Christmas Alliance 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Carnival of Christmas is up. Kat has done a beautiful job of rounbding up and presenting a wonderful collection of Christmas posts. Merry Christmas!

NOTE: This is a “sticky post”; for newer posts, see directly below. From now until Christmas, it’ll be all Christmas music, all the time, here at third world county. No longer “sticky” as of 12-26-08.


To participate in this year’s Christmas Alliance, see Kat’s post.

4 Replies to “Christmas Alliance 2008”

  1. I took you up on this offer and posted it a few minutes ago; hope you enjoy it. I call it Our Gingerbread Cookie Tradition; you need a glass of milk to get the most out of it.

  2. *heh* Lovely Daughter left me a muffin on her way out the door this a.m., and I enjoyed THAT with a glass of milk at lunch.

    And yeh, your post really made me want to bake some gingerbread. And I don’t bake much.

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