Thanks for the comments you leave at The Pink Flamingo. They are appreciated.

    Once again I disagree.

    I still think of R & C were just plain old deputies in where-ever USA, no one would even complain when they were trotted off to prison. Because they were BP, they are treated to a different standard.

    They’re dirty cops. They lied. They doctored evidence. But – because they did this against someone who was equally as “dirty” and illegal, they are getting a pass from the law and order crowd.

    I think the same standards need apply to all cops, no matter what job they are doing.

    My big question – when two cops in LA or NYC are charged with the same type of crime, are you going to defend them as staunchly as you have R & C?

    The Pink Flamingo

  5. SJR: “They’re dirty cops. They lied. They doctored evidence. But – because they did this against someone who was equally as “dirty” and illegal, they are getting a pass from the law and order crowd.”

    Not at all. I followed the case closely as it progressed, and Sutton did to Ramos and Compean almost exactly what was done to Martha Stewart when the persecutors in that case couldn’t prove their case: like them, he changed the rules under which he was attacking them, misused (twisted) a law to accomplish what even those who wrote it said it was not intended to accomplish and HE manufactured “evidence” and was able by chicanery and conivance with a compliant judge (and warm support from a criminal administration–yes, criminal in its warm embrace of illegal aliens and its disregard for enforcement of the law, except when it could be twisted for political ends) to exclude evidence showing their full report WAS within the actual guidelines of the BP and their actions were within the ROE they were charged with.

    Calling them dirty cops is a slap in the face to honest cops and demeans the term. I have known and hated dirty cops and have actively derided and scorned the slightest of bully-boy tactics for longer than you’ve probably lived. I know the difference and it does not reside in the kind of behavior Sutton falsely painted on Ramos and Compean. I appreciate your blog, and have said so, but your obeisance to the scurrilous behavior by the Bush administration is unbecoming.

    I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again: President George “Fifi” Bush, lapdog to successive Mexican presidents, did not and has never shown any serious interest in enforcing the laws he SWORE TO ENFORCE, at least as regards border enforcement, and Sutton, seeing which way the wind blows took the bit between his teeth and manufactured a case that is the PERFECT example of Sam Francis’ term, anarcho-tyranny, even more perfect, if such can be imagined, than the travesty of justice that was the Martha Stewart case (also on President Bush’s watch and performed by employees of his administration), the much earlier cases of Lon Horiuchi’s murder of a woman holding her child and the murder by the feds of those burned alive at Waco.

    Such occurences in the Founders’ day led to a revolt against an unjust government; today, it brings Bush phanboix out to proclaim that the persecuted were bad people, because the persecutors won and the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind [served up] the koolaid and they just lapped it up. Even today, and in your comment, the lie that Ramos and Compean “covered up” what occured is still echoed. *feh*

  6. David, thanks for the much needed explanation for SJR ( and many others who might not have followed the trial ( witch hunt ).

    You left out another trial (witch hunt), Congressman DeLay. That was a pure political assassination in order to alter the make up of Congress.

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