Mexico in Turmoil?

Newsmax is a sensationalist purveyor of new slanted to appeal to pseudo conservatives, but ya know, even a blind pig and all that…

U.S. Military: Mexico Could Collapse Under Drug Violence

The article’s one of Newsmax’s more balanced screeds, and if its news content is reliable (and it appears to be–moreso than usual), my response is twofold:

Well, it’s about time!


How the U.S. should respond.

It’s about time that the kleptocratic kakistocracy that’s ruled Mexico for years reaps the whirlwind it’s sown. (Of course, I could say the same of our own “feddle gummint” *sigh*). Mexico has long been (rightly) said to be a pauper sitting on a gold mine, oppressed by thieves. It’s about time the thieves’ chickens come home to roost.

And how should the U.S. respond?

*Build the damned fence, already!

*Station sniper posts and machine gun nests along our southern border with ROE allowing “shoot to obliterate” any incursions not at legal entry points.

*Rigidly, harshly, enforce laws penalizing employers who hire illegal aliens. Place the burden of prrof that all employees are legal residents of the U.S. squarely on emploers’ shoulders and then a boot on the necks of those who fail to comply. Force illegals out of jobs.

*Kill ALL social services (save for legitimate medical emergecies) to illegal aliens.

Bye-bye Juan y Maria (if you be illegal).

*Streamline the process for LEGAL entry into this country, so that those who seek to obey our laws and respect our customs have a MUCH easier time finding LEGAL entry into our society.

The last cannot be stressed too much. Without providing a legitimate entry point, we cannot honorably close our borders to those who seek to abuse our hospitality. As it stands now, the process for legal entry actually favors terrorists* while placing roadblocks in the way of folks who’d be a net benefit to our society.

OK, will the U.S. do these sensible things? twc’s prediction: when pigs fly, hell freezes over and voters execise some common sense–none of which I expect to see in my lifetime.

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*Am I saying that easing requirements for visas for Saudis favors terrorists? Damn skippy I am! Iran and Saudi Arabia: the two biggest funders of international terrorism. Until the governments of those places SHUT DOWN the funding avenues for terrorism, they are both terrorist governments, AFAIAC. And I do NOT accept the Saudis’ disingenuous protestations of compliance. *feh* As long as the Saudis allow the proclamation of violent jihad and citizens who actively engage in funding terrorists aren’t put to death there, I throw the bullshit flag on them all. The Saudis should have been the FIRST to experience the “shock and awe” of the full force of American military might. Period.