The Thirty Years’ War

No, not that one, though it may be featured in a post later this week. Thirty years, five months and ~3 weeks ago, my Wonder Woman had called me up from Twilight Zone, Colorado (she swears to this day that the town had never been there in any of her drives over that route and wasn’t there on her return trip) to say she’d been thinking over my “suggestion” and decided to marry me anyway. *heh* Then, thirty years ago today, I promised my Wonder Woman that I would be faithful in our shared struggle to build our lives together (hence, the “Thirty Years’ War”), and she simply gave herself to me.

(Twenty years and four months, to the day, after she had made her “miracle call” she participated in another miracle: dying three times in one day and nevertheless surviving. THAT was an interesting time… the ten years since that day have all been bonus years.)

We’ve had a good “Thirty Years’ War” life together, on balance–I’d say “gooder” for me than for her, but she slaps my hand when I start going there. πŸ˜‰

So, today is our wedding anniversary. Flooded with memories of the day and memories of the intervening years. I’ll be busy today and not around twc, so play nicely, OK?

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10 Replies to “The Thirty Years’ War”

  1. “…a good start”

    Well, yeh, TF. My WOnder Woman has me on a 50 year contract with options. (If at 50 years she still wants to keep me, she has the option, for example, to break my legs if necessary. It’s In. The. Contract. *heh*)

  2. Perri,

    No worries. Since I’m not planning on making a run for it, the “leg option” won’t be an issue. πŸ˜‰

    BTW, lunch break here @twc central. Sipping 8oz (no more–it has a kick) of apple cider straight from the secondary fermenter. So far, have bottled 1/2 gallon from primary (cos I was impatient) and 2.5+ gallons off the secondary fermenter. Some left to go, but I think I’ll just bottle the rest straight, now that I’ve been sipping on this; was bottling for some in-bottle carbonation, but I think the last few bottles (and they will be just a few) will be fine w/o the sugar charge. Besides, measuring and disolving the sugar takes a bit of time and I need to get back on some projects.

    Good enough as is. Yum.

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