Proposed Agenda for a McCain/Palin Administration

There are many issues facing the U.S., but two can be dealt with effectively and decisively, if we were to have some leadership with real intestinal fortitude that had our nation’s interests at heart.

Face it: prospects for both the American economy and the rest of the world pretty much suck right now… primarily because of government interference in marketplaces here and around the world. Real jobs for the middle of the Bell Curve are still fleeing our shores, in large part because of anti-business government practices that encourage manufacturing companies to take their businesses elsewhere to remain competitive.

Our security situation–despite great gains in Iraq in both anihilating huge segments of al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations and manufacturing a feagile stability in the region–is largely security theater, what with joke security at airports and porous borders that serve as no protection whatsoever against a massive invasion (primarily from the south) let alone terrorists intent on carrying out attacks on civilians. Keeping ’em busy in Iraq has probably been the only thing–or at least the main thing–preventing another 9/11 type attack.

The economy: quit throwing taxpayer money at the problem. As Arthur Laffer wrote recently,

“Financial panics, if left alone, rarely cause much damage to the real economy, output, employment or production. Asset values fall sharply and wipe out those who borrowed and lent too much, thereby redistributing wealth from the foolish to the prudent. …”

Indeed. McCain’s recent pledge to actually freeze spending is a good first step. NO MORE GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD! We need to hold him to that freeze pledge. Veto, veto, veto. If a Dhimmicrappic Congress overrides him, then we’d have a record of who poohed the scrooch.

Then, PASS THE FAIRTAX! Push for it, and keep on pushing for it, Advocate it far and wide and long un til ALL the lies about its provisions and effects are refuted over and over and over again and the meme is well established that those who oppose it are liars, thieves and poltroons. Seriously. We the People must learn what it is and can do for us and pressure, pressure, pressure a McCain/Palin administration to Do the Right Thing. Go. Learn. All by itself, The FairTax can ameliorate a plethora of government and economy ills.

Still on the economy, think: energy. With enough affordable, reliable energy, America can shrug off any number of woes. Drill, baby drill, for sure, but we need not limit ourselves to drilling and producing enough oil. Even if Thomas Gold’s hypotheses are correct (and the Russians among others have effectively opened new, otherwise unexpected oil fields following his theories) and the end of oil is many centuries away–if ever–we ought to press forward with the readily available energy technologies we already possess. Nuclear power. TDP plants making our own oil. New solar technologies (solar energy-collecting paint anyone?). These and others are all valid avenues to pursure in achieving energy independence with affordable energy for an expanding economy.

And affordable energy and The FairTax could easily mean many more manufacturing–and other–jobs for the middle of the Bell Curve, creating an expanding “middle class”–a much to be desired circumstance for a democratic republic, as opposed to a communist-socialist welfare state where class warfare is an essential precondition for its existence.

Keeping federal hands off market regulation, sensible tax policies, new energy for America: these by themselves would create better national security and grow the economy.

Then there are more obvious national security measures that Juan Mexicain has been averse to in the past. Build the damn fence, Juan! INSIST that current immigration law be STRICTLY and RIGOROUSLY enforced. When we’ve eliminated 20 million or so illegals (by eliminating their jobs and cutting off their government-funded benefits and services), THEN streamline legal immigration.

Kill the TSA. It’s little more than a jobs program for stupid bullies. It’s security theater that does little for real security. The moneies wasted on TSA bullies would be better spent on real security than on making sheeple who were once citizens into subjects of the government.

Visit real terror upon governments and organizations that promote or support terrorism. If President Bush had been serious about his declaration of war on governments that support or defend terrorists, the Saudi regime would be dust by now (and the current lifting cost of the Saudi’s oil–standing at about $5/barrel–would have been passed down the line to the American economy in patial reparation for past Saudi support of jihadis) along with Syria and the Palestinian thugs. Get serious about terrorism.

Whenever and wherever a government makes statements of enmity toward the U.S. and takes steps to implement that enmity (*cough* Venesuala *cough* Chávez *cough*), visit them with the Wrath of God. Seriously. Don’t just carry a big stick, use it! Sure, we don’t want to occupy a septic tank like Venezuela, but a huge, stinking hole where Chávez and his cronies (including any American Marxists sitting in his lap) once were would be an instructive warning to others, don’t you think?

So, in order to be truly successful, I’m simply suggesting that a McCain/Palin administration needs to give up the typical Repugnican’t policy of talking tough and rolling over and actually take Congress’ mouth off the public teat, bash some terrorist heads and wage war on eco-freaks with big, bold pen strokes through assinine regulations that prevent drilling and make nuclear power plants forbiddingly expensive. Become real advocates for The People as opposed to the typical Repugnican’t policy of being suckups to congresscritters and other terrorists.

(BTW, the hope embedded in that last sentence is why I’m voting for “McWhatsisname” and PALIN. She seems to have a bigger set than he does when it comes to facing down legislative terrorists.)

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4 Replies to “Proposed Agenda for a McCain/Palin Administration”

  1. That all sounds pretty reasonable… Doubtful we’d get even a third of it out of McCain, but I’ll take whatever I can get at this point.

    Say no to Obo the Marxist President!

  2. Your ideas sound good, but we have so many people who are “subjects of the state” that I don’t know if we will get enough votes to get McCain into the Presidency. If Obama gets in and gets his super majority, our country is in trouble……I pray for our courtry.

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